Chakra Dasha-Calculation and Application

Chakra Dasha is a newly decoded dasha of Maharishi Parashra. It has been decoded by research students of Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan under guidance of Sh Manoj Pathak. Motivation and inspiration as usual was of Sh K.N.Rao book on Chakra Dasha is also available now. 

Chakra Dasha is a bhav-dasha i.e dasha of houses. It is applicable to all charts but starting point depends on the time of birth. Time of birth is divided in three  parts as noted below:-

1 Day Birth:- If the time of birth is between two hours after sun-rise and two hours before sun-set 

2. Night Birth:- If the time of birth is between two hours after sun-set ant two hours before sun-rise.

3. Sandhya Birth:- (i)Two hours before Sun-rise to two hours after sun-rise

                              (ii) Two hours before son-set to two hours after sun-set.

Timings of sun-rise and sun-set should be taken for the place of birth.

Starting Point of Dasha:- Starting point of this dasha is dependent on the time of birth i.e day birth, night birth and sandhya birth. 

(i) It starts from the bhava(house) where your moon-sign lord is placed if your birth is day birth.

(ii) It starts from the bhava where your lagna lord is present if your birth is night birth.

(iii) It starts from the bhava where your second lord is present if your birth is sandhya birth.

Movement :- It is a bhava-dasha and moves in forward direction from bhava to bhava from the starting point.

Calculation of Dasha:– Mahadasha of each bhava is of ten years. Antardasha is of ten months. First Antardasha  is of the bhava of Mahadasha.

The beauty of Chakra Dasha is that it can be calculated very easily. One can calculate it even mentally. Balance of dasha can be calculated from the balance of degrees and minutes of the ascendant. Suppose lagna is 28 degrees and 12 minutes. Hence lagna is yet to cross 1 degree and 48 minutes. Multiply degrees by four which gives months i.e four months. Multiply minutes by two. It gives you balance of dasha in days i.e 96 days. It equals to nine months and six days. If we add balance dasha of degrees and minutes we get seven months and six days. Let us understand it by an example. Suppose a person is born on 31-05-1970 at 01.12 hours at Delhi

Time of sun-set is 19 hrs 08 minutes 56 seconds. Time of next sun-rise is 05 hrs 27 minutes 59 seconds.

It is clear from above particulars that time of birth fits in definition of night birth. Hence Chakra Dasha will start from the bhava where lagna lord is situated. Lagna lord Saturn s placed in Aries. Hence dasha will start from Aries and move in clockwise direction to Taurus, Gemini, Cancer etc. 

Lagna is at 23-13.Remaining degrees of lagna are 6-47. Multiply degrees by four. It gives 24 months. Multiply 47 minutes by two. It gives 94 days. Total dasha balance of Aries comes to 2 years 3 months and 4 days. Add it to date of birth. Aries dasha will end on 04-09-1972. Next dasha will be of ten years of Taurus, then Gemini and so on.

It should be remembered that balance of dasha at the time of birth is calculated from the degree of the ascendant irrespective of starting point of dasha.

Application of chakra dasha

We will  now see the practical application of chakra dasha in some horoscopes.

Example: i

21-10-1987,08:10 Hrs Place of birth(concealed to maintain secrecy of the native)

Events:-(i) Married on 26-07-2012(ii) Son born on 04-11-2013(iii) Gall Bladder removed on 06-04-2017

Local sun rise is 06 hrs 33 mts 30 seconds. Obviously it  is a sandhya birth (i.e within two hrs of local  sun rise)       . 




Dasha balance at birth :-Degree of lagna still to be crossed is 5 degrees 51 minutes=20 months(5&4=20)  and 102 days(51&2=102)==1 year 11 months and 12 days.

Starting Point :- For Sandhya births dasha starts from the bhava where second lord is placed. second lord Mars is placed in Virgo. Hence balance of Virgo Dasha  at birth is 1year 11 months and 12 days. 

(1) Marriage on 26-07-2012 in dasha of Sagittarius/ Aquarius:-In D-1 lord of sagittarius sign is in 7th house. AD rashi is in fifth house of emotions and romance. Moreover its lord Sat is being aspected by  JupiterR from the previous sign. She entered into love marriage. In D-9  lord of sagittarius rashi i.e. JupR  is aspecting seventh house from the previous sign. AD rashi lord Saturn is aspecting seventh house. 

(ii) Son born on 04-11-2013 in Sagittarius/Pisces dasha:- Jup R is lord of MD rashi and AD rashi. In D-1 it is aspecting fifth lord Saturn from the previous house. In D-9 it is aspecting fifth house from the previous house. In D-7 it is aspecting fifth house and ninth house from the previous house.

(iii) Removal of gall bladder on 06-06-2017 in Sagittarius/Cancer:- In D-1 MD rashi lord JupR is aspecting 8th lord Venus. 8th lord Venus is with Sun and 12th lord MerR. JupR is 6th lord. There is PAC relation between 6,8,12th lord in 1/7 axis.AD rashi lord Moon is in 12th house with maraca lord Mars(2nd and 7th lord) and in Rahy-Ketu axis.

Disease, hospitalisation, expenditure, chronic illness and loss of organ are clearly indicated. MD rashi and AD rashi are mutually in  6/8 position. 

In D-9 MD rashi is in 8th house. Its lord is in 12th house of hospitalisation and expenditure. In D-9 AD rashi lord Moon is in lagna conjunct maraca Mars.

In medical matters examination of D-3 and D-30 is also important. In D-3 MD rashi is in seventh house ,is surrounded by malefics on both sides , has Rahu-Ketu in Kendra and its, lord JupR is aspected by eighth lord Saturn. AD rashi lord Moon is in 8th house and is aspected by 8th lord Saturn. In D-30 MD rashi is in seventh house and is aspected by 12th lord Venus.AD rashi lord Moon is conjunct malefic Mars and is in Rahu-Ketu axis. It is also aspected by eighth lord Saturn from the eighth house. Eighth house also indicates surgery and removal of organs.

There are many indications in the natal chart and divisional charts indicating poor health and chronic health problems. Lagna, Lagna Lord, Moon, Moon-sign lord —-all are afflicted in the chart indicating a poor health. 

Example -ii

Male born on 02-05-1990 ,14:35 hrs ,Bhiwani( Haryana). 

Lagna Degree is 20-49. It is a day-birth as per definition given above. Dasha will start from the bhava where lord of Moon sign is present i.e. from Cancer. ( Moon is present in its own sign Cancer). Balance of Cancer Rashi Dasha comes 3 years and 22 days only. A younger brother was born to him on 20-12-1994 in Leo-Virgo Rashi  Dasha. Let us examine this event from D-1,D-9 and D-3 charts.  

 In D-1 MD Rashi Lord Sun and AD Rashi lord MerR are aspecting third house of younger brother. In D-9 third lord is Jupiter. Jupiter is aspecting MD Rashi Leo .Jupiter is also aspecting AD Rashi Lord MerR. In D-3 MD Rashi is third rashi from Mars—-Natural Bhatrukarka. MerR  ,lord of AD Rashi is aspecting third house.

Examole–iii     Male born on 24-01-1980 03:35 hrs Bhiwani(Haryana)

This boy works in a Multinational Company in IT Sector. He was sent on deputation to Singapore on 30-04-2017 in chakra dasha of  Dhanu-Kumbha Rashi. Sun rise on next day is at 07-22-34 hrs. Hence it is night-birth kundli and dasha will start from the rashi where his lagna lord Mars is placed. Hence chakra dasha starts from Leo Rashi. Ascendant Degree is 15-14.By making calculations as detailed above we find that there was chakra dasha of Dhanu-Kumbha from 26-08-16 to 26-06-2017. 

In D-1 lord of MD rashi is in tenth house of profession with Rahu and Mars. JupR is aspected by 12th lord Venus. It is also in Rahu-Ketu axis.AD rashi Kumbha contains 12th lord Venus which aspects tenth house of profession. In D-9 JupR MD rashi lord is in tenth house of profession. It is also aspected by 12th lord Venus.12th lord Venus is also in AD rashi kumbha. In D-4 MD rashi lord is in tenth house of profession, is in Rahu-Ketu axis and is conjunct 12th lord Mars.AD rashi is in tenth house and contains 12th lord. In D-10 JupR, lord of MD rashi aspects 7th,9th and 11th house from the previous sign. It also aspects Rahu from Capricorn sign. 9th house and Rahu are related to the foreign travel. Lord of AD rashi SatR is aspecting 12th lord Mars.

Example-iv  male :-born on 24-08-1983 , 20.30 hrs, Bhiwani(Haryana)

He was perfectly healthy till October 2011. He has exalted Rahu in third house and Sun in sixth house in his Mooltrikona Sign Leo. He is interested in yoga and sports. He was always particular about his diet and avoided fast food or stale food. His eating habits are good. Still he had a severe attack of stomach pain on 30-10–2011 and had to be hospitalised in intensive  care unit. He was diagnosed acute necrotising pancreatitis. He was preparing for Chartered  Accountants Examinations which were to start from 01-11-2011. Naturally he could not appear in the exams. Let us see his chart and examine it by using Chakra Dasha. Sun-set was at 18-52-46 hrs. Birth was within two hours of Sun-set. Hence it is a Sandhya Birth and dasha will start from the rashi where second lord is situated. Lagna degree comes to 11-19. Second Lord Mars is situated in Cancer sign. Hence Chakra Dasha will start from Cancer Sign. Balance of Cancer Dasha at birth comes to 6 years and 22 days.  

 There comes Chakra Dasha of Libra-Sagittarius from 16-05-2011 to 16-03-2012. In D-1 MD Rashi Libra falls in eighth house of chronic disease and its lord Venus aspects twelfth house of expenditure and hospitalisation. This boy was not having any medical insurance. Although his father was a central government employee but he was not covered by CGHS as his age was more than twenty-five years.  Hence all expenses were born from own resources. Venus lord of MD Rashi is in sixth house of disease.AD Rashi Sagittarius is aspected by 12th lord Saturn from the eighth house. Lord of AD Rashi Sagittarius is in Rahu-Ketu axis.

In D-9 Lord of MD Rashi is not directly associated with 12th house/12th lord but its’ lord Venus is eighth lord also in Gemini Rashi, second rashi of 12th lord Mercury. AD Rashi Lord is in 12th house in Rahu-Ketu axis. In D-3 MD Rashi Lord Venus  aspects 22nd Drekkana. MD Rashi contains Saturn ,lord of 22nd Drekkana.AD Rashi is in 6th house and is aspected by lord of 22nd Dkekkana. In D-30 lord of MD Rashi is in 6th house and is aspecting 12th house. It is also conjunct 6th lord Saturn and 12th lord Sun. Jupiter lord of AD Rashi is in Lagna and is aspected by 8th lord Mars.

Example v:- Male born on 19-09-1981,23.15 hrs, Bhiwani 

Native of this chart purchased a flat on 11-04-2016.  He was running Sagittarius/Gemini chakra dasha from 21-03-2016 to 21-01-2017. Lagna Degree is 01-29. Sun-Set time is 18-21-53 hrs. Obviously it is a Night Birth Kundli. Dasa Starts from the Rashi where lagna lord is present . Dasha will start from Virgo Rashi and dasha balnce is 9  years 6months and 2 days. 

In D-1 Jupiter lord of MD Rashi and Mercury Lord of AD rashi both are in fourth house of property. In D-9  MD rashi lord Jupiter aspects the fourth house of property and AD rashi contains fourth lord Saturn. In D-4 also MD rashi lord Jupiter aspects fourth house whereas AD rashi contains its own lord Mercury who is also the fourth lord .

Above examples reveal that Chakra Dasha is fully competent to reveal our life-events. Period of AD Rashi Dasha is  of ten months which may look longer. Hence we can go upto PD Dasha by dividing ten months time in twelve rashis when each PD will be of 25 days only and first PD will be AD Rashi. If we take it to sukhsham dasha one SD dasha comes to only 2 days and 1.99 hrs.

For example a son was born to above native on 21-09-2009 in rashi dasha of Libra-Leo-Libra-Aquarius SD dasha. Libra Rashi falls in fifth house. Sun lord of Leo Rashi is conjunct ninth lord Saturn and Aquarius Rashi is in ninth house. In this way we can minimise the duration during which an event can happen.


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