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I have not talked on astrology concepts since long. Today I am inclined to talk on Mundane Astrology. Can tenth lord of the foundation chart of a country give any clue about the type of person ruling that country? We know that Saturn is tenth lord of our Independence  Chart. Can it tell something about our Prime Ministers. At least a mundane astrologer believes so. I found it written in a astrology book and reproduce in original, “Saturn is for widows .Only people who don’t  have spouse can hold the seat of Prime Minister(of India) for very long period of time. For example Rajiv Gandhi ,Lal Bahadur  Shastri, V.P.Singh ,Deve Gowda had spouses and they could not rule India for a long period of time. But Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and A B Vajpayee did not have their spouses and all of them were successful PM,s ” The author further writes that most people who are old are successful and it is also due to influence of Saturn. First edition of the book was published in 2009.

Manmohan Singh remained Prime Minister of India from 22 May 2004 to 26 May 2014, but his wife is still alive. Man Mohan Singh is no doubt a old man. Independence  Chart of India is given below:-

Now let us apply above principle to national charts of some other countries. National Chart of China is given below.

China has Venus in tenth house. Venus is also tenth lord. Venus is aspected by Mars  Hence executive head of China should be young. But all presidents of China except Zinping were more than sixty years old when they became President. Even Zinping became President when he was nearing sixty. Although we do not know much about China but most of their presidents look smart and younger than their age.

Foundation Chart of USA is given below. Tenth lord of foundation chart of USA is Venus. 

Most of the Presidents of USA were also aged persons though some young people like Theodore Roosevelt(42),John F Kennedy(43),Bill Clinton(46) and Barack Obama(47) etc were also Presidents of USA. But it is true that most of the Presidents of USA look  smart and younger than their age. Some of them were romantic also-one more Venusian trend. 

See the Foundation Chart of Canada which is furnished below:-

Jupiter is tenth lord of Canada. Statistics show that out of twenty three Prime Ministers  seven were of age upto fifty, ten were of age upto sixty and only six Prime Ministers had  age above sixty. One more thing needs to be considered about Canada. Jupiter is retrograde in 12th house and in Rahu-Ketu axis also hence many Prime Ministers of Canada were found involved  in scandals. Wikipedia reports tell  that there have been about twenty-eight major scandals in political life of Canada. 

       Above discussion shows that the hypothesis of writer is not fully applicable when applied to the national charts of some countries.

The writer also tells that political leaders having sixth, eighth and twelfth house rashi of the national chart as their ascendants can not be successful politicians of that country. Politicians who have Libra, Sagittarius and Aries as their ascendants can not be successful in India as they are in the 6th,8th and 12th house from the Lagna of Indian independence chart. But politicians who have Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio , Leo and in very rare cases Capricorn and Aquarius lagna are successful Indian politicians. It is mostly  true in respect of India and USA as verified by me but  huge data is required to verify such principles whereas we do not have correct lagna of many politicians.

Many times our clients ask us a question about some celebrity or some politician. The problem in such cases is that we do not have correct lagna of many celebrities/ politicians. Many times such people publicize their wrong ascendants to confuse the astrologers and the public at large. Hence before giving any prediction about such persons we must verify the available charts of such persons with their life events. We should predict success only for those celebrities/politicians whose tenth lord is very strong from at least two lagnas(out of Lagna, Moon Lagna and Karkamsa Lagna) and who is running a Rajyoga period.

I was reading a book on Navamsa. The book is written by a well known astrologer and it is really a good book. But  all rules of astrology need to be applied cautiously. Following is written in this book,” It is a common saying that marriages are fixed in heaven. It says  that marriage is decided at the time of birth itself. The Vimshottary dasha at birth is calculated for both bride and groom. The dasha of birth of groom must be related to the seventh house or seventh lord of bride. Similarly the dasha of birth of bride must be related to the seventh house or seventh lord of groom.  This matching is done in D-1.In very few cases it is related with lagna/lagna lord mutually. This condition is must for marriage of two individuals.” Last sentence of this rule implies that no marriage between two individuals is possible if above rule does not apply. I applied this rule on twenty couples and found that it was applicable to sixty percent of couples only. One peculiar thing which I noticed was that marital relation of couples on which data did not apply were either strained or one partner completely dominated the other. The rule may not be applicable on all charts and may need some refinement. Still it can be  profitably used in matching of charts. 

 There occurred a solar eclipse on 25th October 2022 and a lunar eclipse on 8th November 2022. Both eclipses occurred within a fortnight in the same lunar month. The   impact of this eclipse was naturally heavier and there was a earthquake on the next day. It would had been greater if they had occurred at an interval of fourteen days only.  Sh. M S Mehta in his book on Mundane Astrology observes, ‘If two eclipses-one solar and one lunar occur within 14 days, there will generally be national disaster like war, assassination etc”

बृहत्संहिता में लिखा है ,”यदि एक ही मास में सूर्य -चंद्र ग्रहण होवे  तो अपनी सेनाओं में हलचली मच जाने से या शस्त्रप्रहार से राजाओं का नाश होता है। ” Solar Eclipse dated 25th October and Lunar Eclipse dated 8th November 2022 both  have occurred in lunar month of Kartika. Security arrangements of top political leaders should be reviewed and tightened.    

Lunar eclipse dated 8th November 2022 occurred in Aries sign and its lord Mars is in 3rd house in inimical sign and retrograde at the time of eclipse(16.32 hrs Delhi). In Navamsa it is in sixth house conjunct third lord Moon and aspected by Mercury and Sun. Hence it may cause rail, road and air accidents or strike/unrest in these departments and spread of skin diseases in the country. The chart of eclipse time at Delhi is given below:- 

If eclipse is in Aries sign the people of Panchala( an ancient kingdom of northern India, located in Ganges-Yamuna Doab of the Upper Gangetic plain),Surswna(present day Braj Region),the Kambojas(people of modern Orrisa),hunters, foresters, those who wield weapons(warriors) and those that work on fire will come to grief. Police, army and criminals etc. live with weapons and the effect of this lunar eclipse will not be good for these people. Similarly people working on fire will suffer. Such people include those working on furnaces and in restaurants and also goldsmiths and blacksmiths.

 According to sloka 2 of chapter on Dravyanishchaya of Brihat Samhita, Aries sign indicates,”वस्र ,भेड़ के रोम से निर्मित वस्र ,कुतुप (बकरी के रोम से निर्मित वस्र),मसूर ,गेंहू,रालक ,जौ  और स्थळ (जल से रहित भूमि ) में उत्पन्न ओषधिओं का स्वामी मेष राशि है “

Aries sign at the time of eclipse is afflicted and its lord is retrograde in inimical sign. Hence prices of woollen clothes, lentils ,wheat, resin, gum and herbs may increase. Countries whose ruling sign is Aries include England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Syria, Denmark, Japan, Palestine, Lebanon and part of Poland etc.  These countries may have different types of economic and political problems.         

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