Astro Portrait of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev-4

Astrological Analysis of Enlightenment         

                As written in part-1 of this article enlightenment happened to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on 23 Sep 1982 at Chamunda Hills between 14:30 to 19:30 hrs. What  dasa/antardasa can give enlightenment in spiritually potent charts? What are the transits which work as catalysts in the happening of such a blissful event in spiritual persons? Sloka 13 of Chapter xv of Jatak Parijat states “One may get results of performing sacrifices of all kinds and all kinds of beneficient works in dasa/antardasa of lords of Lagna or 9th or 10th or Mercury or Jupiter.” We know that eighth house and twelfth house are the houses of spiritual experiences. Enlightenment is the supermost spiritual experience. Hence enlightenment could also happen in the dasa of the planets connected with eighth house or the twelfth house. We also know about Dharam Trikona houses (i.e. First, Fifth and Ninth houses) and Moksha Trikona houses (i.e.Fourth, eighth and twelfth houses). I have seen that Dharam Trikona houses and Moksha Trikona houses are very important for spiritually potent charts. Now let us examine the chart of Sadhguru in the light of above points. Sadhguru had started for Chamunda Hills at 14:30 hrs and it was 19:30 hrs when he had returned to his normal senses after the catastrophic experience. Capricorn (ninth house of his chart) lagna was rising when he started for Chamunda Hills and Aries (twelfth house of his chart) was about to rise when he returned to his normal senses. Both these lagnas are very important from  spiritual point of view. Ninth house is the house of religion and twelfth house represents moksha or emancipation. Enlightenment occured to Sadhguru on 23-09-1982 in Rahu-Jup-Mer dasa. Twelfth house is in Rahu-Ketu axis. Jup is eighth lord in fifth house. Mer is fifth lord in fourth house. We see that MD/AD/PD lords are linked to Dharam/Moksha trikona  houses.

                   Osho was enlightened on 21-03-1953 in Moon-Venus-Jupiter dasa. Moon is in 8th house.It is associated with 9th lord Saturn, Lagna lord Venus (AD lord), 5th lord Mercury and 12th lord Mars. PD lord Jupiter is 8th lord. Here also MD/AD/PD lords are linked to  Dharma Trikona and Moksha Trikona houses. 

Ma Anandmai was enlightened on 06-10-1922 in Sun-Rahu-Jupiter dasa. Chart of this  spiritual giant of India is reproduced below with navamsa chart and vimshamsha chart

Sun is aspecting the eighth house. Rahu is in 12th house. Jupiter is exalted in 5th house. Not only in D-1 but even in Navamsa (D-9) and Vimshamsha (D-20) charts these planets i.e. MD/AD/PD Lords have PAC relationship with Dharam/Moksha Trikona houses in all the charts. This relationship has been found even in transits on the day of enlightenment in all the charts. This is my second original observation on spiritually potent charts.  (Please refer to part-1 for my first original observation)

            Our scriptures have always attached great importance to New Moon and Full Moon days and also to the dates of eclipses for spiritual experiences.Usually eclipses on natal Rahu or Ketu, natal Sun or natal Moon tend to make significant changes in the lives of spiritual people. Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev wrote in one of her articles in “The Astrological Magazine” on page 643/1996 Usually for major spiritual experiences, New and Full Moon become very important especially New Moon.” Sri Ramana Maharishi had death like experience on 10-07-1896. It was amavasya day (New Moon) on 10-07-1896. Sri Abhinav Vidya Teertha (one of our Shankaracharyas) was enlightened on 10-12-1935. It was Purnima on that day (Full Moon). Ma Anandmai got enlightenment on 06-10-1922. It was Purnima (Full Moon) on that  day.

We can make practical use of this knowledge by increasing our spiritual practices during these days. Our religious literature is full of many such days when spiritual practices can lead us to deeper spiritual experiences e.g. Ekadashi Day, Sankranti Day, Mahashivaratri Day and Navratras etc.We must devote some extra time during these days to our daily spiritual practice.

Planets which made him so rich and famous 

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a world famous spiritual Guru. Isha Foundation activities are carried out by a network of volunteers in towns and cities around the globe. The headquarters of these activities is the Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore, India. Other Yoga Centres are the Isha Yoga Centre in Delhi and the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences in Mc Minnville, Tennessee, USA. Isha Yoga is also active in China, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and United Kingdom. Isha Foundation is run entirely by volunteers and it has about seven million volunteers. This information is as per official website of Isha Foundation and it gives us an idea about the fame and poularity of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. 

What is the net worth of Isha Foundation? I searched its answer in Google and came to know that in USA Isha had a net revenue of 2.5 million U.S.Dollars in the year 2014. Their assets were about 16 million US Dollars in the same year. Isha also operates in other countries and it is safe to presume that their assets are significantly more than that. Again this information gives us only an idea about richness of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

The only aim of furnishing above information is to give the readers an idea about fame and richness of the Sadhguru. What astrological combinations made Sadhguru so rich and famous? Chart of the Sadhguru is again furnished below and combinations which made him so rich and famous are also discussed.    

1) There is Jupiter in tenth house from Karkamsha Lagna and it is aspected by Moon. As per Jaimini Sutram if tenth house from karkamsa lagna is occupied or aspected by Sun, Moon or Jupiter then the native is a king  (or a kingly person).

2) All planets(except Rahu and Ketu) are in four houses. It is Kedara Yoga. Kalyan Verma states in Saravali that such persons are truthful, wealthy, happy, virtuous, helpful to others,  resort to agriculture and possess immovable property.

3) Jupiter and Moon are in mutual kendras. It constitutes Gajkesari Yoga. Such a person is illustrious,virtuous, wealthy, intelligent, scholarly of royal bearing and enjoys lasting fame. He has strong idealism and is engaged in spiritual persuits.

4) It should be noted that there are two benefics in tenth house from Moon. Venus,though debilitated, is in Neechbhang Rajyoga in two ways. It is with its exaltation lord Jupiter and both are in kendra to Moon. Benefics in tenth from Moon make another very auspicious yoga called Amal Yoga. Results of Amal Yoga are eternal fame, honoured by king. Abundant pleasures, charitable, fond of relatives, helpful to others, pious and virtuous. Jupiter in fifth house in the sign of Mercury and conjunct Venus also forms another auspicious yoga which goes by the name of Kalanidhi Yoga. In this way the mutual disposition of Jupiter and Moon is triply benefic in this chart.

5) Fourth lord Sun is in its own house and is being aspected by tenth lord. Lagna lord Venus is strong (Shadbala of venus is 1.2). Fourth lord Sun and ninth lord Saturn are in mutual kendra. It makes a strong Kahal Yoga. Persons with kahal yoga are aggressive, bold,  courageous, commander of an army and having material possessions and ownership of land, houses and vehicles.

6) There are many auspicious Rajyogas in the Chart of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Rajyogas elevate the status of the individual in terms of success, recognition and status. The simplest way to examine Rajyogas is to see the combination of the lords of trikonas (trines) and kendras(quadrants). Let us discuss some of these Rajyogas:-

A) Lord of fourth and fifth houses i.e Sun and MerR are conjuct in fourth house aspected by ninth lord Saturn.

B) MerR-lord of fifth house is conjuct Mars-lord of seventh house and aspected by Saturn lord of ninth and tenth house.

C) Lord of fourth house Sun is being aspected by Saturn lord of ninth house

D) Lord of seventh house Mars is being aspected by Saturn lord of ninth house

E) Lord of fourth, fifth, ninth and tenth-all have PAC relation

F) Lord of fifth house i.e.MerR, aspected by the lord of ninth house i.e.Saturn and located in the fourth house.

G) Lord of fifth house MerR is located in the fourth house and is aspected by Saturn lord of ninth and tenth house.It is also a potent rajyoga.

All above Rajyogas are formed by well known PAC relations between kendra and trikona lords and involve Sun, Mars, MerR and Saturn.These have been described to show how planetary combinations are involved in forming Rayogas in different ways. It should, however, be noted that these Rajyogas are not without negative effects in this chart. Sun and Mars both are natural malefics and they are being aspected by another natural malefic Saturn from the seventh house. MerR also becomes a malefic being retrograde and afflicted. I will deal about malefic side of these planets while writing about dasa results of each planet.

7) Sloka 13 of Chapter 9 of Sarvarth Chintamani states that if the lord of or the planet that would be exalted in a sign holding a debilitated planet is in a kendra from the Moon or Lagna, the person become a ruler or equal to a ruler. Venus is debilitated in virgo where Mer is exalted. Mer is also lord of virgo. Mer is in kendra to lagna. Hence it is one more auspicious yoga in the chart of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. As stated in para-4 above it is a Neechbhang Rajyoga 

8) Sloka 28 of Chapter 9 of Sarvarth Chintamani states that if the lord of navamsa rasi occupied by the Moon and the Moon rasi are in kendra or trikona to the lagna or Mercury the person is or becomes a commander or equal to a ruler. Here Moon is vargottama in sagittarius and lord of sagittarius i.e. Jupiter is in trikona to lagna. It also raised the status of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

9)  There is one more auspicious yoga given in sloka 58 of Chapter 4 of Sarvarth Chintamani. The lord of the 9th house placed in a kendra while the lord of fourth house is in own sign, mooltrikona sign or exalted sign, the person gains considerable real estate property with very little efforts. Here lord of ninth i.e. Saturn is in kendra whereas lord of fourth house i.e. Sun is in its own sign Leo.

10) Sambhu Hora Parkash states that if no planet is in moveable sign then the person is powerful, versatile, long-living and illustrious. This principle fully applies to the chart of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev as no planet is in moveable sign

11) Dhanyogas are made when there is PAC connection between lagna, second house, fifth house, ninth house, eleventh house and their lords. Second house, Sixth house and tenth house make arth trikona. Many planets in these houses also form Dhan yogas. Moon-Mars PAC connection is also Dhanyoga. Let us see some Dhanyogas in Sadhguru’s Chart:-

A) Lagna lord Venus and eleventh lord Jupiter in the fifth house is a great Dhanyoga.

B) Second lord and Fifth lord MerR is being aspected by ninth lord Saturn.

C) Lagna lord Venus and eleventh lord Jupiter conjoined in 5th house is a Dhanyoga, but their aspect on 11th house is one more Dhanyoga.

D) According to BPHS if AK is in a benefic rashi/navamsa it makes a person wealthy. In Sadhguru’s chart AK Moon is in Sagittarius rashi and same navamsa i.e vargottama. 

E) Lagna is aspected by yogakarka Saturn (9th and 10th lord) and by 11th lord Jupiter. It makes a very potent dhanyoga.

12) Indu lagna of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is Gemini. Planets occupying trines and quadrants of Indu Lagna give wealth in their dasa/antardasa. Jup, Venus and Moon occupy kendras of Indu Lagna and Rahu occupies trikona fifth house. All these planets become wealth giving  planets.

An Ashtakvarga Principle that made him a Guru:- There is a principle in making predictions through ashtakvarga that if ninth house from Lagna, ninth house from Jupiter and ninth house from Sun all possess at least five or more than five bindus in the Bhinnashtakvarga of Jupiter and these houses are connected to the Lagna or Mercury, then one will become a Guru himself. In Sadhguru’s chart if you see Bhinnashtakvarga of Jupiter  you will find that all these conditions are fulfilled.

Combinations that make one a spiritual guru:- I examined the charts of eighteen Spiritual Gurus available with me and found that almost in all the charts. Jupiter is connected with ninth house/ninth lord in  birth chart or in vimshamsha chart or both. Ninth lord in fifth house is also a combination mostly available in the charts of spiritual gurus. Ninth house is the  house of pilgrimages, penance and gurus. Jupiter is the significator of spirituality and also signifies gurus. Hence no wonder that in the charts of most of the spiritual gurus there is aspect of Jupiter on ninth house/ninth lord. Fifth house signifies mantras, intuition, profundity, composition of kavyas and prabandhas, upasana or worship with penance,deep thoughts, instumental music and scholarship etc with many worldly matters. Hence placement of ninth lord in fifth house in the charts of spiritual gurus is also quite logical.

I also wanted to discuss date-wise worldly events with dasa balance but it will make this part very lengthy. Hence I will discuss it in the next and last part of the article on Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.  














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