Predictive Hints from the Notebook of an Astrologer

        I have been reading astrology books and periodicals since long. I was  a regular customer of The Astrological Magazine published by veteran astrologer Dr. B. V Raman since 1985.I remember the days when Indian Council  of Astrological Sciences was formed by him with chapters in various cities. I had also enrolled as its Life Member due to my interest in astrology. I still have the card as Life Member of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences(Life Membership No.737).I have always been a voracious reader. In those days I used to read books on astrology or spirituality. Fortunately I had a good memory and it helped me very much. Everyone of us has some problems and want to take help of astrology with the conviction that astrology can help us in mitigating our problems. My  friends and colleagues asked me many questions and I always gave an reply very honestly to the best of my knowledge and belief. I was not a qualified astrologer and naturally I did not know technicalities of astrology. But some principle or some other hint published in The Astrological Magazine or in some astrology book helped me in answering their questions. Many of my answers started proving correct and thus I became an astrologer who charged nothing and was happy to help them on every Sunday/holiday. It was later in 2010, when I was transferred to Delhi that I started learning astrology from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, did Jyotish Acharya Course and also research under guidance of Shri Manoj Pathak .

About two years back I started typing important points read by me in astrology books/periodicals. Although I have typed them topic wise but some points are very general in nature which have helped me in giving predictions to the people who come to me for consultations. Some of these points are given below for the information of the readers. I hope these points will be helpful to them. All important points read by me in all these years stand underlined by me in books/periodicals. I intend to share all these points in my future writings.

1.An afflicted seventh house/lord may also indicate failure in an affair/breakup .Benefice influences on 7th house/lord are the redeeming factor.

2.A photographer has to have a good Shani combined with other planets to influence his profession.

3.Ninth lord in the third house is a combination for frequent travel to a foreign country.

4.The combination for career in army is PAC between three-six-ten houses/lords and Mars.

5.Parashara says that if 3rd lord is in 11th house ,one can earn wealth even if one is not qualified/skilled or knowledgeable in his profession.

6.PAC relation between ninth, tenth and eleventh houses show progress in work area.

7.If the eighth house has PAC with Mars/Saturn it indicates sudden and violent death.

8.Benefic planets placed in the 12th house provide sustenance during difficult times. Humanitarian or charitable work may be suitable for a benefic in 12th house person.

 9. If Moon is in papakartari  or with a malefic and there is a malefic planet in seventh from moon ,mother dies early. If Sun is similarly placed then father dies early.

 10. Malefic planets in 6/12 axis give trouble to self and mother.

 11.Jupiter in Kendra or Trikona in its own or house of exaltation makes life comfortable. Similarly 2nd lord in angular houses in its own house or friendly house makes life full of comfort.

12.Ninth lord in eighth house may also give wealth by legacy from someone not related to the native.

13. Ninth lord in lagna or seventh house gives rise in luck after marriage. Seventh lord in ninth    house gives marriage in a wealthy family.

14.Exchange or conjunction between first and fourth lord may give prosperity and wealth from maternal family.

15.Fifth lord in fifth house gives worthy sons or worthy daughters.

16.Sun in third house with malefic planets kill elder brother whereas Saturn with malefic planets kill younger brother. Brother includes sister(It is enigmatic because third house indicates younger siblings)

 17.Mars or Venus in ninth house in own sign give wealth and fame. Mercury in ninth house in own sign makes one religious, adept in scriptures and  Moon in own sign in ninth house makes one a loving person who earns fame and visits pilgrimages and is religious. Sun in ninth house in own sign makes a person angry and fond of using firearms. Diminishes happiness from father.

18.Rahu in ninth house in the sign of female planets make one luxurious and in sign of male planets it makes one religious and a yogi

 19.Ketu in ninth  house makes one respect all religions, wanderer of religious  places and a lover of ganga river.

 20.Jupiter in ninth house in Sagittarius or Pisces makes one honoured by state or a sidhha . Jupiter in any sign in ninth house makes one adept in Grammar or Vedanta.

 21.Saturn in ninth house in own sign Makes one builder of a well, a tank, a garden or a dharamshala.  It also gives fame.

 22.Sun in lagna with a malefic gives head ache and migraine etc.

 23. Mars, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu in lagna destroys happiness from parents and wife. Mars in lagna gives some mark on head.

  24.Aries or Scorpio lagna if vargottam makes one dwarf in stature.

  25.Venus-Mercury conjunction especially in second house makes one a poet.

  26.Venus as lagna lord gives a brain disease if having PAC with Saturn

  27.A person born in bhadra, vyatipat or vaidhriti yoga is generally long lived.

  28.Seventh lord in third house gives a diseased wife.

  29.There is a strange saying that moon in sixth house makes one bhogi, in eighth a rogi and in twelfth a yogi .(It is enigmatic and the meaning of this saying is not clear.)

  30.Mars in own sign in 10th or 11th house—-one  looks young even in old age.

  31.Mars-Venus combination/aspect generally gives love marriage or marriage with someone already known.

 32. A strong planet in second house aspected by Jupiter or 10th lord in second house makes a person benevolent in nature and he does philanthropic work.

33. Jupiter-Venus PAC generally makes one an advocate.

34.Jupiter-Saturn or Jupiter-Mercury PAC makes one a Judge.

35.Exalted Mars in any of the upachaya houses makes  one world level sportsman.

36.Venus and moon in fourth  house may give profession of a builder (Rajmistri).

37.Moon in third house generally makes one a business man.

38.Sun-Mars or Moon-Saturn-Mars in Kendra makes one an engineer

39. Sagittarius or Pisces in fifth house and unaspected or occupied by Jupiter is not good for happiness from children or there is childlessness.

40. If an afflicted, combust or in inimical sign Venus is in eighth or 12th house first wife dies early.

41. Mars in 12th house generally gives two brothers.

42.Venus alone in 12th house makes one wealthy.

43. Mercury in 8th house gives long life.

44.Jupiter alone in fifth house gives loss of children.

45.Full Moon and Venus in lagna make one lascivious (bhogi) and fond of education(vidyajivi).

46.Rahu-Ketu in 2/8 axis  give  accident or one looks older than his age.

47.Malefic in third house makes one brave whereas benefic makes one a coward.

48.Conjunction of Saturn and Moon in lagna in aries,cancer or pisces ascdt and a malefic in ninth house gives loss of a limb.

49.If Mars is in  fourth house, Sun-Rahu in fifth house and Saturn in eighth house—one always remains unhappy.

50.Mars and Mercury in any house aspected by Saturn makes one humorous.

51.In the classical texts of Jaimini Astrology it is said that the 11th from upapada tells about quality of earning i.e. by fair or unfair means. A malefic in 11th from from upapada may give income by unfair means. A benefic means income by fare means.

52.If the ninth lord in the third house is connected to the tenth lord then one will have a profession involving travelling or one connected with travelling like tourism. If associated there with Venus-one will have a travel agency.

53.If the ninth lord in second house has connection with the seventh house/seventh lord the native will have two wives of the same family or can be involved with more than one female of the same family.

54.Mars and  Rahu in fourth or eighth house from Venus  in a Male Chart—wife dies by burning.

55.If Sun in Aries or Cancer is in third, tenth or eleventh, Saturn in Libra in fourth or seventh, Mer-Mon in second –the person is a businessman and very rich and in power.

56.As per classics if the third house of self efforts, ninth house of fortune and the tenth house of karma are afflicted then the person will be a pauper.

57.The fourth lord and seventh lord in eighth indicates leaving home and family.

58.Jupiter alone in fifth house denies male progeny and if there is one then he will be black spot on family. Similarly Jupiter alone in 2nd house or in 7th house not good for wealth and wife respectively.

59.If Saturn afflicts Jupiter and ninth house or ninth lord then the person is ungrateful and not trustworthy.

60.Some astrologers believe that the Sun  in 11th house for a day birth and Moon in 11 th for a night birth destroys, even if in debility remove  crore of doshas in the chart. They quote a sloka of Sage Garga in their support.

61. There will be prosperous brothers or sisters if both the lord of the 9th and 10th are in anyway connected with the 3rd lord.

62.If the lord of the ascendant or 3rd is strong and conjuncts both Moon and Mars, the native will have brothers through step mother.

63.Lagna lord  in the 3rd makes one bold and the 3rd lord in the fifth gives determination and 5th lord in the 3rd gives mental stamina.

64.If the lord of third is in 3rd, lord of sixth is in 6th and lord of 11th is in 11th , these are not malefic and give auspicious results.

65. A powerful third house/lord reflects individual’s descent from a good family and upright qualities.

66. A mere conjunction of 2nd and 11th lord lord in a trine or a Kendra will make one wealthy.

67.When sixth lord is retrograde, litigation in life mounts. Where Kendras of 6th lord are occupied by Saturn, Rahu or Ketu such a native soaks himself in litigations. These natives even visit prison.

68.Eighth lord getting exalted in the fifth house indicates that the person has inclination to Godly pursuits and would be instrumental in establishing Devalayas or Rest Houses or Dharma-Shalas.

69.In all charts delineated for education, it is clearly indicated that linking of second, fourth, fifth and ninth house shows good progress in education.

70.Combination of Ketu and Mercury leads to breakage of bone due to a terrible fall or a natural disaster.

71.If  3rd Lord joins Saturn or Mandi the brothers die. If the lord of the 3rd or Mars is posited in 6,8,12 or conjunct a malefic, the native will have no brothers.

72.If second lord occupies a Kendra or Trikona from the Lagna Lord or a natural benefic second lord is exalted or conjunct an exalted planet, the person will accumulate his wealth through his own efforts.

73.Planets in the following houses, with no sufficient cause, can suddenly bring in stress and troubles: Jupiter-3, Mars-7, Sun-12, Moon-8, Saturn-1, Venus-6, Rahu-9,and Mercury-7.

74.When the kendras of 6th lord are occupied by malefics such a native’s life becomes living hell. He can hardly manage both ends meet.

75.In mythology we have story of Jupiter and Venus combining their energies for freeing all planets from clutches of Ravana. Hence combination of these two planets is of great importance in astrology and the house in which these two planets combine becomes very important e.g if this combination is in fifth house person may be very much indulged in hobby or any kind of self-expression. It is better if they are more than five degrees apart from each-other so that there is no conflict of their different nature. This combination also acts as great protector especially when Venus is strong (Venus knows Mritsanjivini Vidya).

76. Any house lord if a natural malefic and present in the 3rd house  is benefic but it behaves like malefic if that lord is a natural benefic. These views have been expressed by Sh Radhakrishan Shrimali in his book “Jyotish Seekhiye”.

77.Any chart that has three or more planets sitting in pushkar navamsas promises outstanding success in career, provided the person gets right dasas at the right time. It is better if those planets are karka planets. Lords of kendra, trikona and eleventh house are called karka planets.

78.If lagna lord is a malefic planet ,still its position in any bhava will strengthen the bhava and would produce good results. If lagna lord is also the lord of  6th,8th or 12th house, the planet will mostly give results of the first house and not of the other house.

79.When the eighth or the twelfth house from the lagna or AK is aspected by the lagna lord or AK, the native is without wealth.

80.Mars and Saturn together in the second house cause loss of money. However, if this combination is aspected by Mercury, the native is extremely wealthy.

81.The Sun in the second house aspected by Saturn results in poverty. Any other aspect on the Sun, in absence of Saturn’s aspect, makes the native extremely rich.

82.Saturn in the second house aspected by Sun causes loss of wealth. However any aspect on such a Saturn, other than the Sun’s aspect, ensures a sound financial status for the native.

83. Malefic effect on second, seventh and twelfth from Sun indicate trouble to father

84.Sensitive degree in each sign are noted below. Aries-8,Taurus-9, Gemini-23, Cancer—22,Leo-5, Virgo-1,Libra-4,Scorpion-23,Sagittarius-17, Capricorn-20, Aquarius-21, Pisces-10. Any planet or lagna in sensitive degree of a sign indicates that the year of life indicated by the sensitive degree will be critical year in his life.

85.If the ninth house or ninth lord is afflicted/weak while the fifth house or fifth lord is strong or Leo Sign is potent while Sagittarius is afflicted; it may show a difficult incarnation in this life while overall good karma in store, to come to the aid of Jatak in future births. The learned reader should envisage the contrary situation by positing weakness and strength in exchange in the factors mentioned. The simultaneous strength of both with a supportive factor. 

86.In any horoscope the association of the lords of the 8th or 11th house will destroy the biggest Rajyoga. The readers should also note that this law will become null and void if any planet with the rulership of 8th or 11th also owns an angle or a trine.

87.Malefic planets aspecting the personality indicators ,ascendant, Moon. and Sun, is a combination that is often seen in the charts of criminals.

88.Only malefic influences in the 5th house of intelligence from each of the three lagnas and Mercury, the planet of intelligence indicate problems in education/intelligence.

89.Now I want to discuss something specific about intelligence of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. First let me state what is written on page-75 of a book in Hindi named फलित विकास by a path breaking astrologer of Kanshi Hindu Vishav-Vidyalaya Shri Ramyatan Ojha.”बुध का पंचमेश शुभ ग्रहों के साथ उत्तम स्थानों में हो तो तर्कशक्ति अधिक होती है। बृहस्पति का पंचमेश उत्तम स्थानों में हो तो स्मृति शक्ति अच्छी होती है। शुक्र का पंचमेश शुभ युक्त केंद्र त्रिकोण में हो तो अर्थबोध की शक्ति उत्तम होती है। “

In Sadhguru’s Chart fifth lord from Mercury is Jupiter. It is in fifth house with a benefic Venus. Fifth lord from Jupiter is Saturn and it is in kendra. Fifth lord from Venus is also Saturn. Hence Sadhguru has marvellous logic, good memory and good sense of economy. I agree that Saturn is not with a benefic but it is vargottama, in its own nakshatra Anuradha and has Shadbala of 1.54.(Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, 04-Sep -1957 , 23.54 Hrs Mysore)  

90. A person having connection between the first and eighth house/lord can die a conscious death.

91.According to a principle of sarvatobhadra chakra Jupiter looses its beneficence if having PAC combination with two malefics.

92.Seventh house connection with third or ninth house/lord has been found in cases of second or third marriage.

93.Even a malefic planet does no harm if in own, exalted , mooltrikona or in friend’s house. It is very important principal of predictive astrology which must be kept in mind

94.Mars, being a planet of aggression and stubbornness specially when afflicted plays an important role in afflicting the related houses and planets.

95.Any planet owning two houses—one good and another bad—if placed in a bad bhava will not give the effects of the good bhava.

96.It is generally considered that the strength of the 11th house should be more than the strength of the12th house, if one has to enjoy all materialistic happiness in life and have prosperity.

Similarly the strength of the11th house should be equal to or less than 1st house and lagna should be stronger than the strength of the 12th house.

97.If the ninth lord in the tenth house is associated in the tenth house with a volatile planet or is associated with Ketu it indicates early death of the native’s father.

98.If the ninth lord in eighth house is in any way connected to the twelfth lord then one will always be attached to materialistic pleasures and instant success in life.

99.Jupiter and Saturn placement at 1/7 axis always give very much delay in marriage and child birth.

100.In the horoscope of a politician, Saturn taking lordship of kendra or trikona houses aspect the kendra house/es ,then such leader has mass following.

101.All about brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law can be known from the 5-11 axis for elder siblings and 3-9 axis for younger siblings.







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