Planets Made Subhas Chandra Bose Neta Ji-1

 Childhood and Early Life 

             His name was Subhas Chandra Bose. We called him Neta Ji. He was born on 23 January 1897 at 12-15-41hrs in Cuttack(Orissa). Balance of Sun’s dasa at the time of birth was 1year 0 months and 19 days. Venus occupies the 2nd house from Sun. Hence Sun is involved in formation of Veshi Yoga. This variety of Veshi Yoga shows that the person is renowned, respectable, with many virtues, and fearless. Sun also forms a good yoga in conjunction with Mercury. This yoga is called Budhaditya Yoga. A person having this yoga is  sweet tongued, clever, scholarly, virtuous, intelligent, skilful in all works and is with good reputation. This yoga is formed at close degrees between Sun and Mercury. Mercury is retrograde. Mercury and Sun are  in Rahu-Ketu axis. Sun as fifth lord in tenth house in inimical sign Capricorn and in Rahu-Ketu axis made him a defiant patriot who made attempts to rid India of British rule with the help of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Sun is fifth lord and MerR is third and sixth lord. Conjunction of fifth and sixth lord also forms a very potent Shankha Yoga. Natives with this yoga are kind-hearted, virtuous and learned. They have the  authority to discipline or punish. This Yoga is also in Rahu-Ketu axis and hence his defiance to the foreign rule in his country. Sun Dasa ended on 12-02-1898 but Sun as fifth lord is afflicted in tenth house and as birth dasa it created obstacles in his education and profession in later life.

Moon Dasa was operative from 12-02-1898 to 14-02-1908.Moon is fourth lord in sixth house. It may give property disputes and may lead to vehicular accidents. With Ketu in fourth house it gives permanent discontentment in mind. Moon is week in Pakshbala and  has 0.90 shadbala. A week Moon in sixth house gives distress, Alpayu, week  digestion and diseases in childhood. His father was a very busy and reserve person and behaviour of his father caused Subhas to feel he had a nondescript childhood. There was one more reason why he felt that his childhood was nondescript. First child was born to his mother when she was only fourteen years old and there were thirteen children thereafter. Subhas was ninth child and sixth son.

      He joined school in January 1902 in Moon-Jupiter-Moon dasa to join his five school going elder brothers. Moon is lord of fourth house of education. Jupiter is ninth lord in fifth house. Both these houses are related to education. In Navamsa(D-9) Moon is in fourth house and Jupiter aspects fifth house from ninth house. In Chaturvimshamsha(D-24) Moon is lagna lord and Jupiter aspects it. Name of his school was “Baptist Mission’s Protestant European School” in Cuttack. It was an English medium school where European manners, Bible and British History were taught. No Indian language was taught. It was altogether different with his atmosphere at home where Bengali was spoken, Hindu Goddesses  Durga and Kali were worshipped and his mother told him stories from epics Mahabharata and Ramayana. This atmosphere at home was mainly due to his mother Prabhavati Bose.

In 1909 he entered “Ravenshaw Collegiate School” in Cuttack. Bengali and Sanskrit languages were also taught in this school along with ideas from vedas and upnashids. He started wearing Indian clothes and became interested in study of teachings of a Bengali Mystic Ramakrishna Parmahansa and his disciple Swami Vivekananda. He also read novel Ananda Math by Bankim Chandra Chatterji. In spite of his preoccupations he cleared his matriculation examinations and secured second position in Calcutta University. He passed his matriculation examination in March1913 perhaps in Mars-Venus-Sun dasa from 19-03-1913 to 10-04-1913. MD lord Mars is lagna lord in second house. First lord in second house is good for education. It is aspected by  Saturn from the eighth house of suddenness. Saturn is 10th lord of honour and 11th lord of gain of knowledge and education(sanket nidhi) .In D-9 Mars is fifth lord of intelligence and education and aspects lagna. In D-24 it is fifth lord of education and tenth lord of honour in fourth house of education and aspects 10th house .AD lord Venus is in eleventh house aspected by ninth lord JupiterR. In D-9 it is sixth lord and 11th lord.11th house is aspected by 9th lord exalted Sun from the fifth house. In D-24 Venus is in 11th house and aspected by fifth and tenth lord Mars from the fourth house. PD lord Sun is fifth lord in tenth house in D-1,ninth lord exalted in fifth house in D-9 and second lord in ninth house aspected by JupiterR in D-24.In this way MD,AD and PD lords all are good for education and competent to give success and honour in educational matters.

After passing matriculation examination he went to Presidency College, Calcutta where he chose to study Philosophy. In summer of 1914 he went on a pilgrimage with his friend Mr. Hemanta Kumar Sarkar in search of a Guru. Dates and months are not given. But there is summer season in most of Bengal from March to May which suggests that he went on a pilgrimage in Mars-Sun dasa from 09-03-1914 to 15-07-2014.Pilgrimages are judged from the second, fifth, seventh and tenth houses (Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha-Predictive Astrology of the Hindus-P-105-V House). In D-1 MD lord Mars is in second house and AD lord Sun is fifth lord in tenth house. In D-9 Mars is fifth lord in seventh house and Sun is ninth lord in fifth house. They could not find any spiritual guru in this trip, but Subhas was down with typhoid fever. As per medical astrology affliction to Jupiter, Venus and Mercury and their PAC connection to evil houses(6,8,12) and Kanya Rashi leads to typhoid fever in dasas of afflicting/afflicted planets. For disease we usually check D-1,D-9,D-3 and D-12 Charts. Let us study all the charts one by one.

  In D-1 JupR  as 12th lord is afflicting Venus by its aspect and JupR is also afflicted by 10th aspect of Saturn from eighth house.MD lord Mars as eighth lord is afflicting Sat by its aspect and in turn is being afflicted by aspect of Saturn. MerR as sixth lord is in Rahu-Ketu axis and AD lord  Sun with MerR  and Rahu is being aspected by Saturn from the 8th house. Hence MD lord Mars ,AD lord Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are afflicted and have PAC with 6,8,12 houses/lords/ maraka lord Venus which caused typhoid fever. 

D-9—JupR is conjunct 2nd lord Sat. Venus as sixth lord is between two malefics Sun and 12th lord/MD lord Mars who is in a maraca house. It has 10th aspect of Sat also. MerR  has 9th aspect of Rahu. AD lord Sun is aspected by afflicted lagna lord JupiterR.

D-3—JupR has fourth aspect of Mars conjunct Rahu. Venus as 6th lord is between malefics. MerR as a maraca lord in another maraca house has fifth aspect of Rahu. Sun AD lord in sixth house is aspected by Saturn.

D-12—JupR as lagna lord in twelfth house has fifth aspect of Rahu. MerR is in Rahu-Ketu axis. Venus is with Mars.MD lord Mars has ninth aspect of Ketu.AD lord Sun has Rahu-Ketu axis on one side and aspect of Mars on other side.

Afflictions as detailed above made Subhas down with typhoid fever.

He took the Intermediate Examination in 1915 and passed in the first division. In February 1916 Bose was alleged to have masterminded, or participated in, an incident involving E. F. Oaten, Professor of History at Presidency. Before the incident, it was claimed by the students, Oaten had made rude remarks about Indian culture, and collared and pushed some students; according to Oaten, the students were making an unacceptably loud noise just outside his class. A few days later, on 15 February, some students accosted Oaten on a stairway, surrounded him, beat him with sandals, and took to flight.

This event happened in Rahu-Rahu-Saturn Dasa from 20-11-1915 to 24-4- 2016.It has many aspects. University professor made rude remarks about Indian Culture. He collared and pushed some students. Naturally students must have felt humiliated. Feeling humiliated they tried to man handle their professor on 15 February 2016. In D-1 PD lord Saturn is tenth lord in eighth house aspected by eighth lord Mars. This planetary combination is competent to cause humiliation as well as courage to fight back. In D-9 Saturn as 2nd lord having Rahu-Ketu in adjoining houses and with mutual position in 2/12 from each other and Saturn being 3rd lord may give humiliation as well as courage to fight back. In D-24 PD lord Saturn is eighth lord of humiliation in sixth house of struggle in twelfth house to AD lord Rahu. Please also see that Rahu-Saturn dasa is also one of the enigmatic periods as named by legendary astrologer Shri K N Rao.       

An inquiry committee was constituted. Although Oaten, who was unhurt, could not identify his assailants, a college servant testified to seeing Subhas Bose among those fleeing, confirming for the authorities what they had determined to be the rumour among the students. Bose was expelled from the college and rusticated from Presidency College.

The incident shocked Calcutta and caused anguish to Bose’s family. He was ordered back to Cuttack. His family’s connections were employed to pressure Asutosh Mukherjee, the Vice-Chancellor of Calcutta University. Despite this, Subhas Bose’s expulsion remained in place until 20 July 1917, when the Syndicate of Calcutta University granted him permission to return, but to another college. He joined Scottish Church College.

His expulsion was removed in Rahu-Rahu-Moon dasa form 09-06-2017 to 30-08-2017.In D-1 PD lord Moon is fourth lord of educational institutes. In D-9  Moon is in fourth house with tenth lord MerR. In D-24 Moon is lagna lord aspecting lagna though in Rahu-Ketu axis.

He received his B A degree in the first class with honours in philosophy and remained second among all philosophy students in Calcutta University. It  happened in 2019 perhaps in Rahu-Jupiter-Moon  period from 09-07-2019 to 20-09-2019. In astrology 4th house rules education, graduation degree or university education. But however, 5th house rules practical knowledge or application of learned education. Also 9th house(5th house from 5th house) tells about the higher knowledge and wisdom of the person.MD lord Rahu aspects 4th in D-1,D-9 and D-24. AD lord Jupiter Is related to 5,9 houses in all above charts. PD lord Moon is 4th lord in sixth house  in D-1,In D-9  Moon is in fourth house with tenth lord MerR. In D-24 Moon is lagna lord aspecting lagna though in Rahu-Ketu axis. After doing his graduation degree he began his Masters degree in Experimental Psychology.  

On his father’s urging, Subhas Bose agreed to travel to England to prepare and appear for the Indian Civil Services (ICS) examination. On 15 September 1919 Subhas Chandra Bose started his journey to England by sea to sit for the Indian Civil Service examination with just about eight months to go. Arriving in London on 20 October 1919, Subhas readied his application for the ICS. For his references he put down Lord Sinha of Raipur, Under Secretary of State for India, and Bhupendranath  Basu a  wealthy Calcutta lawyer who sat on the Council of India in London. Dasa  was Rahu-Jupiter-Mars from 20-09-2019 to 11-11-2019.MD lord Rahu is in tenth house with 3rd and 6th lord MerR and 5th lord Sun. Fourth house is in Rahu-Ketu axis and is thus afflicted. Moreover Rahu is related to everything foreign. Hence foreign travel in Rahu MD. AD lord Jupiter is ninth lord of long travel and 12th lord which also indicates foreign travel. PD lord Mars aspects 12th lord of foreign travel and eighth house of travel by sea. In D-9 Rahu is in eighth house of travel by sea. Fourth house of residence is afflicted by occupation of eighth lord Moon and ninth aspect of Rahu. AD lord Jupiter is in 9th house  and aspects lagna,3rd house of short travels and 9th lord exalted Sun .PD lord Mars is 12th lord in 7th house connected with foreign travel and aspects lagna. Hence MD lord, AD lord and PD lord-all indicate foreign travel during this period.

 In D-4 MD lord Rahu is aspected by 12th lord JupiterR .AD lord JupiterR is 12th lord aspecting 8th house of travel by sea. PD lord Mars is conjunct lagna lord Saturn  and aspects 12th lord JupiterR.

Bose was eager also to gain admission to a college at the University of Cambridge. It was past the deadline for admission. He sought help from some Indian students and from the Non-Collegiate Students Board. The Board offered the university’s education at an economical cost without formal admission to a college. Bose entered the register of the university on 19 November 1919 and simultaneously set about preparing for the Civil Service exams. He chose the Mental and Moral Sciences Tripos at Cambridge, its completion requirement reduced to two years on account of his Indian B. A. It happened in Rahu-Jupiter-Rahu dasa from 11-11-19 to 03-12-19.Fifth house is generally regarded the house of college education. In D-1Rahu is with fifth lord Sun and Jupiter is ninth lord in fifth house. In D-9 Rahu has ninth aspect on fourth house of education and Jupiter aspects fifth house from ninth house. In D-24 lagna/lagna lord are in Rahu-Ketu axis and Jupiter aspects lagna lord and ninth house. In divisional charts which represent a particular aspect of life,Lagna/Lagna lord play an important role in fructification of events pertaining to that aspect. D-24 chart is a divisional chart of education. Hence Lagna/Lagna lord of D-24 chart are important in matters relating to education. With his education Subhas Bose was also preparing for Indian Civil Service(ICS) examination. 

There were six vacancies in the ICS. Subhas Bose took the open competitive exam for them in August 1920 and was placed fourth. This was a vital first step. Still remaining was a final examination in 1921 on more topics on India, including the Indian Penal Code, the Indian Evidence Act, Indian history, and an Indian language. Successful candidates had also to clear a riding test. Having no fear of these subjects and being a rider, Subhas Bose felt the ICS was within easy reach. Subhas was in dasa of Rahu-Sat-Rahu from 21-03-2020 to 02-09-1920.In D-1 Rahu is in tenth house with sixth lord of competitions and Saturn is 10th lord aspecting the tenth house. In D-9 Rahu is aspecting 10th lord MercuryR and Saturn is conjunct Lagna cum 4th lord JupiterR and aspecting Venus sixth lord of competition in sixth house. In D-10 Rahu-Ketu axis is in 4/10 houses and Saturn is Lagna Lord aspecting sixth house of competition.  

  In April 1921, Subhas Bose made his decision firm not to take the final examination for the ICS and wrote to Sarat informing him of the same, apologizing for the pain he would cause to his father, his mother, and other members of his family. On 22 April 1921, he wrote to the Secretary of State for India, Edwin Montagu, stating, “I wish to have my name removed from the list of probationers in the Indian Civil Service.” He was running Rahu-Sat-Venus dasa from 29-03-2021 to 19-09-2021.Both dasas i.e Rahu-Sat and Sat-Venus; are those dasas which Shri K N Rao has called enigmatic periods. Rahu- Sat dasa operated on Subhas from 31-03-1920 to 26-01-2023.In D-1 Saturn is in inimical sign in eighth house from Lagna but in 11th house from MD lord Rahu. It is also aspected by lagna and eighth lord Mars. In D-9 Saturn is still in inimical sign in ninth house from Lagna and Second House from Rahu and is conjunct Lagna and fourth lord JupiterR and is unaspected by any other planet. In D-10 it is ninth house in a friendly position and aspected by JupiterR. It is clear that its position has improved in D-9 and D-10. Hence AD lord Saturn should give mixed results. When we observe the mutual position of Saturn-Venus, we find that they are in kendra to each other in D-1 and D-9 but they are mutually placed 2/12 in D-10 chart. Although AD lord Saturn is in ninth house yet it is aspected by JupR -a natural benefic but functional malefic for D-10 lagna. PD lord Venus although a yoga karka is in Rahu-Ketu axis and aspected by Mars. Such enigmatic periods in horoscope of Subhas Chandra Bose made him to take this decision causing trouble to his family members. 

Char Dasa makes this incident more clear. In D-1 Amk Mars is in eighth house to AD rashi Libra.It is in Jaimini aspect to Rahu,Ketu,Mk Sun and Pk MerR. In D-9  Amk Mars in ninth house to AD rashi Libra yet it is aspected by Gk Moon and Pk MerR. In D-10 Amk Mars is in kendra  position to  AD rashi Libra but it is with Gk Moon and is also in eighth house to Pk MerR. Influence of Gk Moon and Pk MerR on Amk Mars  indicates a bizarre decision regarding career due to a way of thinking and perhaps his mind under influence of someone else. For some time before Subhas Bose had been in touch with C. R. Das, a lawyer who had risen to the helm of politics in Bengal; Das encouraged Subhas to return to Calcutta. With the ICS decision now firmly behind him, Subhas Bose took his Cambridge B.A. Final examinations half-heartedly, passing, but being placed in the third Class. He prepared to sail for India in June 1921, electing for a fellow Indian student to pick up his diploma. Subhas Bose arrived in India at Bombay on the morning of 16 July 1921.

In astrology return to homeland is generally examined from fourth house. But some more houses need consideration. First house indicates birth place. Second house indicates family. When we return from foreign country, we also meet our family. Twelfth house to any house indicates the end of significations of that house. Twelfth house indicates foreign residence. Twelfth to it i.e. eleventh house indicates end of foreign residence. It is also the house of fulfilment of desires. Ninth house indicates long distance travel. Long  distance travel is involved in return journey. Hence I am of the opinion that first house, second house, fourth house, ninth house and eleventh house is involved at the time of return to homeland. Subhas Chandra Bose was having Rahu-Saturn-Venus Dasa from 29-03-2021 to 19-09-2021 We need to examine it in D-1,D-9 and D-4. 

In D-1 Rahu-Ketu axis in 4/10 houses, Saturn aspects second house and Venus is second lord. In D-9  Rahu-Ketu axis is in 2/8 axis, Saturn is second lord and Venus is eleventh lord aspected by second lord Saturn. In D-4 Rahu-Ketu axis is in 4/10 houses, Saturn is second lord  and Venus is in eleventh house with second lord Saturn. On 16 July 1921 Saturn and Jupiter both were in Leo Sign aspecting eleventh house and second lord in eleventh house. Hence this event is also verified from double transit Principle. Moreover second lord in transit was in second house. Fourth lord Moon in transit was also aspecting second house and second lord Venus.

                                                                                                                                (Continued-Part 2)              






















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