Astro Portrait of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev-5(Part-1)

As promised in last part of my article we will now discuss some events in the life of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and results of vimshottary dasa/antardasa of various planets.

(1) Sadhguru was youngest among brothers and sisters.His chart should indicate that he was not destined to have younger brother or sister.Third house of the horoscope and third house from Mars indicates younger brothers/sisters. We examine these factors in Lagna Chart and in Dreshkona. Dreshkona is that divisional chart which indicates brothers and sisters.In a research conducted in Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan it was revealed that if three out of four(i.e. third house,third lord from lagna,third house,third lord from Mars) or all the four points are afflicted or lords of relevant houses are ill placed,the person is the youngest child of his parents.

   In Lagna Chart third house is unaspected and unoccupied. Third lord  Moon is in eighth house.Third house from Mars is occupied by Rahu. Third lord from Mars is debilitated.

Now consider these four factors in Dreshkona(D-3).Third house from Lagna is unoccupied and aspected by its own lord Mars.Third lord is in eighth house though in its own sign.Third lord from Mars is aspected by 12th lord Sun and by 5th aspect of Rahu. Third lord Mercury is retrograde and conjunct Mars.A retrograde benefic is generally treated as malefic. Tis explains why he was youngest among siblings.

(2)One year before Sadhguru  a male child was born who died in infancy. For astrological verification of it I collected date of birth of elder brother and younger brother and took the date of birth of younger brother backwards and calculated upto Pratyantar Dasa. I did so in many cases and found that :-

(i) In D-1(Lagna Chart)  AD or PD lord or both AD and PD lords are connected with 11th house/lord from Lagna or 11th house/lord from Jupiter

(ii) In D-3(Dreshkona Chart) PD lord is  mostly connected with 11th house/lord from Lagna. In a few cases PD lord is lagna lord of D-3 or is connected with 11th house/lord from Jupiter.

Above observation  conforms to  the  basic principles of astrology.11th house indicates elder brother and Jupiter is the significator for elder brother.Now let us apply it to chart of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

If we take dasa of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev backwards before his birth we find that he was running dasa of Sun-Moon-Jupiter from 22-08-1956 to 16-09-56.Hence his elder brother should have been born in this dasa only.In lagna chart  PD lord Jupiter is 11th lord and  aspects 11th house.AD lord Moon is 11th lord from Jupiter. In Dreshkona chart AD lord Moon is 11th lord and PD lord Jupiter aspects 11th house. Hence birth of his elder brother one year prior to him is duly verified.

Now consider that 11th lord in Lagna Chart is  hemmed in between malefics. In Dreshkona Chart 11th lord is in 12th house in Rahu-Ketu axis and 11th house is aspected by Mars.It is astrologically possible that his immediate elder brother died in infancy.

(3)His father was an ophthalmologist who came from an affluent family. In the chart of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev second lord is in fourth house.Second lord in fourth house can indicate many things.Second house indicates wealth and family.Fourth house indicates happiness.Hence second lord in fourth house means that the native will have wealth to enjoy the happiness of this world with his family.The native is born in a rich family having all comforts and luxuries.Second lord is not alone in fourth house.It is with fourth lord Sun.Fourth lord in its own house also makes a person extraordinarily rich.With second lord it indicates birth in a rich family.Second house,second lord and Jupiter(karka of the second house),all are strong in shadbala. It also indicates birth in a rich family. Sloka 57 of second vivek of Jatak Tatvam states that there occurs benefit of father’s wealth if Sun is in fourth house.Sixth house indicates father’s profession.Sixth house has Rahu in its own nakshatra. Sixth lord Venus is in nakshatra of Mars and is conjunct Jupiter in nakshatra of Moon.All these factors indicate some technical profession.If we consider ninth house the Lagna of the chart we find following combinations of becoming a doctor:-

(i) Fifth cum Tenth Lord Venus is conjunct 12th Lord Jupiter in 9th house.

(ii) Jupiter aspects Lagna,5th house and is conjunct 10th Lord Venus in tenth house from Moon.

(iii) Sun and Moon are related to Trik house/their lords. There is malefic influence on fourth house/fourth lord and fifth house indicating technical education of the father.

Dwadashamsha Chart(D-12) indicates about parents.Wealth and social status of the parents is indicated by second house of D-12 Chart . Sixth house in this chart indicates profession of father. Dhana yogas in this chart indicate wealthy parents whereas Raj yogas indicate highly placed parents.I am giving below D-12 chart of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev but analysis is not given due to paucity of space.Readers are requested to examine this chart and find out the relevant combinations themselves. We have already discussed these combinations in D-1 chart.D-12 Chart is for parents.In this chart Sun is used as karka for father  and Moon is  

used as karka for mother.Ninth house is taken as Lagna of father and fourth house for mother.Moon-Mars opposition along six-twelve axis indicates income through disease and hospitals.His biographer writes,” The Vasudevas were a Telugu-speaking family,based in Karnataka. Dr Vasudev ,a noted ophthalmologist,came from an affluent family of Bangalore.” His biographer while writing about his mother says,” the daughter of a wealthy and aristocratic family that traced its lineage to Krishnadeva Raya the famed ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire”

(4) Early Life and Dasa Pattern : He was born in Sun Dasa which operated upto 12-03-1962. About this dasa which ended when he was about four years and six months old , He tells his biographer “This meant that my hair grew wild and curly,and was tied in two pigails. Everyday in school, I would beat up someone who made any comment about my hair.”

Sun is in fourth house conjunct Mars and MerR. In Navamsa chart also Sun is in fourth  house in Rahu-Ketu axis.Sun and Mars are in Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra. Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra is a cruel and aggressive Nakshatra. Conjunction of Sun ,Mars and Mercury may make one merciless but courageous.Even Sun alone in Leo makes one courageous and of  commanding manners. Such persons are sometimes violent in nature.Mars in Leo in fourth house makes intolerable of others and this attribute is increased if Mars is in Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra. According to VridhYavan Jatakam also this conjunction of planets in fourth house makes one sharp or violent in  nature.( Sloka 26 of  Chapter 45–“सूर्यारसौम्या सुखगा मनुस्यं कुर्वन्ति तीव्रं परवितलुब्धम ” ).Prash Trivedi in his book on Nakshatras writes that Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra  is like a sleeping lion and it is not  to be disturbed otherwise it becomes very dangerous. Hence such behaviour of Sadhguru as a small child is fully explained in Sun Dasa.

Then came dasa of Moon which ended on 12-03-1972.His biographer writes,”Dr Vasudev’s profession as ophthalmologist with the Indian Railways meant a life of frequent transfers.As a result,Jaggi changed schools several times over, as family moved between Shimoga, Ch- -ikkaballapur and Guntakal before returning to Mysore in 1969.” Moon is third lord of short journeys in eighth house of change or breaks.In D-9 it is second lord of family in seventh house of travel.Perhaps his family returned to Mysore in Moon-Mercury period from 11-01-1968 to 12-06-1969.Mercury is in fourth house of residence in D-1 and aspects Lagna of D-4(chatuathamsa  chart indicating lands,property and residence among other things)

His biographer has summarised his early school days in the following words, “Gifted with lively imagination,insatiable curiosity,high energy levels and a cheerful disregard of authority, Jaggi was the kind of child every adult learns to regard with dread.” ‘Sitting in class was impossible for me because when teachers were talking,I could see that they were talking about something that did not mean anything to their lives,’he says.’It was just a job they were doing,so I did not want to listen.I knew that whatever they were saying,I could read in a book,and  get for myself very  easily.’He was fearless,irrepressible ,careless and unpredicta- -ble.

Moon dasa was on.Moreover Moon signifies our mind.Moon is vargottama and is well placed in eighth house with good  shadbala of 1.38.Psychological influences generated by Moon in different signs and in different houses of the horoscope have been summarised by many authors of Hindu astrology and most of above qualities belong to Moon in Sagittarius sign and Moon in eighth house. Readers should refer to them and see for themselves how our life is unfolded through dasa pattern.

 Sagittarians are brave, adventurous, curious and lovers of nature. A strong Moon gives one a clear thinking, stable mind, good intelligence and good imagination. Their spirit of enquiry is practically relentless and endless. Sagittarians love open spaces and outdoor activities. Sagittarians are spiritual in nature and they make efforts to search truth and ultimate wisdom.

Eighth house falls in moksha trikona and third house is also the house of our intentions. Hence placement of Moon as third lord in eighth house also indicates deep interest in spiritual matters in spiritual charts. Jaggi was deeply interested in meditation even in his childhood. “I would climb to the topmost  branch of a big tree and just sit there, “He tells his biographer, “It would sway and sway. After sometime, it would transport me to a completely different kind of experience within  myself, a trance-like situation, where I would lose all sense of time. I would just there on the tree from nine o,clock in the morning to four thirty in the evening when school let off. Much later when I started meditating, I realised  that unknowingly I had been becoming meditative”

(5) His interest in sports,yoga and geography:-Let us first see what his biographer writes about it”School had its moments,however. Jaggi  was a force to reckon with in various class and school teams:hockey,kabaddi,football,volleyball,boxing,soccer,cricket and badminton. On these occasions when he graced the classroom,he enjoyed geography lessons. He was fascinated by the glimpses it offered into other lands,climates,cultures.”

when he was thirteen years old a wonderful yogi met him in his grandfather’s ancestral  home. Jaggi learnt a simple set of yoga asanas  from that yogi which became a regular habit in Jaggi’s life..It might have happened in Moon-Venus dasa. Moon is third lord in D-1 chart whereas Venus is in third house in D-9 chart. Third house is the house of yoga asanas  among many other things.

For interest in sports at least Lagna ,third house and sixth house or their lords should be  strong and inter-connected. Ninth,tenth and eleventh houses or their lords are the additional condition  for a successful career as a sports person. Lagna is  the body and third house is of efforts and activities  made by the body. Our hobbies and our inclinations are also seen from the third house.Sixth house signifies concentration, competition and fighting power whereas 9th ,10th and 11th houses give name, fame and money.In my study conducted on the charts of sports persons I found direct PAC connection between 1st,3rd and 6th houses/lords in 62% charts.PAC connection through nakshatra lords of lords of these houses was found in 31% charts. Only 7% of charts had no such connection. Two energy  sustaining  planets i.e.Saturn and Mars were found strong in shadbala in all the charts.

In Sadhguru’s chart this PAC connection between 1st,3rd and 6th lords is through their nak—shatra lords.1st and 6th lord Venus is in chitra nakshatra of Mars whereas third lord Moon is in uttarashadha nakshatra of Sun.Sun and Mars are conjunct in fourth house.Energy sustainers Mars and Saturn are also strong in shadbala. These planetary dispositions might have given interest in sports and yoga to Sadhguru.  

Geography is represented by Saturn. In Sadhguru’s chart  Saturn is the strongest planet having Shadbala of 7.71 Rupas(1.54% of required strength).Saturn is in its own  nakshatra and it aspects fifth lord MerR in D-1.In D-9 Venus is the fifth lord and it is also aspected by Saturn. In D-24 chart Saturn himself is the fifth lord.

D-24 Chart(Chaturvimshamsha) representing knowledge and education.

(6) His unique memory power:- His biographer describes his memory power thus,”His mother was often disconcerted by his ability to remember incidents and conversations that had occurred at home when he was days or months old.The details he recalled were often so trifling-such as the  colour of his mother’s sari,or what someone said on a particular occasion. His memory of them was all the more baffling.”Astrologically what are the combinations that give good memory?Sh.Devkinandan Singh writes in his book Jyotish Ratnakar(P-246),”पंचमेश के शुभदृष्ट वा युक्त रहने से अथवा पंचम स्थान के शुभदृष्ट वा युक्त रहने से वा बृहस्पति से पंचमस्थान के स्वामी के केन्द्र या त्रिकोण में रहने से स्मरणशक्ति अच्छी होती है” इसी तरह जातकतत्व के पंचम विवेक के श्लोक 9 में लिखा है की यदि पंचमेश या पंचम भाव के कारक बृहस्पति गोपुरादि वैशेसिकांशस्थ हों तो जातक विशिष्ट स्मरणशक्ति से युक्त होता है ”

An examination of Sahguru’s chart shows that all above conditions are fulfilled in his chart.  Fifth House is occupied by two benefics Venus and Jupiter.Fifth lord from Jupiter i.e Saturn is in kendra. Moreover fifth  lord from Lagna and fifth lord from Jupiter are mutually in angles giving more strength to the fifth house.Fifth lord from Lagna is in sinhasanansh(सिँहासनांश ) and Jupiter is in gopuransh(गोपुरांश ).All these combinations gave him a sharp memory.

(7) Sadhguru’s passion for snakes:-Sadhguru had a passion for snakes.He had developed a  considerable reputation as a snake catcher and was paid handsomely for his services.He attributed it to legacy of an earlier lifetime.(Remember Bilva-the snake charmer explained in my article, ” Astro Portrait of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev-3 ?). I do not know what combinations in a chart indicate passion for snakes. But following combinations in the chart of Sadhguru need our attention. Do these combinations explain his passion for snakes? 

(i) Third house represents our hobbies and our ability or fitness.Eighth house deals with our past life habits and tendencies.Third lord going to the eighth house,therefore, will also reflect that our hobbies are related to our past life.

(ii) Uttara Kalamitra says that serpents and the like is also among significators of Moon. According to Phaladeepika eighth house also represents “Randhra”i.e a hole. Snakes live in holes.Hence eighth house may also signify snakes. Therefore Moon as significator of serpents and our hobbies going to eighth house may represent passion for snakes.

(iii) Lagna Degree is 19:34.There is cancer rashi in third house of hobbies. Ashlesha Nakshatra extends from 106-40 to 120-0.It means house of hobies lies in Ashlesha Nakshatra. Ruling diety of Ashlesha Nakshatra is a serpent.Hence passion for snakes.

(8) Sadhguru was always financially independent of his parents:- Sadhguru explains his financial independence in these words,”Ever since my childhood I nave not taken a single rupee of pocket money from my parents.I was earning my own money even when I was in the sixth and seventh standards.” The vimshottary dasa was perhaps Moon-Venus. AD lord Venus aspects 11th house of income.Generally lagna,second,fifth,ninth and eleventh houses or their lords indicate gain of money in their periods. A close look at the chart of Sadhguru reveals that  all planets have PAC relation with these houses or their lords except Rahu and Ketu. Our classics state that Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like Mars. Hence all planets have the ability to give wealth. It is perhaps the reason why he remained always financially independent of his parents.Of course basic principle of “desh,kaal and patra” is always to be kept in mind.

(9) Sadhguru’s feelings of detachment:- His level of dispassion was amazing since his childhood days and it was exhibited by him even in close relationship. He always seemed untouched by intense family feeling or fierce attachments of any kind. It was perhaps due to vairagyakarka Saturn aspecting his lagna,natural atamkarka Sun, Mars and budhikarka MercuryR. Effect of malefic planets on fourth house in D-1 as well as in D-9 is also responsible for a strong feeling of detachment with close relatives. Mokshakarka Ketu in 12th is also not good for a strong feeling of attachment.

(10) Sadhguru’s suicide attempt which failed:- This incident happened when Sadhguru was a student of class IX. One of his girl class-fellow name Sucharita died  of pneumonia during Dussehra vacation. Sadhguru was deeply moved when her brother told Sadhguru that in her last days of delirium she had often mentioned the name ‘Jaggi”. On hearing this  following questions fuelled Sadhguru’s curiosity.What exactly had happened to Sucharita? Where had  she disappeared? Where was she now ?

He found a strange way of knowing answers to these questions.One day he stole ninety-eight Gardinal Sodium tablets from his father”s  medicine cabinet,swallowed those tablets,lay down and waited to see what happened.Fortunately he was saved by his doctor father but told his parents that he had mistakenly eaten cactus fruit. Now let us analyse this event astrologically.  

Going by present system of education Sadhguru might have been in class IX in his fourteenth year from 04 -09-1970 to 04-09-71 i.e  in Moon-Venus period.( Moon- Venus period was from 11-01-70 to 11-09-71). In D-1 Moon is third lord in eighth house connecting third house of courage with eighth house of  of death. AD lord Venus is in fifth house of thinking with Jupiter,the eighth lord of death.n D-9 Moon is a maraca lord in another maraca place i.e. in 7th house whereas Venus is in third house of courage aspected by Saturn- the eighth house of death.In D-30 (Trimshamsha) Venus is eighth lord of death whereas Moon is fifth lord of thinking in eighth house of death. This explains his suicide attempt.

(To be continued) 


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