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  Happiness in our  family and in social relations largely depends on our manner of speech. Sometimes our manner  of speech is good but other family members or our known persons in society have objectionable  manner of speech. Due to this our relations with them may get strained. We may end our relations or may even quarrel.But who controls our way of speech? It depends on many things. What we learn in our schools,in our family,in our society and from our surroundings play an important role in it. But do you know that planets in our horoscope also play a decisive role in it ?

Second house in our horoscope deals with our speech.Mercury is the karka for speech .Hence any affliction to the second house/its lords or karka for speech i.e. Mercury may lead to defective or objectionable manner of speech.Planets in  the  second house also indicate our manner of speech. An ordinary person who does not know astrology may examine it as indicated below:-

Sun:-Sun in second house gives a person authoritative speech.Sh Atal Behari Vajpayee had Sun,MerR and Jupiter in Sagittarius sign in second house. His voice was authoritative, communicative as well as full of wisdom an amalgamation of voice pattern of all the three planets.  

If Lagna is Virgo then Sun in second house becomes debilitated and may give rude way of speech. If Sun in second house is week and afflicted it may lead to stammering.I have observed that afflicted Sun in second house gives boastful manner of speaking.

Moon:-Native is soft spoken.He is adept in making emotional speech. His speech may also be excitable.During my service days I had an IPO’s officer as my immediate boss. He had debilitated Moon in second house aspected by exalted Jupiter.He was a soft speaking person.His voice touched the hearts of listeners who were happy to implement his orders.(His Moon had gone to own rashi in Navamsa ).If Moon is exalted or in its own house(For Aries or Gemini Lagna) then the person speaks very well. One may have a stammering voice if Moon is weak or afflicted.

Mars:- Manner of speech of such persons is not good.At times they use cutting remarks and create enemies all around. Some astrologers say Mars in the second house makes a  person a compulsive liar. Sometimes such natives speak in a  rude and bullying manner.I know a young engineer who has deblitated Mars and Rahu in second house.He is very honest,hard working and able engineer. Yet he has changed more than ten jobs. He generally annoys his bosses/colleagues with his bullying manner of speech and creates enemies around him. For Pisces,Sagittarius and Libra ascendant people Mars in second house will give excellent speech or oratory power. Mantreswara of Phaldeepika is of the view that people with Mars in second house have to serve under evil-minded persons. Hence Mars in second house is doubly harmful for a person. On one hand  his own manner of speech is not good and on the other hand he has to work under evil-minded bosses. 

Mercury:-Such people are generally soft spoken and adept in working as an messenger.They have good oratory skills. Their speech is mature and they are able to capture attention of the listeners.People are influenced by their intelligent and logical speech. Mercury in second house can lead to mental aberrations and a scheming mind if mercury is afflicted. If Mercury in second house is in Leo sign one may get wealth of three generations.If Mercury is second house is aspected by Moon, the native will ruin all his wealth.

  Sh Amit Shah (If his horoscope in my possession is correct),our home minister:has debilitated Sun and Mercury in second house aspected by debilitated Mars and Moon.If you have seen him speaking you will agree that his speech is an amalgamation of manner of speech of all these planets.

Jupiter:- Good in speech. Wins discussion and debates. Such natives have good speaking skills.If Jupiter is in its own house(Sagittarius or Pisces signs) or exalted(Cancer sign) then native is a pious man with sound knowledge of vedas and shashtras and he speaks truth.  Jupiter in second house also makes a person outspoken and he speaks frankly and honestly. 

Venus:-Native has a low,sweet, melodious and gentle voice. Such natives have good oratory skills and have intelligent way of talking.Venus in second house is exceptionally good for Virgo and Aquarius Ascendant natives.Afflicted or weak Venus does not give good results.Venus associated with Sun or Moon may give eye problems. .

Saturn:-Saturn  in second house  is  not good.They may speak a lie.Their speech may have some defect.I know a Dhanu Lagna young man who has retrograde Saturn in second house.He suffers from stammering of voice.The person may speak in a manner that hurts others if Saturn in second hand is with Mars.For Virgo Lagna people Saturn in second house is exalted. Such persons can develop Vakya Siddhi–what ever they  speak will come true. 

Rahu:-Persons with Rahu in second house may flabbergast the listener.Such persons may be compulsive liars.They also  have exaggerating manner of speech. They also use  bad words in their speech.People with Rahu in the second house generally speak in a secretive manner.A person with Rahu in second house has to face stiff opposition and there are many difficuties in his way almost in every endeavour. But Rahu in Aries,Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces is well placed and does not give these results unless Rahu is afflicted. Rahu in these rashis may give a person wealth and fame in foreign country.Afflicted Rahu in second house is sure to mar domestic peace by internal bickerings. 

Ketu:-Ketu  in Aries,Gemini and Virgo signs give good results. But in other signs it makes a person speak roughly. Such persons rarely use words of respect for anyone. They take more interest in using derogatory words against others. Their voice is generally very sharp. Afflicted Ketu in second house may lead to losses through fraud and deception.

There are more subtle ways of examining manner of speech of a person but that needs some expertise in astrology.For example if second house contains malefic planets,second lord is with malefic planets or debilitated and is aspected by malefic planets then such a person may not have a good face and may use abuses while talking to others.Some important classical yogas about our manner of speech are given below:-

Combinations from Sanket Nidhi-Sanket IV

1.If the second house be associated with or aspected by powerful benefics,the native would get lot of wealth and would be sweet and soft in speech.

2.If the Sun in the second house be aspected by a female planet(Moon or Venus), the native would possess harsh speech and would not be rich.

3. If a malefic alongwith Venus be in second house the native will have defect in his speech (stammering).

 4. If a powerful Jupiter or a powerful Mercury be posited in 2nd house,the native would  be    a  great  orator and his speech would be sweet and soft.

 5. बृहत् पराशर होरा शास्त्र अध्याय 14 श्लोक 13 के अनुसार दूसरे भाव के स्वामी के साथ या दूसरे भाव मेँ पापग्रह हों तो व्यक्ति चुगलखोर ,असत्यवादी और वात रोग युक्त  होता है।

 6.सर्वार्थ चिन्तामणि अध्याय तीन श्लोक 34 के अनुसार यदि कुण्डली में दूसरे भाव का स्वामी पापग्रहों के साथ दशम भाव में नीच राशिगत तथा अस्त हो या दूसरे भाव में गुलिक या सूर्ययुक्त पापग्रहो से दृष्ट हो तो जातक सभाजड़ होता है यानि वह अपने घर में या परिचितों के साथ तो  खूब बोलता है पर सभा या अपरिचित लोगों के साथ नहीं बोल पाता।

7.Lord of the second house in Rasi or Navamsa of Mars or Saturn makes one an expert liar. Such persons can  tell lies in such a manner that it looks true. Malefic planets in trines or angles also give the same effects.Such people are generally expert in concealing their true identity also.This yoga has been found in a book on yogas written by Pt. Ashok Dutt Sharma .According to him this yoga is generally found in the horoscopes  of fiction writers,spies, salesmen and businessmen.I can not comment anything on applicability of this yoga.It should be used with caution.  

  I have given only some important yogas regarding manner of speech. Many more yogas are available in various astrology classics.An expert astrologer can confidently tell about manner of speech of a person after observing his horoscope. 

Why I wrote this article? 

The purpose of writing this article is to make readers aware of the fact that people have different manners of speech due to effect of different planets on their second house which signifies speech.There are also many other significations of the second house. Uttara Kalamitra–an  astrology classic by Kalidasa gives as many as thirty four significations of second house. Still the list is not complete. Many more significations can be added to the list.

Family is also the signification of the second house. Our family relations mostly depend on our manner of speech. Instead of criticising others let us try to understand each-other? If one of  our family members has bad manner of speech we should try to educate him and encourage him to do some remedial measures so that his defect is removed.We can foresee the manner of speech of a person and can plan the extent of  our relationship with him. “Better alone than  in a bad company”–is a wise and old saying. We can check the horoscope of a person before hiring him and can  decide his suitability for the type of work he is being engaged ? Parameters can be fixed to know whether a person is honest or not?Such parameters can also help in deciding the suitability of a person for a job. These parameters can also be used as a supporting evidence in investigations or at least investigators with sound knowledge of astrology can benefit immensely from it. 

We can also foresee the manner of speech of our children and  can  arrange a special type of training or education for them. We can also  intensify our own remedial  measures and spiritual practice if we examine some defect in ourselves. It  should be remembered that planets in second house is one of many factors that decide our manner of speech.Hence we should hesitate to jump to any conclusion before we have mastery over other factors also.But readers will find by application of the content of this article that planets in second house play a very important role on the manner of speech of these articles. Another thing to be kept in  mind is that a person having combinations for speaking a lie may have some good combinations also which may make him a virtuous person.I intimately know a person who is very intelligent,honest ,hard working and a truly spiritual person yet he was in habit of telling  lies, though,unconsciously. His second lord of speech is in mutual aspect with Saturn. I subtly(and indirectly) pointed it out to him and prescribed him recitation of Hanuman Chalisa seven times a day. Now he is very conscious about his speech and never tells a lie. Hence sound knowledge of astrology can be used to remove our personality defects.Those who want to improve their manner of speech should recite Sri Sarswati Stotra daily.

Remedial measures for various problems

Almost all astrological defects due to Mars and Saturn can be got rid of by reciting Hanuman Chalisa seven times a day.Recitation of Narayan Kavach three times a day or Ram Raksha Stotra or Vishnu Sahastra Nama once a day is remedy for all planets and for all problems. Gajendra Moksha should be recited to get rid of some difficult problem /situation. Mahisasur Mardini Stotram should be recited when you are tormented by enemies.If there is undue delay in marriage then daily recitation of Sri Suktam and Kanakdhara Stotra is helpful. Recitation of Parvati Panchak also gives good results.Sri Sarswati Stotra or Sarswati Mantra should be recited to gain proficiency in education.Daily recitation of Madhur Ashtam improves relations with your spouse.Those who want to be good astrologers and want to know the secrets of astrology should worship Sun God and should recite Aditya Hriday Stotra Daily.It must be remembered that recitation of mantras and stotras should be done in addition to all worldly efforts and you should lead a life full of faith,submission and devotion to God.Hope it is sufficient for the time being.

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