Astrology and Coronavirus Deaths

In my last article entitled “Astrology and Coronavirus” I had written that “The severity of the effect and the period of end of effect will however be different for the different countries depending on their foundation charts and dasa patterns”. A perusal of number of deaths due to coronavirus revealed that it is very high in some countries e.g in Italy,Spain,France, Belgium, United States of America,Brazil and United Kingdom etc.But some countries e.g
Syria, Finland,Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraq have suffered less number of deaths.Number of deaths in a country may depend on many factors.However in astrology loss of life in a country due to an pandemic may be assessed by following a multi step scheme as suggested by Sh. M. S. Mehta in chapter II of his famous book “Time Tested Techniques of  Mundane Astrology”.But in this article I am making use of  only national charts of some countries with dasa  pattern and transit of planets. My aim is to find some combinations/ parameters in the national chart of a country which may help us to  assess quantum of loss of human lives in a country during such natural disasters. 
But before I discuss further on this topic I want to share with the readers what is written in Shiv Puran (शिवपुराण ) about solar eclipse.Following extract is taken from Chapter 15 of Shiv Puran and is reproduced in Hindi:-“जगत रूपी सूर्य का राहु रुपी विष से संयोग होता है ,इसलिए सूर्यग्रहण का समय रोग प्रदान करने वाला है। अतः उस विष की शांति के लिए उस समय स्नान ,दान और जप करें। वह काल विष की शान्ति के लिए उपयोगी होने के कारण पुण्यप्रद माना गया है।”This extract explains beyond doubt the importance of pious deeds,japam and charity done at the time of solar eclipse. It is this great culture of our country which makes religion the way of our life and protects us from many calamities.Most of the Indians make it a point to do such pious things and donations at the time of every eclipse and other such occasions. However if, for any reason,we fail to do it at the time of an eclipse there is still an opportunity to do it .The scripture further states” जन्मनक्षत्र के दिन तथा व्रत की पूर्ती के दिन का समय सूर्यग्रहण के समान ही समझा जाता है। ” We get our janam nakshtra every month and we should devote some extra time to our regular worship and japam on this day and should also donate something to the needy. It can also be used as an effective remedial measure for coronavirus. Now reverting to our topic of assessing the loss of human life due to coronavirus. I have made study on this topic on the following hypothesis:-
1. I have made use of the birth star of the nation with reference to the star in which solar eclipse dated 26th Dec 2019 occurred.It has been found that 1st,3rd,5th and 7th star counted from the birth star play crucial role when important events happen in life.We  call it Tara in classical astrology.These are nine  in numbers i.e (1)Janma(2)Sampat (3)Vipat (4) Kshema (5)Pratyari (6)Sadhak (7)Vadha (8) Maitra (9) Atimaitra. Counting from the birth star to the star of any particular day and dividing it by nine ,the remainder will give the tara on that particular day. Traditionally it is believed that results of 1st,3rd,5th and 7th nakshatra from birth nakshatra are not auspicious. Vipat means misfortune and calamity. Vipat Tara may give sudden trouble/ accident. It indicates all kinds of troubles, obstacles and hindrances. Pratyari is derived from “ari” meaning enemy and pratyari refers to the well matched enemy equal to the native in all respects and capable of inflicting terrible pain and suffering. Pratyari Tara may make one a victim of conpiracy/intrigues. Vadh means to  “kill”. Vadha Tara may lead to murder, death and destruction. It may also lead to trouble from eight types of deaths.(Lord Shri Krishna has described eight types of death e.g. Always caught up in quarrels and anguish, always remaining surrounded by enemies, always remaining miserable and troubled,always getting insulted everywhere,terrible misery and sorrow including death of near relatives,great dishonour in assembly,forever ailing and loss of life ultimately).  As pointed above It has been found that 1st,3rd,5th and 7th star counted from the birth star play crucial role when important events happen in life. But their effect on Mundane events is being studied for the first time

2.Eleventh house is most powerful among upachaya houses. Any planet or lord of any house having connection with eleventh house/lord finds multiplication in its effect.According to Maharishi Parashara eighth house is most powerful among trika houses.Eighth house signifies longevity.But it also signifies death. The presumption in second  hypotheses is that heavy number of deaths should occur if there is eighth/eleventh connection in the national chart of a nation.

3.Solar eclipse dated 26th Dec 2019 took place in Sagittarius sign. Natal planets and houses under influence of eclipse have been considered and their results examined.Eclipse falling on natal Sun,Moon,Lagna/Lagna lord or any other natal planet are very important in their effect.Some astrologers are of the view that Lunar Eclipse falling on Sun Sign or Solar Eclipse falling on Moon Sign  are also very significant in their effect.All such things have been examined under this third hypotheses. 

4. Influence of different planets on eighth house/eighth lord from Lagna and from Moon has been examined. It has been presumed that nations having more malefic influence on eighth house/eighth lord from Lagna/Moon should suffer more loss of lives.

5.Much research about effect of degree closeness of planets has been conducted by students of  Institute of Astrology in Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan New Delhi under guidance of  Sh  K K Joshi. Planets in the same or close degree to each other have an  effect on mutual natural karkatwas and karkatwas due to their lordship in their MD/AD. This effect becomes more intense if such planets are connected to each other.This principle is being used in Mundane Astrology for the first time.

6. Last of all Dasa/Antardasa of different nations combined with transit of planets has been considered. Jaimini Karkas and Chardasa has also been used where necessary.

I have applied above hypothesis on the foundation charts of fifteen countries namely Italy,United Kingdom, United States of America, France,Spain,Germany,Iran,Canada,Turky,  India, Syria,Finland,Saudi Arabia,Israel and Iraq.Last five countries have suffered very less number of deaths. Russia and China have been left because number of deaths in these countries may not be authentic.Foundation charts of Belgium,Netherlands,Mexico and Sweden could not be found by me in-spite of my best efforts.

Now let me state the results of each hypothesis before I take up study of some foundation charts:-

Hypothesis 1:-

Birth Nakshatra and number of deaths upto 31-05-2020 have been indicated within brackets in respect of each country. Eclipse dated 26th Dec 2019 happened in Moola Nakshatra. Tara in which eclipse occurred has also been calculated in respect of each country.

 1.England:-(Magha) Moola Nakshatra is tenth  Nakshatra from Magha  i.e.Janam Tara. Number of deaths upto 31-05-2020 is 29673.Eclipse did not occurred in Janam Tara in respect of any other country.

2-4. Eclipse occurred in Vipat Tara in respect of Israel:-(Pushya-285) ;India(Pushya-5164)  and Iran(Uttara Bhadrapad-7797).Very less number of deaths occurred in Israel. Chart of Israel has been discussed separately.

5-6. Eclipse occurred in Kshema Tara in respect of Germany(Poorva Bhadrapad-8618) and France-28833). Number of deaths is,however,very high. Charts have been discussed separately.

7-12.Eclipse occurred in Pratyari Tara in respect of Iraq(Swati-318),Turkey(Ardra-4669),Italy(Swati-33846),United States of America(Shatbhisha-111770),Canada(Ardra-7773) and Spain(Ardra-27135). Number of deaths in Iraq is very less which has been discussed separately.

13.Eclipse occurred in Vadha Tara in respect of Saudi Arabia(Rohini-676). Chart is discussed separately.

14-15 Eclipse occurred in Atimaitra Tara in respect of Finland(Poorva Phaguni-322) and Syria(Bharani-6)

Conclusion:-Principle of Tara applies fully in respect of ten countries out of fifteen i.e It is fully applicable in 66.6 percent cases.

Hypothesis 2:-

Number of deaths is very less in respect of Israel,Iraq,Saudi Arabia,Finland and Syria.There is no connection between 8th house/lord and eleventh house/lord  in respect of these  countries except Syria where eighth and eleventh lords are conjunct in lagna. Number of deaths is high in respect of remaining ten countries. Connection between eighth house/lord and eleventh house/lord is there in respect of all countries except India and France.

Conclusion:-Hence out of fifteen countries hypothesis 2 is applicable to twelve countries. Hence applicability is eighty percent.

Hypothesis 1 is incident specific but hypothesis 2 is chart specific. Hence it should apply at the time of all disasters but that requires a study of very enormous data.For the time being I have considered only one incident i.e coronavirus.

Hypothesis 2 to 6 have been explained while making study of individual charts.

Now let us make study of charts of some nations on above lines.

Italy (10 June 1946 18.10 hrs Rome)

Vimshottary Dasa: Venus-Venus 10-01-2017 to 11-05-2020
Char Dasa:Leo-Sco 10-12-2019 to 10-03-2020;Leo-Sag 10-03-2020 to 09-06-2020
In my opinion following combinations in the chart of Italy are responsible for heavy coronavirus deaths:-
(1) As we go back in history we learn that Benito Mussolini was named by the King as prime minister of Italy in 1922 and he had attained dictatorial powers in 1926.After second world war his government was overthrown by Great Council of Fascism on 25 July 1943 and birth of Italian Republic took place on 10th Jun 1946 after the result of a popular referendum.
Foundation Chart of Italy is given above.

Birth nakshatra of Italy is Swati. Eclipse occurred in Moola Nakshatra. In addition to Sun,  Mercury and Jupiter were not only combust but they were also in  Moola Nakshatra. Moola Nakshatra is fifth i.e. Pratyari Nakshatra from Swati Nakshatra. Rahu in Ardra was in 19th Nakshatra i.e Janam  (Tara) Nakshatra.

(2). Solar eclipse dated 26th Dec 2019 occurred in third house of Italy. It afflicted 3/9 axis, Lagna Lord and eighth lord Venus and ninth cum 12th lord Mercury.Hence eclipse caused harmful effect on first house representing the nation and  the people of the country as a whole,eighth house of mass deaths and epidemics,,ninth house of long distance travel and  and  twelfth house of hospitals etc.Italy was under nation wide lock down w.e.f 9th March 2020 which continued till 3rd May and phase-2 of lockdown started from 4th May.33846 deaths had occurred in Italy upto 31st May2020.

(3) Eleventh lord Sun is in eighth house and in Rahu/Ketu axis.It establishes relation between 8/11 houses.

4. As already discussed eighth lord Venus is under influence of eclipse point. Venus is eighth lord from Moon also.Eighth house and eighth lord were aspected by transit  Mars, the planet representing mass tragedies. Please note that eighth lord Venus was also aspected by transit Saturn. Mars gives extremely evil results when combined with Saturn or Rahu. Epidemic is one of such results.Hence heavy malefic influence on eighth house/eighth lord contributed to heavy deaths in Italy.

5.Now see degree closeness between the following planets on the day of eclipse:-

(i) Transit Saturn had degree closeness with natal Sun,Lagna,Rahu/Ketu,Jupiter and Venus.Saturn is very close in degrees to Lagna/Lagna Lord, eleventh lord Sun ,eighth lord Venus and third cum sixth lord Jupiter-a functional malefic for Libra Ascdt.

(ii) Transit Sun and Moon- the pivotal planets in causing an eclipse(with Rahu and Ketu) have degree closeness with ninth and twelfth lord Mercury.

(iii) Transit Mercury has degree closeness with natal Mars,Transit Jupiter with natal Moon and transit Rahu/Ketu and Venus with natal Moon

Above particularised degree closeness between transit and natal planets increased the malefic effects of eclipse on Italy which became responsible for heavy coronavirus deaths. 

6.Italy is having Venus-Venus vimshottary dasa upto 11-05-2020.Char dasa is Leo with effect from 09-09-19 and will run upto 10-06-22.Venus is lagna lord cum eighth lord in ninth house with ninth and twelfth lord Mercury.Here I am inclined to share one specific observation of mine with the readers. As per Jatak Tatvam , dasha of AK is said to give falls; it is not specified if dasha of AK is to be used in Char Dasha only or we can extend  it to vimshottary Dasha of AK planet. But I have observed in many charts that if lagna lord is also AK ,then vimshottary dasha of AK planet is definitely bad and proves to be a dasha of falls.In the  national chart of Italy Venus is not only lagna lord but also a AK planet and dasha of Venus is running.     

7.Natal Rahu is situated in eighth house of mass deaths. Rahu in eighth house of a national chart indicates”Sudden deaths like accidents ,explosions, suicide and mysterious deaths (Sh M S Mehta on P-86 of his famous book Mundane Astrology).Mysterious death includes mass deaths by epidemics as Rahu is significator of mass tragedies and epidemics also. Ketu is in second house. Second house is aspected by its own lord Mars who is seventh lord also.Ketu also represents epidemics of virulent nature. Its aspect on eighth house may give heavy deaths due to an epidemic.Moreover Mars aspecting Ketu in second house is also in nakshatra of Ketu. First coroncvirus death was reported in Italy on 22nd February 2020 in dasa of Ve-Ve-Me-Sat-Mar.Mars (in nakshatra of Ketu) is a maraca for this chart.
Char Dasa was of Leo-Sco-Cap. DK is in seventh house from Capricorn(Dk is also used for making predictions about death as revealed by Sh K N Rao) and Gk is in eighth house.It is ,thus clear, that on 22nd February 2020 both types of dasa ( vimshottary dasa and char dasa) indicated death.What could death mean in the chart of a nation?Among many adverse conditions for the nation and its inhabitants,it could also mean mass deaths in the country. 
(8) When I was observing the chart of Italy degree closeness of lagna with Rahu-Ketu,Sun ,JupR and Venus attracted my eyes.Six planets are in nakshatras of malefic planets viz Rahu,Ketu and Mars. Lagna,Saturn and Venus are in nakshatra of Jupiter who is retrograde and functional malefic for Libra Ascendant.Only Ketu is in Nakshatra of functional benefic Mercury who is himself combust and in nakshatra of Rahu. Hence Mercury is not in a position to provide sufficient beneficence to the chart. Beneficence of Venus is limited because it is in nakshatra of Jup who is himself a functional malefic,retrograde and in nakshatra of Mars-a maraca planet for Libra Ascdt. If we apply principle of dispostitor to Mars, then Mars is in nakshatra of Ketu. This whole examination leads us to the conclusion that Foundation Chart of Italy is under influence of malefic planets especially Rahu/Ketu-both signifying epidemics and mass deaths.It is another reason why coronavirus caused heavy deaths in Italy.

I will continue discussion of foundation charts of some more countries in the next part of my article.


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