Stephen Hawking—A Destiny’s Child

Stephen Hawking was a British scientist .He was very recognized scientist and a leading cosmologist who had studied black holes and had written many books in simple words to popularize science .He was born to Frank and Isobel Hawking on 8th Jan 1942 in Oxford, England. Recently I read his biography written by Kristine Larsen -an Associate Professor of Physics and published by Jaico Books. About three years ago, in my last article on Shri Madan Mohan Malviya, I had promised, to write an article about Stephen Hawking. It was for this purpose that I read his biography. But unfortunately I could not find his time of birth in his biography. Then I made a search on internet. Almost in every website his time of birth is given 02:29 AM. Let us verify some bio-facts of his life from the horoscope prepared at the given time and see if this time of birth could be correct. Horoscope of Stephen Hawking is given below.


Stephen Hawking was the eldest child in the family. Eleventh lord is in third house in D-1. It indicates that he is the eldest child of his parents. Eleventh house is in Rahu-Ketu axis. Eleventh lord is unaspected. Eleventh house from JupiterR is hemmed in between malefics. Eleventh lord from Jupiter is Jupiter himself which is retrograde. In D-3 eleventh house and eleventh lord both are aspected by SaturnR from the previous house. Eleventh house  from JupiterR is hemmed in between malefics. Eleventh lord from JupiterR is in Rahu-Ketu axis. Hence seven parameters out of eight indicate that Stephen Hawking was the eldest child in the family.(For parameters please refer to First born child by Sh. Rajbir Singh)

He was married with Jane on 14th July 1965. Dasa at the time of marriage was Rahu-Rahu-Jup. Rahu is traditionally called byahu (ब्याहू) in astrology. In D-1 it is in eleventh house and aspects seventh house and seventh lord Mars by its’ ninth aspect. Jupiter covers 1/7 axis from the previous house. Jupiter covers 1/7 axis from the previous house in D-9 also and also aspects seventh lord Venus from the previous house. Moreover sokshama Dasa on 14th July is of Venus( Rahu-Rahu-Jupiter-Venus) which clinches the issue.

 He has two sons and one daughter. His first  son Robert Hawking was born on 28 may 1967 in Rahu-Rahu-Moon (from06-04-1967 to27-06-1967).In D-1 Moon is in Rahu-Ketu  axis in eleventh house aspecting the fifth house. In 

D-9 Rahu aspect fifth lord JupiterR  by ninth aspect. Moon also    aspects fifth lord JupiterR. In D-7 ninth lord Mercury is in Rahu- Ketu axis whereas Moon is in fifth house. His daughter Lucy Hawking was born on 02nd November 1969 in Rahu-Jupiter-Rahu (from07-09-1969 to 16-01-1970). Rahu has been discussed above. Jupiter aspects ninth lord Mercury in D-1.In D-9 it is fifth lord. In D-7 it covers fifth house from the previous house. His third child Timothy Hawking was born on 15th April 1979 in Rahu-Venus-Mercury (from23-11-1978 to 27-04-1979).In D-1 Venus is with ninth lord Mercury and in D-7 it aspects ninth lord Mercury who is in Rahu-Ketu axis.

Jane and Stephen Hawking separated in February 1990,although Jane had already confided to Stephen in 1985 that she and Jonathan were romantically involved and Stephen had already announced in 1989 to leave Jane for his nurse Elaine Mason. Jane and Stephen officially divorced in spring of 1995( from 20 March to 21 June as per google). It was JupR-Moon Dasa from 11-04-1994 to 11-08-1995.In D-1 JupR is in eighth house and Moon is in Rahu-Ketu axis. In D-9 Moon is conjunct SatR and JupR and Moon mutually aspect each other in 2/8 axis.

He married Elaine Mason on 16th September 1995.Dasa was Jup-Mars from 11-08-1995 to 17-07-1996.In D-1 JupR aspects Venus-natural karka of marriage and covers 1/7 axis from the previous house. Mars is in seventh house. Same story is repeated in D-9 with the only difference that JupR aspects Venus from the previous house.

Let us talk about his physical condition now. Stephen spent many days in the hospital undergoing tests. It happened around his 21st birthday. In the end he was given the devastating news that he was suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,also known as Motor Neuron Disease. This ailment is an unexplained ,incurable ,debilitating deterioration of the ability to control voluntary muscles in the body It happened perhaps in Mars-Venus period from 04-11-1962 to 05-01-1964.PD was perhaps of Sun from 14-01-1963 to 05-02-63.Sun is lord one of the trishadaya houses(11th house) and is situated in another trishadaya house i.e.3rd house. Its dispositor is 6th lord of diseases i.e. JupiterR situated in eighth house of chronic diseases .Description of event given in his biography also points that it could not be later than 05-02-1963. His biographer describes it thus, “Stephen was facing a much greater challenge. Shortly after his birthday, he entered St.Bartholomew’sHospital(known as St.Bart’s),where his sister Mary was training to become a doctor, and spent two long weeks undergoing a barrage of unpleasant medical tests. In the end he was given was the devastating news—-he was suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis(ALS),also known as Motor Neuron Disease in Britain.” Obviously this period could not be later than 05-02-63. In D-9(Navamsa Chart) Sun is in Lagna aspected by Mars who is Lagna Lord cum sixth lord. and is also in papkartari yoga between SatR and Rahu.

Study of Birth Chart(D-1),Drekkana Chart(D-3),Navamsa Chart(D-9),Dwadashasha  Chart(D-12) and Trimshamsha Chart (D-30) is traditionally done in Medical Astrology. Jaimini Astrology also uses Shashtamsa  Chart(D-6).Some astrologers make use of Shodashamsha Chart(D-16) for deciding the timing of cure or to undertake major medical decisions like surgery etc. Saptavimshamsha Chart(D-27) is used for diagnosis of disease. We shall make use of  many of these divisional charts in analysis of medical condition of  Stephen Hawking. 

We know that our health is not good when Lagna and Lagna lord are week and afflicted. Lagna of Chart of Stephen Hawking is afflicted in the following ways.

(i) Lagna degree of this chart is 3-34.  Mrityu Bhaga degree of Libra Ascdt is 4 as per Jatak Parijata ,Sarvartha Chintamani, Phala Deepika and Hora Sara. Variation allowed in respect of Sun, Moon and Lagna is 40 minutes Hence Lagna of this chart is in MB degree.

(ii) Moreover it is aspected by SatR and Mars.MD lord Mars is not only natural malefic but is functional malefic also for Libra Ascdt. Hence Ascdt and MD lord Mars are badly afflicted. MD lord Mars is also afflicted with conjunction with  debilitated and retrograde SatR and aspect of Rahu. 

(iii) SatR is jaimini AK and Mars is GK. There conjunction is not good. In this way AK Sat is not only debilitated but retrograde and afflicted too.

Lagna Lord Venus is also afflicted in the following ways. Venus is AD lord also at the time of disease.

(i) Venus is lord of 22nd Drekkana.

(ii) Its degree is 27-26 is in third Drekkana of Capricorn. Hence it is in  Paash  Drekkana  also. 

(iii) Venus is in Ninth Navamsa of Capricorn. Ninth Navamsa of Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces  are called Vish Navamsa .It is one more malefic station of Lagna Lord.

(iv)Venus is aspected by  SatR (conjunction of SatR and Mars afflict each other) and 6th lord JupR from the eighth house. JupR is strongest functional malefic for this chart. A planet that becomes lord of a trika and a trishadaya house simultaneously is very potent malefic. JupR is lord of third(a trishadaya house) and sixth( a trika house). Moreover it is lord of 64th Navamsa. Hence aspect of JupR has no beneficence in it . Please also note that this aspect also links lord of 22nd Drekkana(Venus) with lord of 64th Navamsa(Jupiter). Any link between lord of 22nd drekkana and 64th navamsa is regarded very bad in medical astrology.

Moreover planets rule certain parts of body and when a planet is afflicted the part of the body ruled by that planet also becomes diseased. Muscles and nerves play important role in Motor Neuron Disease. Motor Neurons die and muscles become weak. In Medical Astrology Saturn and Mars rule nerves and muscles respectively. Hence affliction to these planets may result in problems to nerves and muscles. It should be noted that Mars-Saturn combination or their combined aspect is always destructive. Destructive nature of this combination and aspect further increases as SatR is Jaimini AK and Mars is GK, Debilitation and retrogression of Sat further intensifies this maleficence.  Such dangerous maleficence is centred on the ascendant  which represents body. It made Stephen Hawking suffer from such a fatal disease.  

Lagna Chart, Navamsa Chart, Drekkana Chart are given above. Dwadashamsha Chart (D-12) and Trimshamsha Chart are given below. 



It is an important principle of medical astrology that a disease starts when Lagna or Lagna Lord or both are weak/afflicted and MD/AD/PD Lords are also so. Having established that disease occurred to Stephen Hawking in Mars-Ven-Sun dasa let us see afflictions to MD,AD and PD lord in divisional charts

Lagna Chart (D-1) . :-Already explained above.

Navamsa Chart(D-9) :-MD lord Mars is lagna lord and sixth lord. It aspects Lagna and Moon. It is in seventh house and is hemmed in between Ketu and JupR . Retrograde benefics are not good for health. Moreover its maleficence for this chart has already been explained. AD lord Venus is debilitated and aspected by SatR. PD lord Sun is in lagna and aspected by sixth lord Mars.

Drekkana Chart(D-3):-Here MD lord Mars is in Rahu-Ketu axis, a functional malefic and afflicts Lagna.AD lord Venus is debilitated ,with sixth lord JupR, aspected by SatR and in 12th house. PD lord Sun, though in its own sign in aspected by Rahu.

Dwadashamsha Chart(D-12):-MD lord Mars is in eighth house of chronic illness as sixth lord of illness. It is in inimical sign. Aspect of JupR is of no use as already explained. AD lord Venus is in Lagna as a functional malefic and is hemmed in between malefics. PD lord Sun is aspected by SatR and Mars.

Trimshamsha Chart( D-30):- MD lord Mars is in a inimical sign  in eleventh house aspected by Rahu. AD lord Venus is in eighth house and is aspected by 6th lord Mercury and 12th lord JupR. PD lord Sun is in Rahu-Ketu axis

Permanent loss of speech:These serious afflictions in horoscope of Stephen Hawking combined with some more afflictions and  planetary placements disabled him in more than one ways. He had planned a summer trip to Switzerland in the year 1985.In England summer season is from June 21 to September 22.Stephen was running Jup-Sat Dasa from 28-01-1985 to 11-08-1987.In the first place SatR aspects 12th lord Mer and JupR aspects 12th house in  birth chart. In Navamsa JupR aspects 12th house whereas SatR aspects12th lord Venus. Also note that MD lord JupR and AD lord SatR are also related to ninth house or ninth lord in both D-1 and D-9.Hence foreign travel is easily indicated. Both these planets are also related to Lagna or Lagna Lord in D-1and D-9.In D-9 they make a connection with lagna/lagna lord from the previous house. We also know that natural benefics when retrograde  are not good for health. Retrograde natural malefics are still worse and cause serious disease. Moreover Dasa of two retrograde planets bring severe health hazards. Stephen Hawking had a cough while in Switzerland and soon it developed into pneumonia. Stephen was placed in a drug-induced coma and Jane was asked whether life support should be terminated. But Jane insisted that no such thing should be done. The physician then explained that he would have to undergo tracheotomy.

He was flown back to Cambridge in an air ambulance on university expenses and admitted in Addenbrook’s Hospital. Many efforts were made  to wean him off the respirator, but in vain. Eventually tracheotomy had to be made perhaps in Jup-Sat-Mer from 23-06-1985 to 02-11-1985. I believe this time to be correct because he was discharged from hospital on 4th November 1985 after three months of his initial hospitalization. It resulted in permanent loss of speech. We know that Mercury is a natural karka of speech. It is also conjunct Venus, lord of 2nd house of kalpurusha and aspected by two retrograde planets i.e. JupR and SatR. Jupiter is also related to speech. According to Jatakalankar lord of 2nd house or Jupiter ,if placed in Trik houses leads to muteness / speechlessness. Here JupR is in eighth house. 

Planets that made him world famous and live a long life of more than 76 years:-  So far I have discussed those combinations in the chart of Stephens Hawking which were responsible for making him a disabled person. But he was a world famous scientist who had made path breaking researches into the secrets of the cosmos and was awarded many times by various world institutions. He lived a long life of  more than seventy-six years although he was given prognosis of death within two years as early as in 1964 at the time of giving devastating diagnosis of motor neuron disease. Which planetary combinations made him live long ?

a) A strong Jupiter in eighth house gives a long life. Maharishi Parashara  is of the view that a planet who is strong in shadbala proves favouarble to the person.Minimum required strength for Jupiter is 6.5 rupas whereas it is 8.9  rupas in the chart of Stephen Hawking. Jupiter is no doubt a functional malefic for this chart but it is a natural benefic .It should be remembered that every planet performs multiple roles in every horoscope. Retrograde Jupiter as sixth lord in eighth house gave him a chronic health problem but it also protected his longevity. 

b) Lagna cum eighth lord Venus and Saturn- a natural ayuskarka, are strong. Lagna Lord is also in angle(kendra). These planetary combinations give a long life. Lagna Lord and eighth Lord in own rashi or friendly rashi or in friendly navamsa also give long life.

c) Lagna Lord, Eighth Lord and Tenth Lord in angles, trines or eleventh house is a combination for long life. Lagna cum eighth lord Venus is in angle whereas tenth lord Moon is in eleventh house.

d) Consider the signs in which lagna lord and eighth lord are situated. If lord of these signs is in kendra, then one gets a long life. In this horoscope lagna lord cum eighth lord Venus is in Capricorn whose lord SaturnR is in kendra with cancellation of debilitation.  

e) Hora Lagna is Taurus. Lagna is a moveable and Moon lagna is a fixed  sign. It gives a medium longevity. Lagna lord and eighth lord is Venus which is in a moveable sign. It gives a long life. Lagna is a moveable sign whereas Hora lagna is a fixed sign. It also gives a medium life. Bharans are more than Harans. Hence longevity is long.

Many more combinations  for long life can be found ,but above examples are sufficient to show that Stephen Hawking was destined to lead a long  life

Results of  Moon Dasa and benefic arrangement of planets involving Moon:- Stephen Hawking was born in Sun Dasa which remained operative till 11-12-1947.Sun is in third house in Sagittarius sign. According  to Hora Sara Sun in third house makes one strong and famous. According to Saravali one becomes wealthy and learned if Sun is in Sagittarius. He is energetic and dear to king. After Sun Dasa Moon Dasa was operative till 11-12-1957. Moon is in Leo sign in eleventh house. It is in Rahu-Ketu axis and their is no planet on either side of it making a Kemadruma Yoga. Person with Kemadruma Yoga suffers from physical and mental troubles and financial prospects of the native are hampered. This yoga is said to reduce a prince to a pauper. But a planet in Kendra from Moon cancels it. There is JupR in 10th house from Moon which not only cancels it but also gives rise to a very auspicious Gaja Kesari yoga. Jupiter in tenth house from Moon makes a person successful in achieving his desires and he is virtuous, affluent, excellent among men and has a lasting fame. Planets in kendra from Lagna give rise to Kalpadruma Yoga. This Kalpadruma Yoga cancels the effects of Kemadruma Yoga and make a person happy .Even otherwise Prithuyasas of Hora Sara is of the opinion that Moon in eleventh house make a person rich and a good scholar. He will possess cows, be acceptable to the king and be modest. Kalyan Varma of Saravali is of the view that Moon in Leo makes a person valorous, dutiful and of majestic looks  Although Kemadruma Yoga of Moon is cancelled and it is also involved in auspicious Gaja Kesari Yoga still its blemish of being in Rahu-Ketu axis still exists. Moon-Rahu conjunction is considered a grahan yoga. It is also called inventors’ conjunction which gives a flood of thoughts in one’s mind which may lead to inventions but it gives health problems also. Still it is a sort of affliction to Moon more particularly because it is aspected by 6th lord JupR from the previous house in D-1 and mutual aspect in D-9.

In medical astrology glandular system is controlled by Moon and fevers by Mars. In Moon-Ketu dasa from12-03-1955 to 11-10-1955 Stephen fell ill with a mysterious fever and missed the scholarship exam for Westminster School, where his father wanted to get him admitted, and which he could not afford without a scholarship. Ketu is in seventh house from Moon and it also behaves like Mars. In D-9 Ketu is in sixth house of diseases in Aries Rashi of Mars.  Scholarship exams for admissions to prestigious Westminster School are held in late April or early May. His biographer has described this incident in these words,” The illness which kept Stephen from realizing his father’s immediate educational goals proved mysterious and lingering, keeping him out of school and in bed for prolonged lengths of time. His mother later looked back upon this presumed “glandular fever” as possibly the first hint of the terrible disease that would begin ravaging his body in early adulthood.” 

Moon is in apoklima(3,6,9,12 houses are apoklima houses) from Sun. It is a benefic yoga and is called uttamadi yoga. Wealth, learning, efficiency and fame of such person is in plenty. All natural benefics i.e.Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are situated in upachaya houses(Mercury and Venus in sixth house and JupiterR in tenth house). It forms Vasuman Yoga. It also gives wealth and comforts to a person depending on the strength of planets forming it. Hawking has all natural benefics in upachaya houses from Moon and these planets have good shadbala also although all these planets are situated at some malefic station degree wise or house wise which badly affected his health. Still this benefic yoga have contributed to overall strength of the chart. JupiterR in tenth from the Moon makes one successful, affluent, virtuous and gives one lasting fame and this yoga goes by the name of Amal Kirti Yoga. All these benefic yogas involving Moon and other planets improved dasa results of other planets also. 

Results of Mars Dasa

 Mars in own sign in a kendra (seventh house) gives to Ruchaka Mahapurusha yoga. Conjunction with SatR is no doubt a affliction and their combined aspect on lagna afflicts his lagna. But if we consider Lordship of SaturnR, then it makes  a powerful Rajyoga( Conjunction of fourth lord ,fifth lord and seventh lord) and Dhanyoga (conjunction of 2nd lord and fifth lord). Debility of SaturnR is cancelled in more than one ways.Firstly it is in kendra from lagna. Lord of its exaltation sign Venus is in an angular position from Lagna .It is with its debilitation lord Mars. Hence SaturnR forms Neech Bhanga Rajyoga. Neech bhanga Rajyoga is a type of Rajyoga which gives success to a person during the dasa of a planet causing this yoga. SaturnR has one more point of beneficence. It is in saggittarius navamsa which is a pushkar navamsa for Aries sign.

He made a simple computer dubbed LUCE with the help of his friends in 1958 perhaps in Mars-Rahu period(from 09-05-1958 to 27-05-1959). Rahu is conjunct Moon at close degrees in eleventh house of achievements. Moon -Rahu combination is also known as inventors’ combination. Mars-Rahu are also in trine to each other. Sun who is dispositor of Rahu is in third house of co-workers and hence computer was made with the help of his friends .He also performed well enough in college exams and was accepted in oxford for October semester of 1959. It was Mars-Jup period from 27-05-1959 to 02-05-1960.In D-1 Jupiter is sixth lord of competition aspecting fourth house of under-graduate education. In Chaturvimshamsha(D-24) JupR is in Lagna in eleventh house from Mars. Dangerous disease was also diagnosed in Mars Dasa as already discussed above. Please note that on one hand Mars is making Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga and on the other hand it is lord of one maraca house in another maraca house and afflicted too. Hence it had to give good as well as bad results. On one hand he got admission in prestigious institutions at Oxford and Cambridge, invented computer, got engaged with Jane and had the confidence and courage to publicly challenge the research of famed Cambridge cosmologist Fred Hoyle and his student Jayant Narlikar while on the other hand faced devastating diagnosis of Motor Neuron Disease and faced it boldly in spite of the fact that he was given prognosis of death within two years. Perhaps it required the strength and valour of Ruchaka Mahpurusha Yoga only for that. Saturn and Mars are inimical to each other. Mutual periods of these two planets  create some problems. In the year 1960 in Mars-Sat period he got “involved with the boat club as a coxswain. He spent an average of an hour a day on his studies; cut corners in lab in order to make more time for the river. Despite his lax studies ,he managed a borderline first/second on his final exams. Based on an oral exam, he received a first and was accepted to Cambridge” reports his biographer. He got admission in Cambridge in 1962.Mars-Sat period was operative from 02-05-1960 to 11-06-1961. SatR and Mars both are related to sports and SatR is also fifth lord of studies. Hence this period gave him interest in sports as well as problems in studies.

In Chaturvimshamsha Mars is in 3rd house of sports and SatR is in Rahu-Ketu axis.

Results of Rahu Dasa:- Rahu is in 11th house. It is conjunct 10th lord Moon at close degrees. Both are in Pushkar Navamsa. Eleventh house is house of realization of one’s wishes and desires. According to Uttara Kalamitra of Kalidasa gain of knowledge, high level of intelligence, easy gains, receiving a happy news, minister ship and dawn of fortune are also signified by 11th house. All types of awards, recognition and receipt of titles also come among significations of eleventh house. Rahu in a fiery sign Leo gives one an enquiring mind. He continuously desires to know new things. Conjunction with Moon gives more energy to the enquiring mind of the native. Conjunction of Rahu with tenth lord Moon will make it give results of tenth and eleventh houses in its dasa. Rahu dasa operated from 10-12-1964 to 11-12-1982.He was married and his three children were born during this dasa as already explained in detail. Stephen began a research fellowship at Gonville and Caius College of Cambridge University in October 1965 in Rahu-Rahu-SatR, SatR aspects 8th lord of research and 9th lord of  higher education. In D-9 SatR aspects eighth house of research and is conjunct ninth lord of higher education. In D-24 SatR aspects eighth lord of research. Stephen officially Graduated in March 1966 in  Rahu-Rahu-Mer. Mercury is aspected by 5th lord SatR.5th house is the house of graduate level education. In D-9 Mercury is again aspected by 5th lord of graduate level education. 

A startling discovery that black holes radiate came near Christmas of 1973 perhaps in Rahu-Mer-Sun from 30-10-1973 to 15-12-1973.Sun is in poorvashadha nakshatra of eighth lord Venus and its’ dispositor is in eighth house of research. It was named Hawking Radiation and was officially announced in February 1974 in Rahu-Mer-Moon from 15-12-1973 to 03-03-1974.Please note that Moon is tenth lord of status in eleventh house of rewards.

Stephen was running Rahu-Mer-Rahu dasa from 26-04-1974 to 13-09-1974.Mercury is ninth lord of acquisition of learning and aspects tenth house of professional recognition whereas Rahu is in eleventh house of rewards. Obviously an award was awaiting Stephen Hawking in this sub-sub-period. Hawking was inducted into the Royal Society on May2,1974. At the age of 32,he was one of the youngest inductees in its history. Royal Society was established on 28 November 1660 and it is the oldest national scientific society in the world and the leading national organisation for promotion of scientific research in Britain.

On 23 February 1982 Stephen was invested as Commander of the British Empire. Dasa was Rahu-Mars- Jup from 10-02-1982 to 02-04-1982.According to Hora Sara one becomes a king and destroys his enemies if Jupiter is in eighth house. Kalyana Varma of Saravali says that one becomes an army chief if Mars is in Aries. It is also the result of Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga. Gargacharya of Garg Hora states that if Budh and Shukr be in the 4th Bhava one will be dear to the king and be a minister or chief of the army. If we go to fourth level dasa it comes of SatR who has tenth aspect on Mer and Venus. These planetary indications made him a Commander of the British

Empire.  Please note that MD is of Rahu who is in pushkar navamsa in eleventh house of awards.

Stephen received following awards in Rahu Dasa.  But date and month of these awards are omitted in his biography. Hence these have not been explained in detail:-

(i) His first scientific paper ,”On the Hyole-Narlikar Theorey of Gravitation” was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society in 1965. (Rahu-Rahu dasa from 10-12-1964 to 24-08-1967) 

(ii) A joint essay by Hawking and Penrose received second prize in the Gravity Research Foundation Award in 1968.(Rahu-Jupiter dasa from 24-08-1967 to 16-01-1970.

(iii) Essay”Black Holes” won the Gravity Research Foundation Award in 1971.(Rahu-Saturn dasa from 16-01-1970 to 22-11-1972)

(iv) Hawkings first book, The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time, was co-authored with George Ellis in 1973 .( Rahu-Mer dasa from 22-11-1972 to 11-06-1975). 

(v)  Stephen also received Eddington Medal from Royal Astronomical Society in Janyuary 1975 and travelled to Rome to receive the Pius XI Gold Medal for science from Pope Paul vi.

(vi) In October 1977 in dasa of Rahu-Ven-Rahu from 27-07-1977 to 07-01-1978 Stephen received the rank of professor. In Rahu-Venus period in 1978 Hawking was given Albert Einstein Award from the Lewis and Rosa Strauss Memorial Fund and an honorary doctorate from Oxford.

Results of Jupiter Dasa:-  Jupiter Dasa operated from 11-12-1982 to 11-12-1998.As already intimated Jupiter is a functional malefic planet for Libra Ascendant. It is third lord of courage and sixth lord of disease in eighth house of chronic illness. It is retrograde and placed in a inimical sign. But it is a natural benefic and has good shadbala. It is also involved in many good planetary yogas e.g Vasuman Yoga, Amal Kirti Yoga and Gajkesari Yoga. These Yogas make one illustrious, virtuous and give him lasting fame. There are both good and bad situations for this planet .Hence Jupiter Dasa  gave mixed results. One important point is that eighth house has Bhava Bala of 696 virupas and is most powerful bhava of this chart. Strong planets in eighth house make one master in some academic subjects like psychology, sciences, mathematics and para- normal subjects. Scorpio is eighth house of kalpurusha. Hence it is also related to mystery, possessiveness and passion. In my opinion this strength of eighth house helped Stephen in unravelling the mysteries of this universe and lead a long life in spite of a disabling chronic illness.

Many unpleasant events happened in this Dasa. He suffered permanent loss of speech. His wife Jane separated from him. His father died in March 1986 in Jup-Sat-Venus Dasa from 26-12-1985 to 29-05-1986.Fourth house in astrology indicates death of father. In D-1 Jup and Sat aspect fourth house whereas Venus is in fourth house .In D-9 Jupiter aspects fourth lord Saturn whereas fourth lord Saturn aspects Venus. In D-12 Jupiter is aspected by fourth lord Saturn, Fourth lord Saturn also aspects PD lord Venus from previous house. On 05 March 1991 Hawking was hit by a car and suffered a broken arm in Jup-Venus- Venus Dasa. Venus is eighth lord of accidents and Jupiter aspects it from the eighth house of accidents. In D-9 Jupiter is in eighth house of accidents and it aspects Venus from the previous house. In trimshamsha chart(D-30) Venus is in eighth house of accidents and JupiterR aspects it from 12th house.

In addition to some strengths of Jupiter explained above Jupiter is exalted in Dashamsha Chart(D-10). It gave many achievements and awards to Stephen Hawking. Stephen’s book ,”A Brief History of Time” was released in April 1988 in Jup -Mer-Ven from 24-01-1988 to 10-06-1988.  Three houses and their lords are involved in release of a book. These are fifth house/lord of creative thinking, third house/lord of writing and communication and ninth house/lord of luck, and fame. A strong Mercury and a strong Jupiter indicate good intellect, good reasoning and good writing skill. Sat is involved where deep thinking is needed . In D-1 third lord Jupiter aspects ninth and twelfth lord Mercury and fifth lord Sat who signifies deep thinking and also creative thinking as it is fifth lord also; also aspects Mercury. Strangely this book was launched at a private luncheon at the Royal Society of London on June 16,1988 in Jup-Mer-Sun from 10-06-1988 to 21-07-1988. Sun is in third house of  writing and communication. In D-9 third lord SatR and 5th lord JupR are in mutual aspect. 9th lord Moon is conjunct third lord SatR. Mer and Venus are being aspected by third lord SatR.

Stephen went to Rome in October 1986 in Jup-Sat-Mars from 29-09-1986 to 22-11-1986. In D-1,MD lord JupR aspects ninth and 12th lord Mercury. AD Lord SatR also aspects Mercury and ninth house also. SatR and PD Lord Mars are conjunct in seventh house of foreign residence. In D-9 MD Lord JupR aspects twelfth house, AD Lord SatR aspects 12th lord Venus. Mars is in seventh house of foreign residence. Stephen was appointed there to the Pontifical Academy of sciences and the family was granted an audience with the Pope.

Stephen received following awards in Jupiter Dasa.

(i) Stephen received the Gold Medal from the Royal Astronomical Society in 1985 (Jup-Sat Dasa from 28-01-1985 to 11-08-1987)

(ii) Stephen received the first Paul Dirac Medal from the Institute in  1987.(Jup-Sat or Jup-Mer . Mercury  AD was from 11-08-1987 to 16-11-1989)

(iii) Stephen and Roger Penrose were awarded the Wolf Prize in physics in 1988. ( Jup – Mer Dasa). In 1989 an Honorary Doctorate in science from the University of Cambridge was conferred upon Stephen by Duke of Edinburg.


Results of Saturn Dasa. I have explained above how the debility of Saturn is cancelled. When the debility of a planet is cancelled it is said to form Neech Bhanga Rajyoga. It has also been explained above how Saturn enters into some other parashari rajyogas and dhanyoga, Some astrologers are of the view that planets causing neech bhanga rajyoga give exceptionally good results during their dasa while others believe that it simply removes debility of the planet. It seems that neech bhanga rajyoga causing planets give exceptionally good results only under some special circumstances of their placement and PAC relations with other planets. But still they form a yoga and do not give results of a debilitated planet. Now let us see what results were given by SatR during its dasa. Saturn Dasa operated from 11-12-1998 to 10-12-2017.

In 1999, Stephen Hawking underwent elective surgery on his larynx to prevent food from entering his lungs. No month or date is given. Perhaps it happened in Sat-Sat- Mer from 03-06-1999 to 05-11-1999. Mer is conjunct eighth lord Venus and aspected by MD lord SatR and 6th lord JupR from the eighth house. In the end of the year 1999 Stephen appeared on Larry King Live–an American television talk show on CNN channel. It should have happened in Sat-Sat-Mer from 03-06-1999 to 05-11-1999.Mer is a planet of speech and telecommunication and is aspected by MD and AD lord SatR from the seventh house of masses. This talk show was very popular show of CNN channel and was telecasted from 1985 to  2010.In this show Master interviewer Larry King had provocative discussions on timely subjects for the worldwide audiences everyday. 

  In late December of 2001 in Sat-Mer-Mer from 13-12-2001 to 02-05-2002 Hawking lost control of his wheelchair and crashed into a wal ,breaking a hip. In D-1 Mer is conjunct eighth lord Venus and is aspected by SatR and 6th lord JupR from the eighth house. In Navamsa SatR aspects eighth house and eighth lord Mer. In Trimshamsha SatR aspects Lagna and Mer aspects 8th house and is 3rd cum 6th lord. In June 2002 in Sat-Mer-Ketu period(02-05-2002 to 28-06-2002) he received Aventis Book Prize for excellence in popular science writing for The Universe in a Nutshell.MD lord SatR and AD lord Mer are ninth and fifth lords relating to creativity and writing whereas PD lord Ketu is in 5/11th axis with 10th lord  of recognition in 11th house of awards. In Navamsa SatR is aspected by 5th lord JupR and Mer is 11th lord of awards. In D-10 SatR aspects 9th house, Mer is 11th lord and Ketu is in 11th house. 

Stephen Hawking was admitted to Addenbrook’s Hospital for pneumonia in December 2003.He was readmitted to the hospital in February 2004 after suffering a relapse. Dasa was Sat-Mer-Jup from 10-11-2003 to 20-03-2004. In astrology 12th house represents hospitalization. SatR aspects 12th lord Mer and so does JupR. In D-9 SatR aspects 12th lord Venus and AD lord Mer who is also 8th lord of chronic illness. JupR aspects 12th house of hospitalization, MD lord SatR and AD lord Mer .SatR is also aspected by Mars whose mool trikona rasi is in 6th house of disease.

Many more events of SatR Dasa can be quoted .But it will make this astro-portrait very lengthy. However above events are sufficient to show that neech bhanga rajyoga does not give exceptionally good results but debility of the planet is removed and it does not give results of a debilitated planet. The actual results depend on lordship of the planet and its connection with other houses and planets.

Results of Mercury Dasa:- Mercury Dasa started on 10-12-2017. There was Mer-Mer-Mer period upto 14-04-2018.But Stephen died at home on 14th March 2018. Fourth level dasa was of JupR. Fifth level dasa was again of Mer-12th lord. He belonged to long life group(purnayu khanda). Such persons die in 7th dasa. His family sources reported that he, “died peacefully”. Inscribed on his memorial stone are the words “Here lies what was mortal of Stephen Hawking 1942-2018”.He had directed about fifteen years before his death, that the Bekenstein-Hawking entroy be his epitaph. Hence this equation is also inscribed on his memorial stone. 



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