Planets Made Subhas Chandra Bose Neta Ji-2

His Life in Indian National Congress

              Immediately on arriving to India on 16 July  1921,he met Mahatma Gandhi who happened to be in Bombay. Gandhi and Bose differed in the first meeting on issue of means to end rule of Britishers in India. Mahatma Gandhi referred Bose to C R Das who was the leader of the Congress in Bengal. Das was more flexible than Gandhi and more sympathetic to the extremism that had attracted idealistic young men such as Bose in Bengal. Das launched Bose into nationalist politics. Subhas  Chandra Bose  worked within the ambit of the Indian National Congress politics for nearly 20 years and he tried to change its course. In 1923,Bose was elected the President of All India Youth Congress and also the Secretary of Bengal State Congress. It perhaps happened in Rahu-Mercury dasa from 26-01-2023 to 14-08-1925.In D-1 Rahu and Mercury both are in tenth house of status with royal planet Sun. In D-9 Rahu is in eighth house and its dispositer Moon and Mercury are aspecting tenth house. In D-10 AD lord MercuryR has no connection with tenth house of status and authority or seventh house of padprapti .Still it is aspected by MD lord Rahu from fourth house and Rahu is aspecting tenth house. Moreover its dispositor Jupiter is aspecting the seventh house of padprapti.

In1925, Bose was arrested and sent to prison in Mandalay, a city in British Burma(Myanmar).In prison he contracted tuberculosis. Both these events happened perhaps in Rahu-Ketu dasa from 14-08-1925 to 02-09-1926.In matters relating to imprisonment planets placed in Sarp Drekkanna, Ayudh Drekkanna ,Nigad Drekkanna play an important role. Dasha at the time of imprisonment may be activating fourth house, sixth house, eighth house and twelfth house .Rahu is in tenth house conjunct Sun and MerR. MercuryR is in Nigad Drekkanna and Ketu is placed in fourth house in Sarp  Drekkanna.

Tuberculosis or T.B. is an infectious disease that generally affects the lungs, but sometimes can even spread to other organs like skin, bones, intestines, and so on. The scientific reason behind this infection is Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (MTB) bacteria that transmits aerially (through the air), enters our lungs as we breathe, and then spreads to the various parts of our body through our blood.  

Aspect of Saturn and Mars on lagna is a combination for tuberculosis. In birth chart of Subhas Chandra Bose Mars is Lagna lord aspected by Saturn. Mercury in Cancer sign in PAC with malefic planets is also a combination for tuberculosis. In birth chart of Subhas Chandra Bose Mercury is in tenth house in Capricorn sign in tenth house with Sun and Rahu and aspects Cancer sign. Affliction to Mercury and aspect to Ketu in Cancer sign made Subhas Chandra Bose suffer from tuberculosis in Rahu-Ketu dasha.

In 1927, after being released from prison, Bose became general secretary of the Congress party and worked with Jawaharlal Nehru for independence. In late December 1928, Bose organised the in Annual Meeting of the Indian National Congress Calcutta. His most memorable role was as General officer commanding (GOC) Congress Volunteer Corps. Mahatma Gandhi did not like his military style working and he afterwards described Calcutta session of the Congress as a Bertram Mills circus. It caused a great deal of indignation among Bengalis. It  happened in Rahu-Venus dasha from 02-09-1926 to 02-09-1929.As per Dasha Phal Darpan by Dr. Harishankar Pathak(P-33I) if Venus is in eleventh house Rahu-Venus dasha proves potent yogakarka  and gives honour from the society and state. In the chart of Sh. Subhas Chandra Bose is not only in eleventh house but is also in own navamsa. In D-9 Venus is in Taurus sign in sixth house of competition. In D-10 Venus is in tenth house in its own sign Libra  in Rahu-Ketu axis. This placement of Venus in birth chart and vargas(D-9 &D-10) made him general secretary of the Congress party. His birth in aggressive, active and heroic Aries sign and influence of Mars on Lagna/Lagna lord, tenth house/ tenth lord explains his military style of working in Annual Meeting of the Indian National Congress Calcutta. 

On 29 December 1929 an historic session of Indian National Congress took place at Lahore. Mahatma Gandhi himself came forward to move the resolution on the national demand of complete Independence. At the stroke of midnight of 31 December 1929 Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru unfurled the flag of Independence on the banks of the river Ravi. Subhas Chandra Bose moved a resolution that the Congress should aim at setting up a parallel government in the country. But his resolution was defeated and he with Srinivas Iyengar & others was excluded from Congress Working Committee. He was arrested as soon as he returned to Calcutta from Lahore and sentenced to a year’s rigorous imprisonment; this time he emerged as Mayor of Calcutta on 22nd August 1930.Dasa was Rahu-Moon-Moon from 27-07-1930 to 11-09-1930.In D-1 Rahu is in tenth house of status. In D-9 Rahu is in eighth house but its dispositor Moon aspects tenth house. In D-10 tenth lord and tenth house are in Rahu-Ketu axis. In D-1 Moon is in sixth house of competition with its dispositor in tenth house of status. Moon aspects 10th house of status in D-9 and aspects Lagna from 7th house of padprapti in D-10.This planetary disposition made him Mayor of Calcutta. 

Visit to Germany and Austria and marriage

Subhash Chandra Bose visited Germany and Austria several times — first in 1933-1934 for medical treatment, then in 1936-1937, and, for a longer period in his political mission, from 1941–1943 during World War II. He met Emilie Schenkel during his first visit to Vienna in 1934. Bose was working on his book, The Indian Struggle, while Emilie worked as his secretary. They got married in 1937 but kept it a secret as it was unadvisable for either of them to marry a ‘foreigner’. Most of their life comprised a long-distance relationship with only a brief spell of togetherness in Berlin from 1941-1943, when Emilie joined him to working the Free India Centre. Their marriage took place on 26 December 1937 as per Wikipedia biography of Emilie Schinkel in Jupiter- Mercury period from 14-10-1937 to 20-01-1940. In D-1 Jupiter aspects seventh lord Venus and MercuryR is with Rahu in the tenth house. Rahu is called ‘ब्याहू ‘ and marriage with a foreigner is possible in AD of a planet conjunct Rahu. Moreover MercuryR is with fifth lord of romance in uttarashadha nakshatra of fifth lord Sun. In D-9 MD lord Jupiter. is lagna lord and MercuryR is seventh lord. Rahu-Ketu axis in adjacent house and ninth aspect of Rahu on seventh lord MercuryR again indicates marriage with a foreigner. 

Birth of a daughter   

Their daughter was born in November 1942 and named Anita after the wife of Garibaldi-an Italian general, politician and nationalist. Anita was born when Bose had Jupiter-Venus dasa from 26-12-1940 to 27-08-1943.In D-1 JupiterR is in fifth house and Venus aspects it. In D-9 JupiterR is in ninth  house and Venus is in sixth house aspected by second lord of family from ninth house-alternative house of children. In D-7 JupiterR aspects fifth house and ninth house from previous house and Venus aspects fifth house. Bose last saw his daughter around Christmas 1942 and the couple would see each other for the last time in Berlin in February 1943. Emilie would go on to raise her child as a single mother, intensely private as a person but with a deep sense of commitment to the memory of a charismatic leader and visionary from faraway India, who was also the love of her life.

In Netaji: Subhas Chandra Bose’s Life, Politics & Stru­g­gle, Krishna Bose writes of the hardships faced by this remarkable Austrian woman born into a middle-class family in Vienna in 1910: “The worst moment was when, sitting in her kitchen one evening in August 1945, she suddenly heard on the radio that the ‘Indian Quisling’ Subhas Bose had been killed in an air crash in Formosa (as Taiwan was known then). Her mother and sister looked at her in shock. Emilie got up slowly and went to the bedroom where Anita, not yet three, was peacefully sleeping. She kneeled by the bed. ‘And I wept,’ she told me and Sisir.” Emilie would develop a close friendship with Netaji’s nephew, Sisir Kumar Bose, whom she met in Vienna in the late 1940s and would also nurture an affectionate relationship with Krishna Bose, the wife of Sisir Kumar Bose. Their cross-continental friendship would span over nearly four decades, from 1959 until Emilie’s death on 13 March1996.

In 1938 he was elected president of the Indian National Congress and formed a national planning committee, which formulated a policy of broad industrialization. However, this did not harmonize with Gandhian economic thought, which clung to the notion of cottage industries and benefiting from the use of the country’s own resources. Bose’s vindication came in 1939, when he defeated a Gandhian rival for re-election. Nonetheless, the “rebel president” felt bound to resign because of the lack of Gandhi’s support. He founded the Forward Bloc on 22 June 1939-a faction within the Indian National Congress, hoping to rally radical elements. Forward Bloc was founded in Jupiter-Mercury-Jupiter dasha from 24-05-1939 to 11-09-1939.Jupiter and Mercury are mutual enemies in compound relationship of planetary friendship. Their mutual placement is 6/8 in D-1 and D-9 and 2/12 in D-10. It explains his rebellious nature and hostility with some senior members of Indian National Congress and forming the  Forward Bloc. He was arrested in July 1940 in dasa of Jupiter-Ketu-Rahu from 10-06-40 to 31-07-1940.Jupiter is 12th lord in Ayudh Drekkana and Ketu is in Sarp Drekkana. Rahu is in tenth house with MerR in Nigad Drekkana.  His refusal to remain in prison at this critical period of India’s history was expressed in a determination to fast to death, which frightened the British government into releasing him. Bose’s house in Calcutta was, however, kept under surveillance by the CID. 

Subhas Chandra Bose escapes to Germany

On January 26, 1941, though closely watched, he escaped from his Calcutta residence in disguise and, traveling via Kabul and Moscow, eventually reached Germany in April. Dasa was JupiterR-Venus-Venus from 26-12-1940 to 06-06-1941.In D-1 JupiterR as 12th lord aspects AD lord Venus. In D-9 JupiterR is in ninth house of long travel with third lord Saturn. AD lord Venus aspects 12th house of foreign travel. In Nazi Germany Bose and other Indians who had gathered in Berlin made regular broadcasts from the German-sponsored Azad Hind Radio which was started in January 1942 and broadcast was made in many languages including English and Hindi. Bose was having dasa of Jupiter-Venus-Rahu from 10-12-1941 to 05-05-1942.In astrology 3rd house and Mercury rules over different modes of communication, such as media, television, telephone, radio, writing, editing, etc. In D-1, MD lord JupiterR is in fifth house(3rd from 3rd-bhavat bhavam of 3rd house), AD lord Venus is aspected by JupiterR and PD lord Rahu is in tenth house conjunct 3rd and 5th lord. In D-9  MD lord JupiterR aspects 3rd house from 9th house.AD lord Venus is aspected by 3rd lord Saturn and PD lord Rahu represents 3rd lord Saturn(Shanivat Rahu).

Subhas Chandra Bose in Japan

A little more than a year after the Japanese invasion of Southeast Asia, Bose left Germany, traveling by German and Japanese submarines and by plane, and arrived in May 1943 in Tokyo. On July 4 he assumed leadership of the Indian Independence Movement in East Asia and proceeded, with Japanese aid and influence, to form a trained army of about 40,000 troops in Japanese-occupied Southeast Asia. On October 21, 1943, Bose proclaimed the establishment of a provisional independent Indian government. Dasha was Jupiter-Sun-Mars from 05-10-1943 to 22-10-1943.Sun and Mars have PAC relationship with 10th house/10th lord in D-1.In D-9 Moon is in nakshatra of Sun and aspects 10th house. It is also with 10th lord MercuryR. Mars aspects 10th house from seventh house. In D-10 JupiterR debilitates in Lagna with cancellation of debilitation. Mars is debilitated in seventh house with cancellation of debilitation. It aspects Lagna and 10th house.Moon is in nakshatra of Sun and aspects Lagna. Hence in D-1 and D-9 AD lord Sun and PD lord Mars have PAC with 1oth house/10th lord and in D-10 MD lord, AD lord and PD lord have PAC with lagna or 10th house. In the concerned divisional  chart,D-10 in this case, lagna is as important as  concerned house-10th house of government in this case. Mars represents army and is celestial commander-in-chief. It is lagna lord in D-1 and aspects lagna in D-9 and D-10.Hence Bose was also able to form Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fauj), His Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fauj) with Japanese troops, advanced to Rangoon (Yangon) and thence overland into India, reaching Indian soil on March 18, 1944, and moving into Kohima and the plains of Imphal. There was tough battle  between Indian National Army and  Japanese forces on one side and British Army on other side. However, there was lack of Japanese air support. Hence they were defeated and forced to retreat. the Indian National Army nevertheless for some time succeeded in maintaining its identity as a liberation army, based in Burma and then Indochina. With the defeat of Japan, however, Bose’s fortunes ended. A few days after Japan’s announced surrender in August 1945, Bose, fleeing Southeast Asia, reportedly died in a Japanese hospital in Taiwan as a result of burn injuries from a plane crash.

Death of a charismatic leader

However there are many theories about his death. Actually death of Bose remains a controversial and unresolved topic in Indian history. The Indian government’s official stance is that Bose died in the plane crash as detailed above. We shall examine only this theory from astrological point of view.  He reportedly died on 18th August 1945.He was 48 yrs 6 months and 24 days old at the time of his reported death. Let us try to examine his longevity from astrological point of view. As per first shloka of Chapter 5 of Jatak Deshmarg four planets in first four houses indicate long life, in fifth to eighth house they indicate medium life whereas short life is indicated if there are four or more planets in ninth to twelfth house. Rahu and Ketu are not taken into account in this calculation. In horoscope of Sh. Subhash Chandra Bose there are three planets each in 5 to 8 house and 9 to 12 houses. Hence  as per longevity principle of Jatak Deshmarg he was not destined to have long life. Orissa Method of Longevity calculation gives longevity of fifty years only. There is book entitled “Span of Life” by Govindu Sri Rama Murthi. It contains a simple rule for arriving at short, middle or long life at page 39. This rule states that when lord of lagna happens to be a friend of Sun, there will be a long life; if an equal ,middle life and if an enemy, short life. Both type of friendship i.e. permanent and temporary have to be considered. This rule applies fully to this chart. Sun and lagna lord Mars are mutually neutral to each other. Hence medium longevity. 

For deciding longevity we should examine strength of Lagna/Lagna Lord,8th house/8th lord, Saturn and 3rd house/3rd lord. Longevity is about 32yrs if two out of above four are strong, 64 years if three are strong and a long life if all the four are strong. In the chart of Sh. Subhash Chandra Bose  two factors out of four above i.e  Saturn and  3rd house/3rd lord are strong. It indicates he was not destined to have a long life. PAM method of longevity calculation(vide p-34 to 39—-Unravelling the puzzle of longevity by V P Goel) also gives medium longevity. 

Vimshottary Dasa was Jupiter- Moon-Venus from 01-07-1945 to 20-09-1945.His age at the time of death was 48 yrs 06 months 27 days. In D-1 Jupiter is 12th lord. It is aspected by 8th lord and by Venus 2nd and seventh lord. In D-9 Jupiter is with second lord  Saturn. In D-3 Jupiter is in Lagna aspected by 12th lord Mars. Mars is himself with lord of 22nd dreshkon Moon and in Rahu-Ketu axis. In D-30  Jupiter is 3rd and sixth lord. Hence MD lord Jupiter is fully competent to give death. In D-1 Moon aspects 12th house. In D-9 it is with MercuryR lord of 64th navamsa. It is eighth lord also. In D-3 it is 8th lord with 12th lord and in Rahu-Ketu axis. In D-30 it is 10th lord in 12th house aspected by a maraca planet Mars. Hence AD lord Moon is fully competent to give death. In D-1 Venus is 2nd and seventh lord in 11th house. In D-9 Venus is sixth and 11th  lord and aspects 12th house. In D-3  Venus is 6th and 11th lord in 11th house.In D-30 it is lagna and 8th lord in lagna and fully competent to cause misfortune. Hence MD,AD,PD lords are fully competent to cause death. 

Char Dasa was Scorpion-Cancer-Leo from 15-08 -1945 to 04-09-1945.I calculated Brahma, Rudra and Maheshwra of  this chart and they are respectively Venus, Venus and Mercury. Scorpion Rashi is rashi of eighth house from Lagna and is strongest among third, sixth, eighth and twelfth Rashi  from Lagna. This rashi dasa is thus competent to cause death. It was MD rashi at the time of death of Netaji. Cancer Rashi is aspected by Saturn, Mars and Venus-the Rudra and hence is fully competent to give death. Cancer Rashi was AD Rashi at the time of death of Netaji. Now 3rd,6th,8th and 12th lords from Lagna are Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. They have grahbala of 80,150 and 150 units. But Jupiter is retrograde and hence more competent to cause death. JupiterR is in Leo Rashi . Leo was PD Rashi at the time of death. Hence MD,AD and PD rashis are fully competent to give death.

Birth of Shri Subhash Chandra Bose took place in hora of Moon on Krishna Panchami. Hence Shodashottary Dasha is applicable on it. In charts where special Dasha is applicable it must be used for correct assessment. Shri S C Bose was having Shodashottary Dasha of Venus-Moon-Moon from 31-07-1945 to 03-12-1945.MD lord Venus is a maraca lord in eleventh house aspected by 12th lord JupiterR in D-1.In D-9 it is sixth and 11th lord in sixth house and aspecting the 12th house. In D-3 Venus is again sixth and eleventh lord in eleventh house. Third, sixth and eleventh lords are competent to give death. In D-30 Venus is lagna lord and eighth lord in lagna aspected by maraca lord Mars. Hence MD lord Venus is fully competent to give death in lagna chart as well as divisional charts. Now let us consider AD and PD lord Moon. In D-1 Moon is aspecting 12th house and is a chhidragrah being lord of 22nd dreshkon which is fully competent o cause death. In D-9 it is eighth lord with lord of 64th navamsa Mercury who is a maraca planet being lord of seventh house. As already discussed above Moon is lord of 22nd dreshkon in D-3.In D-30 it is conjoined with twelfth lord and aspected by a maraca planet Mars. Hence AD and PD lord Moon is also competent to cause death in lagna chart and all the divisional charts. 

Shri Subhash Chandra Bose is reported to have died in a plane crash. Naturally it was a violent death. Following combinations of violent death are given in Journal of Astrology(P-94) Jan-March 2008:-

A) Lagna/Lagna Lord having PAC with Mars. Affliction to Moon and trika houses/lords. Lagna Lord of Shri Subhash Chandra Bose is Mars. Moon is in sixth house with fifth aspect of Rahu. Eighth lord is Mars aspected by Saturn. Twelfth lord is retrograde in fifth house and aspected by Mars and Saturn. Hence Lagna Lord is Mars and there is affliction to all trika lords. Please note that sixth lord Mercury is combust and in Rahu-Ketu axis.

B) Birth Dasa having PAC with 6th,8th,12th houses or with Mars/Rahu. Subhash Chandra Bose was born in Sun-Ketu-Saturn Dasa. Sun is in Rahu-Ketu axis and is with sixth lord MercuryR.

C) MD/AD/PD at the time of death having PAC with 6th,8th,12th houses/lords. Shri Subhash Chandra Bose is reported to have died on 18th August 1945.Dasa was Jupiter-Moon-Venus.MD lord Jupiter is 12th lord.AD lord Moon is in 6th house whereas PD lord Venus is aspected by 12th lord Jupiter. Moreover Venus is a maraca planet for Aries ascendant and is in an airy sign A

D) Natal Lagna /Lagna Lord afflicted and having PAC with Mars in transit. Mars was transiting over Natal Mars afflicting natal lagna/lagna lord on 18th August 1945.

Hence all parameters of violent death are fulfilled in his chart. Perhaps he died in a plane crash on 18th August 1945.But as written above it is still controversial. 

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