Sun’s entry into Cancer and Indian Affairs

        Solar ingress chart is prepared for a country at the time when Sun changes sign(Rashi). Usually solar ingress chart gives indications for the events likely to happen in next 30 days. Solar  ingress charts are also called Surya Veedhi Charts. Generally twelve charts are prepared for entry of Sun in 12 rashis. But special consideration is given to entry of Sun in cardinal signs or chara rashis i,e Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It is believed by astrologers that the surya veedhi charts for chara rashis give indications for coming three months. Hence year can be divided into four quarters.

       Sun is going to enter a chara rashi Cancer on 17 July 2022 at 01:30.The chart with navamsa position of planets is given below.

This chart does not show us a rosy picture of coming three months. Sun and Saturn are opposing each-other along Cancer-Capricorn axis which we know to be a very sensitive axis for independent India. Moreover Sun and Saturn are bitter enemies and they are opposing each-other in watery signs.  It clearly indicates that we are not going to get rid of floods so early. They will trouble us for some time more.

        SatR is in ninth house. Communal and religious strife which is troubling this country for some time past will subside only when stringent action is taken against the defaulters. Rahu-Mars conjunction in 12th house clearly indicates foreign hand in such strife and Rahu particularly indicates some conspiracy planned in a foreign country.

        Ninth house of surya veedhi chart falls in a watery sign and is housed by SatR aspected by Sun and Mercury from third house .Such a planetary disposition is bad for shipping. Some accident or any problem in shipping area or even in navy is not ruled out. Afflicted Sun and Mercury in third house aspected by SatR, Mars and eighth lord Jupiter indicate sudden death of a notable literary figure or noted journalist. Jupiter fails to act as a saviour as it is a functional malefic.

        Saturn has been called to be a dukhakarka .It will transit in dhanishta nakshatra of Mars. It indicates natural calamities, floods, landslides etc. Many such things are already happening and many may still happen.

          Ketu is in sixth house. It is aspected by Mars from the 12th house. In medini astrology Rahu-Ketu along six-twelve axis is not considered good. Epidemics and plagues are indicated which are  natural consequence of floods. Some accident relating to armed forces may take place. Armed forces engaged in relief operations should remain careful with those on actual line of control. Many spying and terrorist activities may be secretly going on to which law and order maintaining agencies of our country should always remain vigilant. Different ascendants in capital cities of different countries will rise at the time of surya veedhi, but  planetary combinations will remain same. Hence conditions will not be better in many other countries. Every country will have to suffer the results of difficult planetary positions in one way or other.

Chart of Independent India  is given below. India will be passing through Moon-Mer-Jup period from 12-07-2022 to 19-09-2022. Jupiter is eighth lord in sixth house. It is in a neutral sign and week in shadbala. It also indicates a difficult period. Shastras say that  

we should intensify our prayers and religious activities during such periods. We should also be charitable and helpful to those in need.         

         It should be remembered that planets indicate in a certain way what  is most likely to happen but what will definitely happen is known to almighty God only.  


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