Astro Portrait of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev-5(Part -2)

(11) Sadhguru meets an astrologer :- A wandering astrologer passed by his home when he was about sixteen years old.His mother wanted to know about her first daughter’s marriage.She requested Jaggi to meet him. The astrologer told many family details to Jaggi which surprised him. He also refused to tell anything about her eldest sister,but predicted that the second one would be married by next May.The astrologer also surprised Jaggi by predicting that he would start building a temple by the age of thirty-seven.

Jaggi was sixteen on 4-09-1973. His sister was married on May 25,1974. Jaggi was running Mars-Jupiter Dasa from 27-08-1973 to 02-08-1974. Please note that Mars is in nakshatra exchange with Venus and both these planets are in fifth house of D-1. Fifth house is also seventh house from eleventh house of elder brother/sister. In D-9 Venus is fifth lord and Jupiter expects fifth house.In D-3 Mars is third lord and Jupiter is in fifth house.Hence the marriage of his sister is fully justified during his Mars-Jupiter period.

What happened to second prediction of the astrologer ? The whole family had laughed off the second prediction. Jaggi probably laughed the loudest. Jaggi’s 37th year began on 04-09-1993 and ended on 04-09-1994. Now see what his biographer writes on P-120 “And so by 1994,there was a rudimentary ashram,a cohesive and fiercely committed core group of meditators ,and a young Isha yoga movement that was gradually beginning to make its presence felt in Tamil Nadu state. The stage was set. The guru knew it was time to act. He announced a ninety-day residential Wholeness Programme.” Vimshottary Dasa during this period was Rahu-Sun. In D-1 Rahu,s dispositor Venus has nakshatra exchange with Mars.AD lord Sun and Mars both are in fourth house indicating construction of a temple.In D-9 Rahu aspects fourth house whereas Sun is in fourth house. It again indicates the construction of a temple.In D-4 Rahu’s dispositor Mars is lagna lord also and AD lord Sun is in fourth house. Hence Sadhguru was destined to build a temple in Rahu-Sun Dasa.

Note:-Relevant charts are given at the end of the article

(12)  Jaggi decided to teach yoga after one year of his own enlightenment. “When I saw that you can be ecstatic for no reason at all–even in your adulthood–I naturally wanted to share it with people. That has been my effort ever since. I chose yoga because I had been practising it from a very young age,and saw it as a medium to somehow convey what was happening within me.” He tells his biographer. It might have happened in Rahu-Jup-Mars dasa from 18-10-1983 to 08-12-1983. Rahu is in sixth house with its dispositor Venus in fifth house of education and conjunct Jupiter, the AD lord and the celestial teacher of the Devtas. PD  lord Mars is aspected by Saturn,ninth lord. In D-9 Sun, the third lord of yoga and asanas is in Rahu-Ketu axis. AD lord Jupiter is aspecting fifth house of education. PD lord Mars is with ninth lord Saturn in sixth house-a house related to yoga also. Again in D-10, MD lord Rahu is in tenth house of avocation with fifth lord of education and also PD lord Mars whereas AD lord Jupiter is aspecting ninth house of teaching.

(13) He had love marriage with Vijayakumari on 1st March 1984. His biographer has described his marriage in these words.”Around this time ,Jaggi was to conduct a programme in Geomatagiri. In the middle of the programme,the two decided to take a two- day break in Iruppu,the site of a picturesque waterfall around a hundred and fifty kilometers from Mysore. Jaggi had visited it often and had camped near the waterfall.It happened  to be  Mahashivar- atri and a quaint village fair was on.At dusk ,the two visited the local Rameshwara temple,a small and quiet shrine.The  setting was ideal,the light mellow,the ambience made to order,and the two decided to be married .By the Hindu calendar,it  could not   have been a more auspicious time;it was on the same day that Shiva married Parvati.Even if they were  not aware of it at the time,Jaggi and Vijji were in august company.Shiva,as he says wryly,  was also to be the only witness to their decision.” Jaggi had met Vijji in the year 1984.(P-86 ) Mahashivaratri is celebrated every year on Phalguna Krishna Chaturdashi. It was on 1st March in the year 1984.Hence date of his marriage comes on 1st March 1984.     

Astrologically it was Rahu-Jupiter-Rahu dasa from 08-12-1983 to 17-4-1984. In D-1 Jupiter is conjunct Venus in fifth house of romance and love.Venus is natural and  sthir karka of marriage whereas Rahu  is called byahu(ब्याहु ).In D-9 Jupiter is seventh lord of marriage and aspects it too.In transit Saturn was  retrograde in Libra and Jupiter was in Sagittarius on the date of marriage. SaturnR was aspecting seventh house of D-1 from previous house and was also aspecting the seventh house of D-9.Jupiter was aspecting seventh lord of D-1 and was transiting on seventh  house of D-9.Hence Sh K N Rao,s principle of double transit  was also applying on the date of marriage.

In D-1 seventh lord Mars  and fifth lord Mer are conjunct in fourth house.There is nakshatra exchange between lagna lord Venus and seventh lord Mars.Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in fifth house.In  D-9 lagna lord is in seventh house.Seventh lord Jupiter aspects fifth lord Venus. Rahu is in exaltation sign of fifth lord Venus.Venus aspects ninth house.Venus is in trikona(ninth house) from Moon lagna and Jupiter aspects it .Jupiter is also in trikona(fifth house) from moon lagna. Jupiter and Venus are also in angles to each-other.All above combinations in D-1 and D-9 indicate love marriage.All these combinations were present in the chart of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev since his birth.Can we deny the role of astrology in our life? 

(14) Birth of a daughter:- His biographer informs us about the birth of a daughter to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in the following words,” In March 1990,Jaggi’s personal life entered a new phase with the birth of his daughter.” No date is given.I searched it on internet too,but in vain. However Sadhguru was passing through Rahu-Ketu-Rahu dasa from 17-02-1990 to 16-04-1990. Before I describe it astrologically let me reproduce what has been said by Sh V P Goel (P-18) in his book Shodashottary Dasha,”In any divisional chart the house/lords who assume the responsibility to deliver results are lagna,2nd,10th and the bhavas related to the functions of the particular divisional chart.For Saptamsha these houses are 5th and 9th in addition to lagna,2nd and 10th.” Second point which I want to emphasis is that Rahu and Ketu also give the results of their dispositor in their MD/AD. Now in D-1chart of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Rahu’s dispositor Venus is in 5th house of children whereas Ketu’s dispositor Mars is in mutual aspect with 9th lord Saturn.In D-9 Rahu’s dispositor Jupiter aspects 5th house whereas Ketu’s dispositor MerR aspects lagna.In D-7 Rahu’s dispositor Saturn is being aspected by 9th lord Mars whereas Ketu’s dispositor Sun is in 10th house and is being aspected by 5th lord Moon.

(15) His early days at Coimbatore:- Sadhguru’s yoga classes were going on well.He had felt intuitively that an important source of support for his life mission was likely to come from Telugu-speaking quarters.He had conducted classes at Hyderabad.The classes were successful but did not prove fruitful in his personal quest. He was searching some particular mountains which were imprinted on his vision since his childhood and in search of which he had travelled back and forth at least seven times on his motorcycle,up and down the Western Ghats,from Goa down to the very tip of the Malabar Coast in Kerala.

Then one day, he happened to visit friends in Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu.The year was 1987. Although he had reclaimed his memories of previous lifetimes after his enlightenment yet there were mists about some areas of recollection which were now cleared.It was now clear to him that his loyalists will be found in Coimbatore and it was the place where he had travelled extensively in his lifetime as Sadhguru Sri Brahma. 

He conducted his first  Yoga class in Coimbatore in 1989. Date and month of class are not given in his biography.This first level programme of Isha Yoga was called Sahaja Sthiti at that time.It was based on fundamental view of the individual as a cocktail of body, mind, emotion and energy. This course was a mix of simple asanas,prayanama kriyas and meditation and had a powerful effect on participants. Second  level programme was designed to arouse and transform deep and hidden feelings,and to clear psychological bottlenecks. This programme had also deep impact on the participants and is called Bhava Spandana Programme(BSP). It was conducted for the first time in Coimbatore in 1990. Dates and month of this programme are also not given.Third level programme was first conducted in May 1991.It is a silence programme and is called Samyama.

All these three programmes happened in Rahu Mahadasa AD’s were of Mercury,Ketu and Venus during this period.We know that all these programmes were religious programmes and were conducted by Sadhguru as a part of his spiritual mission of establishing a temple as predicted by an astrologer discussed in point 11 above. Mercury is fifth lord. Ketu’s dispositor Mars is in nakshatra exchange with Venus which is in fifth house.Moreover Ketu is in bharani nakshatra of Venus. Dispositor of MD lord Rahu is in fifth house. Hence MD lord  and AD  lords are all related to fifth house which falls in dharam trikona of the horoscope. Fifth house is also the house of Mantra Shakti or Siddhi,spiritual commitments,holy dips, devalaya pratishta or devata pratishta as written on page 296-97 of Ganesha Hora Shastram (part-1).It is how the life events of individuals get manifested through dasa pattern depending upon quality and strength of the chart.   

(16) Death of his wife and allegation of murder on Sadhguru :- Vijayakumari died on 23-01-1997.She died during meditations in the ashram. Many people slip out of their bodies during meditations but they usually return. On being informed, Sadhguru examined her and declared that she had gone and  had left her body through her anahata chakra. It is customary among yogis to examine departed sadhakas’ body after their death and to ascertain the chakra through which he/she has left her body. Sadhguru was running Rahu-Mars-Sun dasa from 20-01-1997 to 08-02-1997.Let us examine it astrologically.Following points need to be considered:-

(a) A malefic planet in the seventh house aspected by another malefic indicates that death of Sadhguru’s wife will take place during his lifetime. Further this combination has no PAC with any benefic planet.

(b) Deduct longitudes of Lagna from longitudes of seventh lord.The resultant will indicate a rasi. Jupiter transiting that sign or in trine from that sign gives death of wife.We get Virgo sign by applying this formula(7-14-52 minus 1-19-34=5-25-18). Jupiter was in Capricorn on 23 Jan 1997 i.e. in trine to Virgo.

(c) Sh Devki Nandan Singh writer of Jyotish Ratnakar is of the view that Mars in Lagna,fourth house,seventh house,eighth house and 12th house makes son-in-law and wife of the native short-lived.Although Mars is there in fourth house of Sadhguru,yet this principle is too general to be applicable in all charts.However Mars and Saturn are in mutual aspect and Mars as seventh lord is combust also.Moreover there is exchange of nakshatras between Mars and Venus. Hence Mars is duly qualified to give death of wife in its AD i.e. antardasa.

(d) One more principle is applicable here.Writer of Jyotish Ratnakar states that if Venus is in a dual sign and seventh house is afflicted the person has to suffer pain of his wife’s death. In Sadhguru’s chart Venus is in Virgo-a dual sign and seventh house is afflicted by occupation of Saturn and aspect of Mars.

Eight months after death of his wife Vijayakumari ,her father Ganganna lodged a complaint in Bengaluru City police station and alleged that Jaggi killed his daughter Viji due to an affair with another woman and a case was registered against Sadhguru under section 302 of IPC ( murder) and section 201 of  IPC (suppression of evidence).The case was registered on 12-08-1997. Sadhguru was running Jup-Jup-Sat-Ven from 07-08-1997 to 28-08-1997.PD lord Saturn is in sixth house in D-9 and SD lord Venus is sixth lord of D-1. Sixth house is also the house of litigation. The case registered by Bengaluru city police was subsequently transferred to Alandurai police station of  Coimbatore . However the case was closed as undetected on 08-01-1999. Dasa was Jup-Jup-Rahu-Rahu from 03-01-1999 to 21-01-1999.PD and SD lord Rahu in sixth house gives victory and all disputes are liquidated in dasa of eighth lord(MD and AD lord Jup).Hence dasa pattern fully justifies events.

(17) Difficult days for the Ashram and use of mysterious powers by Sadhguru:-Next eighteen months after death of  his wife were very difficult for Sadhguru and his ashram. There was an urgent need to find a replacement for Vijayakumari to complete consecration of Dhyanalinga but Sadhguru could not find a suitable meditator for that work. Therefore he had to play the role himself which meant recreating of her energy body with his own. This process put very heavy strain on his body and his health started deteriorating.On the other hand there was very savage and vindictive social criticism of the ashram.

Sadhguru told  it to his biographer in the following words,”We were expecting trouble,but it came in every way, from every direction.We spent a year or eighteen months in daily crisis management.When I say crises,I mean that these people had created a situation that was threatening our very existence.” At this point Sadhguru did something and settled the things. What was that something? His biographer explains it thus,” Coming from a yogi whose sphere of operations includes the invisible and esoteric,one is not quite sure what that means.But it does suggest that he intervened in the plot in a way he would not ever have allowed himself under normal circumstances. In a short span of time,the vested interests that had been instrumental in whipping up rage and revenge found themselves dealing with unexpected havoc in their own lives.”

As an astrologer what I have to say about these events? In my humble opinion,few things need to be considered.No exact dates are given. But if we take eighteen months after the death of Sadhguru’s wife on 23-01-1997, it comes to 23-07-1998. The dasa was Rahu-Mars from 22-02-1996 to 12-03-1997 and Jup-Jup from 12-03-1997 to 30-04-1999.Mars and Jup both are maraka planets for Taurus ascendant.Jupiter is also a malefic planet for Taurus Ascdt as per Parashari Astrology. Moreover Rahu-Mars was Dasa Chidra period.Jupiter is eighth lord of disgrace,scandals and controversy.Hence such events in this dasas are not ruled out,but  we should keep it in mind that each planet acts in more than one way.

Sh S.Ganesh in his famous book Ganesh Hora Shastram- Part 1 states (vide P-137) that if lagna lord in fifth house is connected to Jupiter then one has extraordinary good connection to Mantra and Mantra Sidhi. He has also the power to cure a person through Mantra and Sidhis.It seems that Sadhguru used power of Sidhis to settle the wave of opposition against him and against his ashram. At least the language of the biographer points towards it. It was Jupiter dasa and Jupiter is in fifth house with lagna lord Venus.

In addition to it volunteers also worked hard for three or four years to change the opinions of the people of Tamil Nadu.Those who are interested to know more about it may go through his biography entitled,” More than a life-Sadhgru” by Arundhati Subramaniam.

(18) Consecrations of Dhyanalinga, Linga Bharavi and construction of Adiyogi Shiva Statue:- Fifth house is house of Devalaya and Devata Pratistha i.e. to erect a temple or holy sanctuary or to install an idol in a temple.Ninth house is house  of religion.It also becomes house of Devalaya pratishtha if this house or its’ lord is associated with Jupiter or with Lagna/Lagna lord.It is made clear that Devata is included in Devalaya because no Devalaya is possible without Devata. Hence ninth house is automatically the house of Devata pratishtha  also .

Sadhguru consecrated Dhyanalinga on 23-06-1999 in dasa of Jup-Sat-Sat and Linga Bharavi on 30-01-2010 in dasa of Jup-Mars-MerR. All these MD/AD/PD lords fulfil these conditions. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev designed the 112-feet Adiyogi Shiva statue which is located at Isha Yoga Centre. It was inaugurated on Mahashivaratri,24 February 2017,by the Prime Minister of India,Narendra Modi. Adiyogi Shiva statue has been recognised as the “Largest Bust Sculpture by Guinness World Records. Dasa was Sat-Mer-Venus from 27-09-2016 to 10-03-2017. All these dasa lords also conform to our above principles.

(19) Sadhguru conferred Padma Vibhushan Award:- Sadhguru was conferred the Padma Vibhushan civilian award by the Government of India in 2017 in recognition of his contributi –on to the field of spirituality. Padma Vibhushan is the second highest civilian award of the  Republic of India after Bharat Ratna. The award was given to him by President Shri Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi on  April13, 2017. Dasa was Sat-Mer-Sun from 10-03-2017 to 28-04-2017.MD lord Saturn is tenth lord and aspects AD lord MerR and PD lord Sun. AD lord MerR and PD lord Sun aspect tenth house. As per Uttara Kalamitra one of the Karakatvas of tenth house is,’honour from the ruler’ and Padma Vibhushan is also a honour from the ruler.Moreover Sh K N Rao found that Bharat Ratna was awarded to its recipients in dasa of planets having relation with tenth house/tenth lord(“Politics of Bharat Ratna” published in Journal of Astrology September-October 2014 P-20)

(20) Activities for development and welfare of public at large:-  After the establishment of the ashram,Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev started conducting regular yoga programs and other activities for development and welfare of public at large.Exact dates of most of such events/ programs are not available but we shall discuss a few of such activities with the available data.

(a) In 1997,he began conducting classes in United states. Dasa was Rahu-Mars from 22-02-1996 to 12-03-1997 and Jup-Jup from 12-03-1997 to 30-04-1999. Hence event happened either in Rahu-Mars or Jup-Jup period.Now Rahu represents foreign land and foreigners. It also aspects 12th house in D-1.In D-9 Rahu’s dispositor Jupiter aspects 12th lord Venus. In D-1 Jupiter conjucts Venus having Nakshatra exchange with 12th lords Mars.Hence both MD lords i.e. Rahu and Jupiter and both AD lords i.e. Mars and Jupiter are connected with 12th house/lord.

(b) In 1918 Sadhguru started conducting yoga classes for life-term prisoners in Tamil Nadu prisons. Dasa was still Jup-Jup connected with 12th house/12th lord in D-1 and D-9 as discussed above.Dates and months of  start are not known. Twelfth house/12th lord also  signify prisons and prisoners.

(c) In March 2005 in dasa of Jup-Venus he began construction of Isha Institute of Inner-sciences in McMinnville,Tennessee,USA and completed it six months later. Jup and Venus both are associated with 12th lord of foreign countries and with Mars and fourth house representing lands and buildings. In D-1 Jupiter is conjunct Venus in the fifth house of spirituality and Venus in turn is in nakshatra exchange with 12th lord Mars who is in fourth house of lands and buildings. In D-9 Jupiter aspects 5th house of spirituality and 12th lord Venus and 4th lord MerR. It again indicates construction of a building for spiritual purposes in a foreign country.Sun in fourth house in Rahu-Ketu axis is the dispositor of 12th lord Venus.In D-4 Jupiter is in second house and aspects 12th lord Venus. MerR and Mars aspect Lagna. MerR is dispositor of Venus who is in nakshatra exchange with Mars.We know that in any divisional chart the houses/lords who assumes the responsibility to deliver results are lagna,2nd,10th and the houses related to the functions of the particular divisional chart.Hence occupation of Jupiter by 2nd house and aspect of Mars( nakshatra dispositor of Venus) on lagna indicate construction of a building in Jup-Venus dasa.

(d) On 7th Nov 2008 Sadhguru consecrated the Mahima Hall,a 30000 square feet ,free standing meditation hall at Isha Institute of Inner-sciences. Mahima Hall is the largest meditation Hall in the Western Hemisphere. Dasa was Jup-Mars-Rahu from 18-09-2008 to 30-11-2008.Role of Jupiter has already been discussed. AD lord Moon is in uttarashadha  nakshatra of Sun. Sun is in fourth house in D-1,D-9 and D-4. Rahu is significator of foreigners and foreign lands.Moreover in D-1 Rahu’s dispositor Venus is in nakshatra exchange with Mars in fourth house. Rahu itself is in 6/8 axis. In D-9 AD lord Sun is in Rahu-Ketu axis.In D-4 Rahu is in sixth house aspecting 12th house. Rahu’s dispositor Mars aspects Lagna in D-4.

(e)In 2003, Isha Foundation established Action For Rural Rejuvenation(ARR) programme for improving health and quality of the rural poor. The programme aims to benefit seventy million people in 54000 villages across Tamil Nadu. It was Jupiter-Mercury period from 10-11-2001 to 16-02-2004. Both planets are related to fifth house of undertaking good work (Uttara Kalamitra). In D-1 Jupiter is in fifth house aspecting ninth house of charity whereas Mercury is fifth lord in fourth house aspected by ninth lord Saturn.Ninth house is house of charity,virtuous deeds,pilgrimages and purity of mind. Jupiter is related to our religious,social and other duties;charity dharma,doing good to others and to performing religious and moral acts.In 2004 Isha Foundation also established the Project Green Hands(PGH),a grassroots ecological initiative in Tamil Nadu. The aim of  the project is to plant 114 million trees throughout Tamil Nadu as soon as possible and increase the forest cover in the state to 33 percent.After Jupiter-Mer dasa Jup-Ketu dasa operated upto 22-01-2005. Ketu behaves as Mars.Its dispositor is also Mars. Mars is in fourth house with fifth lord MerR. It is also nakshatra dispositor of Venus in fifth house.

In D-9 Jupiter is still aspecting fifth house and AD lord MerR. AD lord MerR is lord of personality and ability to do work. It is also fourth lord of national or governmental work and our character. It is with second lord(Moon) of maintaining others and helping others.Next AD lord Ketu is with third lord(Sun)of great undertakings.As per Uttara Kalamitra seventh house containing MerR and Moon is also connected with charities.Sun with whom Ketu is conjunct is also a karka for Sattvik or benevolent and good temper.

The list of Sadhguru’s activities of development and public welfare is endless but I have taken only a few activities to show how events in our life find expression through dasa pattern in our horoscope.Jupiter is also eleventh lord of awards and gifts.Hence his Project Green Hands was awarded the Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar by the Government of India in June 2010.He was also voted among one hundred most powerful Indians for his contribution in the field of environmental protection and for encouraging public participation in ecological issues in 2012.It also happened in Jupiter Dasa. It is noteworthy to note that Jupiter has been classified as a malefic planet for Taurus Ascendant. But we have to keep in mind one more principle of Parashari Astrology that fifth lord ,tenth lord and lagna lord are capable of turning bad periods into good ones.Here Jupiter in fifth house is with Lagna Lord Venus who has cancellation of debilitation and is creating neech bhanga rajyoga in fifth house in combination with Jupiter.Jupiter is aspecting eleventh house of awards and gifts in D-1 and is in eleventh house in D-9.

(21) A piece of foresight which I wish should fail:- Astrologers should not predict about yogis.It has been a practice in mystic India.Yogis are believed to live beyond the effect of the planets.But I  have reasons to write  a foresight about Sadhguru. Firstly I am attempting astro portraits of greatmen to show the validity of astrology and to show how planetary positions in our horoscope make or mar our life. These planetary positions at the time of our birth are further dependent on our own Karmas. Secondly I remember that one astrologer had given a foresight  about Osho which proved to be correct. 

Sadhguru will be running Saturn-Mars dasa from 13-09-2025 to 23-10-2026 and Saturn-Rahu dasa from 23-10-2026 to 29-08-2029.Saturn and Mars aspect each other.Their conjunction or mutual aspect is always regarded inauspicious in predictive astrology. moreover Mars is combust and conjunct enemical planet MerR at close degrees.Saturn -Rahu period is one of the enigmatic periods in astrology and these planets are in 2/12 position from each other . This period is likely to bring many difficult situations for Sadhguru and  adversely affect his health also. Char-Dasa of Gemini Rashi will be running from 04-09-2026 to 04-09-2028.Gk Saturn is in sixth house from Gemini.It also confirms problems and ill-health.

Following charts are reproduced below for easy reference of the readers:-



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