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Ulcerative Colitis is a disease of large intestine. It starts from anal canal and then it spreads in the whole large intestine.Last part of small intestine may also  be involved in severe cases. Ulerative Colitis results in inflammation and ulcers of the colon and rectum. The primary symptoms include abdominal pain and diarrhea mixed with blood. Real cause of ulcerative colitis is unknown. Some of the reported reasons involve genetics, immune system dysfunction,changes in normal gut bacteria and environmental factors.

In Ayurveda ulcerative colitis is regarded a pitta pardhan vaat dosha. But what planetary combinations can cause ulcerative colitis and what remedial measures can help a patient of ulcerative colitis.? When a native suffering from ulcerative colitis came to me for consultation I consulted my two books on medical astrology but could not find any answer in either of the books.I also browsed some websites but in vain. Finally I applied some principles of medical astrology on the chart and reached the following conclusions.

In astrology fifth house represents stomach.Small and large intestines are represented by sixth and seventh house.Anal canal is also represented by the seventh house. Eighth house represents anal orifice.Hence fifth to eighth houses are involved. Lagna representing the body in general also needs consideration.Indications for ill health should also be there if a native has ulcerative colitis.First logical conclusion,therefore, is that any affliction to lagna and to fifth to eighth houses may cause ulcerative colitis.We can also include twelfth house of hospitalisation in the list.

Sun and Mars represent pitta dosha. Biliary inflammations are also  caused by Mars.Venus  controls intestines and endocrine system of the body.Distal part of colon and rectum are ruled by Saturn. Saturn also rules over chronic diseases and hence becomes important. Chronic boils and ulcers are ruled by Rahu. Diagnostic confusion and diseases with uncertain cause are ruled by Ketu.  Therefore important planets involved in causing this chronic disease are Sun,Mars,Saturn,Rahu,Ketu and afflicted Venus. Afflicted Mercury is also important as it represents skin problems and internal skin of intestines is very important in this disease.  

Presence of ulcerative colitis in a chart means that the fire or pitta element is higher than the desired level.Fiery Signs viz Aries,Leo and Sagittarius indicate pitta element and thus become important.Sixth,Seventh and Eighth Signs of Kalpurusha i.e. Virgo,Libra and Scorpion need our special attention.Serious afflictions to these signs may lead to ulcerative colitis. In addition to above houses, signs and planets some nakshatras are also important. We know that Adi Nadi Nakshatras represent Vaat ;Madhya Nadi Nakshatras represent Pitta and Antya Nadi Naksharas represent Kapha. Madhya Nadi Nakshatras are Bharani,Chitra, Mrigshira ,Pushya,Purvaphaguni,Anuradha,Purvashadha,Dhanishtha and Uttara Bhadra- padha  Nakshatras. The problem becomes more chronic when disease causing planets are situated in these Nakshatras.

Let us try to understand it with the help of a practical chart. The chart is furnished below.Birth particulars are not being given to protect the privacy of the native.

Let us first see the factors for unsound health in the chart:-

(1) There are no benefics in quadrants. Moon can not be regarded a benefic because it is lord of eighth house. Jupiter is retrograde.A retrograde planet supports longevity but affects health.Moreover retrograde natural benefics in angles lead to disease during their periods.

(2) Lagna is occupied by natural malefic Sun and is hemmed in between malefics i.e.Mars and Ketu.

(3) Combined aspect of Saturn and Mars on a house is not good. There is combined aspect of Saturn and Mars on 5th house and ninth house. Fifth house in medical astrology indicates  abdomen and its viscera viz stomach,liver,gall bladder spleen,pancreas  and duodeman etc.Ninth  house indicates nourishment also. This affliction to fifth house and ninth house shows problem in abdomen area and in nourishment.

(4) Presence of 6th lord Venus and 12th lord Mars in second house shows affliction to second house. It shows that the native has not been taking food suitable to her health. Second house also indicates our mouth and the things we take in through mouth. Affliction to second house,second lord or both is also found in the charts of persons who smoke,drink or are drug addicts.It may be of interest to note that fifth house is also afflicted in all such cases.Watery planets viz Moon and Venus are also afflicted or in the  nakshatras of Rahu and Ketu. In this chart only Venus is afflicted.Aspect of Mars on fifth house is also not bad  fifth house being its own house. But aspectof Saturn on fifth house is not good.Such afflictions in the chart of a man of bad upbringing could have meant something serious.But in the chart of a ordinary Hindu Indian women  from a good family background and religious upbringing it only means that she had been taking acidic food following her taste but ignoring her health. Always remember great Parashara principle of desh, kaal and paatra. Your  interpretation of a chart and your predictions may not come true if you do not follow this rule.

(5) There are some combinations in the chart which are not good  for leading a trouble free and a healthy life.Fifth lord Mars and ninth lord Sun are in 2/12 position from each other.Moreover Fifth lord Mars is in 8th house from lagna lord JupiterR. Such disposition of planets is not good for leading a happy and healthy life.

Now let us see the planetary arrangements in the chart which made her a patient of ulcerative colitis.:-

(1) Her lagna is Sagittarius and there is Sun in lagna. Both indicate pitta or bile.A pitta indicating planet in a pitta indicating sign indicate excess of pitta in the body.

(2) Lagna lord Jupiter though phlegmatic(Kapha) in temperament is in Mrigsira Nakshatra of Mars indicating Bile(Pitta).

(3) As already pointed out above  Mrigshira, Bharani, Pushya,Purvaphalguni, Chitra, Anuradha,Purvashadha,Dhanishtha and Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatras indicate Bile (Pitta) temperament .Her Lagna falls in Purvashadha Nakshatra.Sun in Lagna is also in Purvashadha Nakshatra. Lagna Lord Jupiter is in Mrigshira Nakshatra indicating Bile(Pitta).No wonder there is excess of Bile(Pitta) in her  body leading to ulcerative colitis.

(4) As already indicated 7th house indicates Large Intestine. Seventh house has JupiterR in Mrigshira Nakshatra indicating Bile(Pitta).Seventh Lord Mercury is in 12th house in Rahu-Ketu axis.Hence 7th lord Mercury is afflicted and this maleficence of Mercury is naturally transferred to seventh house also. Ketu is in Anuradha Nakshatra. Anuradha Nakshatra again indicates Bile(Pitta).

(5) Following combinations from “Gadawali”(गदावली )(an ancient classic on medical astrology) need our attention:-

(i) लग्न मेँ लग्नेशयुक्त  सूर्य हो और वह शुभ दृष्ट न हो तो पितरोग होता है। Sun is in Lagna in this chart and is being aspected by Lagna Lord JupiterR. This principle is thus applicable on this chart in a modified form. Please remember that Jupiter is not benefic here as it is retrograde  .Sun is not being aspected by any other benefic planet.

(ii) यदि षष्ठ में पापग्रह हों तो तब मनुस्य के शरीर में व्रण (घाव) होता है। There is malefic Rahu in 6th house. Rahu also indicates chronic boils and ulcers.Hence Rahu in sixth house with other malefic influences may also lead to ulcerative colitis.

(iii) जिस राशि में बुध से युक्त  तीन ग्रह हों उस के उक्त शीर्षादि अवयव में व्रण होता है। This horoscope contains Mercury and Ketu in scorpio sign in 12th house.Although there are not three planets with Mercury,yet Mercury has influence of three planets viz. Ketu,Rahu and Saturn in scorpio sign.Scorpio Sign is eighth house of Kalpurusha and indicates anal orifice. Affliction to this sign is regarded as one of the reasons for ulcerative colitis.Some astrologers are of the opinion that Saturn and Mars or Rahu and Saturn in Scorpio may give ulcerative colitis. Here Saturn aspects Scorpio. Scopio sign is in Rahu-Ketu axis. Ketu behaves like Mars.

(6) a) Afflicted Mercury aspected by another malefic is a combination for ulcers.Here Mercury is in Rahu/Ketu axis aspected by Saturn.

b)  Sixth lord in Lagna or in eighth house with a malefic may give ulcers.Here Lagna Lord Venus  is with malefic Mars  and both aspect eighth house.

c) Afflictions to Leo and Virgo signs,5th and 6th houses and their lords give ulcers in the intestines.In  this chart Leo sign is afflicted by aspects of Saturn and Mars whereas Virgo is aspected by eighth lord Moon.Sun is hemmed in between malefics whereas Mercury is in Rahu/Ketu axis and aspected by Saturn.5th house aspected by Saturn and sixth by Rahu. Venus and Mars in second house afflict each other.Sixth lord Venus is with malefic Mars whereas fifth lord Mars is with sixth lord Venus.It also indicates ulcer in intestines.

Thus we have seen that there are numerous combinations in this chart which indicate bilious disorders and ulcers leading to ulcerative colitis.We also examine Drekkana ,Navamsa ,Dwadashamsha and Trishamsha charts when we talk about health and diseases.These charts have been furnished above. Readers may examine these charts and trace above combinations in divisional charts also.

In conclusion we can say that charts which indicate bilious temperament ; in which Lagna/Lagna lord,5th,6th and 7th houses/their Lords and Aries,Leo,Virgo,Libra signs/their lords are afflicted are prone to ulcerative colitis.

Remedial Measures:- Following remedial measures can be helpful when one is suffering from ulcerative colitis.

(1) Daily recitation of following sloka should be done 21 times a day after worshipping Goddess Durga and lighting a lamp before Devi.

रोगानशेषानपहंसि  तुष्टा रुष्टा तु कामान सकलानभीष्टान।

त्वामाश्रितानां  न विपन्नराणां  त्वामाश्रिता ह्माश्रयतां  प्रयान्ति।।    

“When you are pleased you destroy all infirmities,and when you are displeased you frustrate all desires.No calamity or disease befalls those who take refuge in you,and those who take refuge in you invariably become a refuse to others.”

(2) Kadhi and Rice(कढ़ी और चावल ) should be distributed to the needy every Friday or Saturday.This remedy is more effective if these are prepared and distributed by the patient himself/herself.

(3) Gur(Jaggery), Masoor ki Dal, Urad Sabut, Sabut Moong, Barley(जौ ), Dal Channa should be taken in equal quantity and given to some needy person or in a Hanuman Temple on each Tuesday.Some Ripe Bananas should also be given with these things.

(4) Recitation of Ram Raksha Stotram should  be done at least  once a week.

All these remedies should be done with full devotion for one year. Treatment and precautions prescribed by your doctor should also be continued. Some times astrological remedies are to be continued for long.But some relief becomes visible if you continue it for the prescribed period.

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