Will there be a war between China and Taiwan ?

Complex History of Taiwan 

China was ruled by Qing Dynasty from 221BC to the end of 1911.Taiwan,an island was annexed in 1683 by the Qing Dynasty of China. In 1895  a war took place between China and Japan in which China suffered a defeat and consequently Treaty of Shimonoseki was signed between two countries. Taiwan and its’ neighbouring islands were ceded to Japan as a result of this treaty. Subsequently Japan was also defeated in World War II and Taiwan and its’ neighbouring islands were returned to China on 25 October 1945.But this time it was transferred to Republic of China which had been formed on 1st January 1912 overthrowing the Qing Dynasty of China. Republic of China was formed in China and Taiwan with its’ neighbouring islands were transferred to it on 25 October,1945.

Later on  Chinese Communist Party took control of China on 01st October 1949 under Chairmanship of Mao Ze Dong and established Peoples’ Republic of China. Hence Republic of China government with 1.2 million people from China were forced to  move to Taiwan. Chinese Communist Party also tried to take control of Taiwan and its’ neighbouring islands and a battle took place at Kuningtou on October 25 ,1949 in which armed forces of Republic of China defeated the forces of Chinese Communist Party. Martial Law was declared in Taiwan which continued to be in force until 15July 1987. Many reforms have taken place from time to time in the form of the government in Taiwan which has now become Unitary Semi-presidential Republic. Even today it is officially called Republic of China. But as is clear from above description Peoples’ Republic of China never enjoined any authority/jurisdiction over it. 

Authentic foundation chart of Taiwan:-

Many astrologers have made foundation chart of Taiwan for 01-01-1912 at 00.00 hrs in Taipei. Taipei is capital city of Taiwan. How can this chart be authentic? Taiwan was under control of Japan from 1895-1945. Actually Republic of China was formed on 01-01-1912 and Taiwan came under control of Republic of China only on 25 October 1945.In my opinion 25 October 1945 or some later date should be correct date. But then the question is at what time ?. What I want to emphasis is  that the authentic foundation chart of Taiwan is not available. Hence question of war between China and Taiwan will be examined from the foundation chart of  China only which is given below:-

Tenth house is occupied by Venus in its’ own mooltrikona sign. Venus is aspected by Mars and Saturn. Hence tenth lord is afflicted, Mars is fourth lord of land and eleventh lord of gain from other nations. Mars is a planet of war, violence and military. Saturn signifies loss or gain of territories in war and also all kinds of calamities. In the eighth house it also signifies secret activities. Combined effect of Mars and Saturn on tenth house/tenth lord is extremely evil and may lead to war and terrorism.  This combination signifies the military power and secret activities, diplomacy and all sorts of tactics that China uses against other nations to expand the territory of his country. Affliction to tenth lord/tenth house of China explains that the nation is ready for negative activities like war when there is negative Dasa and Bhukti. Hence basic promise of war is present in the chart of China.

A country may enter into war when MD/AD/PD lords are connected to 3/6/8/12 houses or their lords. Dasa of afflicted seventh lord may also lead to war. China is running Mer-Ketu period upto 17-02-2023.Both are conjunct eighth lord Sun. MD lord Mercury is also sixth lord. PD lords Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are all connected with above houses or their lords. Hence there is possibility of war/attack on Taiwan upto 17-02-2023.

Now I want to draw attention of the readers to one more principle of Astrology. A war may happen in a lunar month having five Sundays, five Tuesdays or five Saturdays. There are five Sundays in lunar month of Ashwin from 11 September 2022 to 09 October 2022, there are five Tuesdays in lunar month of Kartika from 10 October 2022 to 8 November 2022 and there are five Sundays in lunar month of Magha from 07 Jan 2023 to 05 Feb 2023.These periods are more sensitive.

In the past China entered into war with India from 20 Oct 1962 to 21 Nov 1962.Dasa was Mars-Sat-Sun from 14-09-1962 to 05-10-1962 and Mars-Sat-Moon from 05-10-1962 to 07-11-1962.Mars is debilitated in seventh house, Saturn is in eighth house, Sun is eighth lord and Moon is afflicted seventh lord.

Doklam war with India took place from 16 June 2017 to 28 Aug 2017.Dasa was Sat-Jup-Jup from 13-03-2017 to 14-07-2017 and Sat-Jup-Sat from 14-07-2017 to 07-12-2017. Saturn is in eighth house and Jupiter is in 12th house. Hence a war.

Wars can also be predicted from annual horoscope of a country. Let us see annul chart of china for73rd year starting from 2nd Oct 2021 as below:-

In this chart Lagna and Lagna lord are hemmed between malefics. Lagna/Lagna lord are also aspected by SatR. Sun is afflicted by conjunction with Mars and fifth aspect of Rahu. Moon is afflicted by aspect of SatR and functional malefic JupR. It means that both the luminaries are afflicted. Seventh lord is afflicted being in 12th house and with MerR and Sun. Muntha is in Capricorn. Muntha and its lord Saturn are afflicted by ninth aspect of Rahu and conjunction with functioal malefic JupR. 

We see that Lagna/lord ,both the luminaries,7th lord of the annual chart and Muntha/Muntha lord of annual chart are afflicted indicating serious threat of war in this annual year ending on 1st October 2022. 

China is conducting military drill and even firing missiles near Taiwan border. Taiwan has also displayed its’ most advanced fighter jet the missile equipped F16V  amid tensions with China. Hence heavy tension  is mounting between two countries which may become explosive near 11 September 2022. If we make Rashi Sangatta Chakra we find there is mutual aspect between Mars and Ketu which will be at exact degrees on 17 Sep 2022.This date also needs to be watched with trepidation.

When I was about to finish my article I received a chart of Taiwan which seems authentic. This chart is furnished below:-

This chart is prepared for 01-03-1950,10.00 hrs at Taipei. I am sincerely thankful to the lady who sent it in a astrology group in response to my request. On 01-03-1950 Mr Chiang Kai-Shek had resumed his duties as president after moving his government of Republic of China to Taipei and after civil war in China where Chinese Communist Party had established Peoples’ Republic  of China on 1st October 1949. Authenticity of this chart increases as it has come from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan New Delhi.

An examination of this chart reveals that tenth lord Saturn is retrograde and in mutual aspect with Sun. In this arrangement of planets in the chart of Taiwan fifth lord aspects fifth house and eleventh lord aspects eleventh house. Such arrangement of planets is beneficial in some matters, but both planets also suffer some affliction. Hence tenth lord is afflicted. Tenth house contains functional malefic sixth lord  Mercury with  has benefic association of Jupiter and Venus. It is also aspected by Moon who is strong in shadbala. But all these planets have some weaknesses also. We should not forget that Jupiter is debilitated and Venus is also a maraca for Aries ascendant. Moon’s dasa is seventh dasa in order and Moon is lord of 22nd drekkana  also. Hence affliction to tenth lord and tenth house is there but to a lesser degree. Such a mild affliction indicates that country is not much inclined to war but may enter into war when provoked. Presence of Ketu and MarsR in the sixth house show that a tough resistance will be put up when provoked to fight and heavy losses will have to be sustained. Please see that Mars is eighth lord of losses also.  

Taiwan is running Moon -Jupiter dasa upto 24-07-2023.Both have PAC combination with sixth lord. PD’s of  Mer, Ketu and Venus will run upto 27-02-2023.All these PD lords have PAC with sensitive houses/lords. Ketu is connected with MarsR at close degrees in sixth house. PD’s of Mer and Ketu from 13-08-2022 to 18-11-2022 seem more sensitive.

Let us examine annual chart also. It is for 2nd Mar 2022 ,00.27.41 hrs at Taipei and furnished below:-

In this chart Lagna is in Rahu-Ketu axis. Lagna lord is defeated in planetary war.  Luminary Moon is weak in pakshbala. It means that Lagna /Lagna lord and one of the luminaries are afflicted. Seventh lord is afflicted with sixth lord and seventh house has Rahu. Seventh lord also in planetary war with sixth lord Mars but comes out victorious. Muntha is in Aries. Muntha lord Mars is defeated in planetary war. Some of the parameters viz Lagna/Lagna lord, Moon, seventh house and Muntha Lord is afflicted.

The result of above discussion is that China and Taiwan may enter into a war in the month of September/October 2022. Both the countries will suffer heavy losses and finally a treaty document will be signed. Let us see what happens? After all astrology is a science of indications. It indicates in a certain way what is likely to happen in future . But only Lord Brahma knows what will definitely happen in future.  

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