Astrology and Coronavirus

I have been receiving many messages on Whats App since the outbreak of Corona virus epidemic throughout the world. Different Astrologers have tried to explain why this epidemic occured in the world and when will it come to an end? Many people who come to me for astrological consultations have also been asking different questions about it and many others are telephoning me about the same. I have tried to answer all such questions in this article:

Epidemics of this magnitude which have badly affected almost the whole world is covered under Mundane Astrology. For the information of the readers it is clarified that Mundane Astrology is that branch of astrology which deals with the “worldy events like war and peace, earthquakes, floods, famines, droughts, epidemics, weather forecasting, plagues ,communal/religious riots, rise and fall of the nations and major political events which affect the nations and the life of people in general.”

Predictive tools of Mundane Astrology :- There  are many tools given in books of Mundane Astrology and Astrology Classics which help us in understanding and predicting about worldly events. Foundation charts of different nations, Horoscope of Hindu New year and yearly cabinet prepared on Chaitra Shukla Paksha Pradipada, Solar Ingress charts to  find the important months which may become historic and Lunar Charts for short range predictions are generally used to make predictions about the nations. Eclipses, Appearance of Comets and conjuction-opposition of heavy planets generally indicate turning points in the history of nations and the world. Hindu Astologers make use of conjuctions,opposition and aspects of Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Mars. Other planets viz. Venus, Mercury, Moon and Sun are also used sometimes. Western Astrologers also make use of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Now a days some Hindu Astrologers also use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in making predictions.

Solar Eclipse Dtd. 26-12-2019 

An annular solar eclipse occurred on December 26,2019. As we know that a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. It totally or partially obstructs the Sun for a viewer on Earth. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun’s. It blocks most of the Sun’s light. Hence the Sun looks like an annulus(ring). This solar eclipse was visible in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Northern Mariana Islands North Australia, Burma, Japan, China, Mangolia, Pakistan, Iran, Afganisthan and Philippines.

Planets on eclipse point  indicated outbreak of viral pandemic:

Eclipses are not very rare in occurrence. A solar eclipse may happen near a New Moon day  or Amavasya when longitude of Moon is near Rahu or Ketu and when latitude of Moon is near zero. But all solar eclipses do not give such terrible results as has been given by the solar eclipse dated 26th Dec 2019. The question is a big why? Let us try to understand it with the help of planetary position at the time of eclipse. Given below is the planetary position at the time of eclipse.

Lagna-7:46, Sun-9:58, Moon-9:59, Mars-00:22, Mer(C)-01:13, Jup(C)-11:12, Ven-13:10, Sat-26:35, Rahu-14:15

At the time of eclipse Ketu is conjuct Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn. All these planets are in Moola Nakshatra ruled by Ketu. Hence Ketu dominates the eclipse point which is Sagittarius Rashi. In classical Hindu Astrology Ketu is karka for sooksham jeeva i.e bacteria and viruses. Saturn is dukhakarka. In Mudane Astrology it signifies calamities, tragedies and mass deaths. In conjunction or aspect with Rahu-Ketu it gives fear of epidemic or viral diseases. Hence the indications of planetary position at the time of eclipse are crystal clear.

Another important conjunction in the eclipse point is Saturn-Jupiter conjunction. According to  Sh.K.N. Rao Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is most important in Mundane Astrology. When Mars joins or aspects this conjunction while transiting over the eclipse point it unleashes the bad  effects of that eclipse. According to Kumaraswamiyam if Saturn, Mars and Rahu conjoin or oppose each other, there will be heavy loss of human life all over the world. Compare this statement of Kumaraswamiyam with the definition of pandemic (A pandemic is a type of epidemic that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population) and see how accurately our ancient astrologers were able to  link world events with the planetary position.

 Mars in transit entered sagittarius sign and joined Saturn in Rahu-Ketu axis on 8th February 2020 upto which date the deaths due to Coronavirus was about eight hundred lives  only which has now reached 18274 as I write this article.

Here I also want to make it clear that Jupiter has lost its beneficence as it is not only  combust but is also in nakshatra of Ketu. Mercury is also malefic as it is also combust and in nakshatra of ketu. In this way there is no benefic effect on eclipse point. Saturn moved to Capricorn Rashi on 24-01-2020 and Mars on 22-03-2020. Some astrologers predicted end of coronavirus disease after 22-03-2020, but I did not agree with their prediction.

My disagreement was due to the following two reasons :-

i)  Events do not happen due to transits only. Varahamihira has given many rules about the period of effects of eclipses. These rules should have been kept in mind before predicting probable time of end of a pandemic which happened due to eclipse.

ii) Second reason of my disagreement was that they had not taken into account retrograde motion of Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn will remain retrograde from 11th May, 2020 to 29th September,2020. Similarly Jupiter will become retrograde and  re-enter sagittarius rashi on 30th June, 2020 and will remain there till 20th November, 2020.

Probable time of  end of coronavirus:-

Great Varahamihira has given certain rules about ascertaining the probable period during which effects of an eclipse manifest and remain active. In Varahamihira’s  Brihat Samhita almost every thing about eclipses and their effects on our world is explained in detail. Following rules need our attention.

1. Two eclipses-one solar and one lunar-occurring within 14 days are not auspicious.These  bring disasters and misery to the people, rise in criminal activities and wars .There was a solar eclipse on 2nd July (Asadha Krishna Amavasya) and a lunar eclipse on 16th July (Asadha Shukla Purnima) during this year. It clearly indicated some disaster to the public during this year. Here we are talking about Hindu Year or Samvastara 2076 which ended on 25th March 2020.

2. The influence will  be experienced for six months before or after the appearance of the eclipse. According to this principle coronavirus can end near about 25th June,2020.

3. Other principle states that effect of solar eclipses will last as many years as the eclipse is hours in duration. In a lunar eclipse, its effect will last for as many months as the eclipse is in hours duration. This principle, like all other principles of astrology; need not be interpreted literally but for all practical purposes the meaning of this principle is that it will take some more time before it vanishes completely from the world.

4. It has also been stated that effect of eclipses in movable signs would be over soon while in fixed signs they have a lasting effect. Eclipses formed in common signs have their effect in interruptions. Solar eclipse dated 26th Dec 2019 occurred in sagittarius-a common sign.It also indicates that coronavirus will stay for some more time in this world. Having effect in interruptions could also mean that some cases of coronavirus may occur even after this world is once completely free of it. As even now we may come across some cases of swine flu.

Keeping all these principles in mind I am of the humble opinion that although change of rashi by Mars and Jupiter will bring some improvement in near future in some countries yet the world may have to suffer the pain of coronavirus till late September when Rahu-Ketu will  move away from eclipse point on 23-09-2020. The severity of the effect and the period of end of effect will however be different for the different countries depending on their foundation charts and dasa patterns.

India is passing through Moon-Saturn Dasa. Moon has been classified a malefic planet for Taurus Lagna- Lagna of Independent India. Saturn is a yogakarka planet for India’s Chart. According to Maharishi Parashara Antardasa of a yogakarka planet in Mahadasa of a malefic planet is exceptionally bad. Coronavirus has doubtlessly badly affected our country  in more than one ways and has proved exceptionally bad. But there is a positive note in the chart of our country. Moon is the third lord. Although not strong in pakshbala yet it has required strength in shadbala. Moon has five bindus in its own Ashtakavarga. It gives our country stamina, strength and courage to fight back the adverse circumstances. Moon dasa  may also give us rise in economic matters as it is conjunct tenth lord Saturn. I am sure our nation will be able to defeat the outbreak of coronavirus under the able and dynamic  leadership of our Honourable Prime Minister Sh.Narender Modi who has action pro-active steps for which he is being universally praised. Number of loss of human life will also be very low as compared to other countries of the world.

Nations and states of serious outbreak 

As I read the astrology classics my head bows down in respect to our ancient scholars who gave us sutras to foresee worldly events so accurately. Now I write about the geographical areas in which there may be serious outbreak of coronavirus pandemic on the basis of these sutras:-

1. The effect of  eclipses will be felt on the houses in which eclipse will appear. The eclipse dated 26th December 2019 occurred in Saggittarius sign. Hence detailed examination of sagittarius sign in the foundation charts of nations which are infected by coronavirus need to be done. Countries having Saggittarius sign in 1st, 6th, 8th,12th houses of their national charts are more prone to the attack of coronavirus. The vulnerability is more if these houses are afflicted. First house or Lagna in a national chart signifies public health,national disaster and the ability of the people to cope with it. 8th house signifies trouble to the people through famines and epidemics. It also signifies mortality and death rate. Sixth house signifies diseases in general, medical and other para medical services and the whole medical staff. 12th house signifies misery, misfortunes, epidemics and pests. Saggittarius Rashi falls in above houses of Ireland, Holland, some parts of Switzerland, Iran, South of Russia , Cyprus, Georgia, Netherlands (8th house),China, Iraq, Nepal Afghanistan, Albania Bangladesh, Bosnia Bulgaria, Greece, Mexico, a part of Iran, Oxford, Brussels and Brandenburg(12th house), Iran, Scotland,  New Zealand, Paraguay, North and West Africa, Mauritius, New York, Algiers, Tunis, Venice, Manchester, Genoa, Amsterdam (6th house), Spain, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Madagascar, Australia, Rodenburg, Nottingham(UK), Toronto(Canada) and Bradford(UK) (Lagna or 1st house). Hence all above countries and cities are vulnerable to the outbreak of coronavirus. Above list, however, is only illustrative and not exhaustive as astrological charts of all countries are not available in the books in my possession. An internet report says that coronavirus had spread in 186 countries or territories across six continents as on 21st March,2020. This list is, however, sufficient to show that how a single astrological principle can explain international events so accurately.

2. Eclipses have most effects in those countries where they are visible. An illustrative list of countries in which the eclipse was visible has been furnished above. Five among these countries namely China, Iran, Malaysia, Australia and Japan are among 25 worst-affected countries and many more are coming under the grip of COVID-19.

3. Eclipse dated 26th Dec 2019 occurred in moola nakshatra and saggittarius sign. Sloka 42 of Varahamihira’s Brihat Samhita read with Koorma Chakra states that an eclipse occurring in Moola Nakshatra is especially bad for western part of India and countries in the western direction. States of Goa, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Union territories of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh Punjab and Kerala are generally included in Western India. State wise count of coronavirus cases issued by health ministry confirms that number of COVID19 cases in  these states is higher than other states. Punjab, Sindh and Balochisthan provinces of Pakistan are also vulnerable to the outbreak of coronavirus. While writing about the effect of solar eclipse Varahamihira has specially mentioned that the people of Punjab suffer greatly when there is eclipse in sagittarius sign vide sloka 41 Chapter 5 of Brihat Samhita. Capt. Amarinder Singh, the Chief Minister of Punjab, should take immediate steps to trace all NRI’s who have come to India after the outbreak of coronavirus and get them isolated and tested. Mithila is the another area mentioned in above sloka. Hence Chief Minister of Bihar also needs to take necessary steps as Mithila is the geographical area of Darbhanga, Kosi, Purnia, Munger, Bhagalpur, Santhal Pargana and some adjoining districts of Nepal.    

Statistics also show that out of top twenty countries in respect of deaths of coronavirus cases thirteen are western countries. Similarly total number of deaths reported till 24th March 2020 is 18274 out of which 12320 deaths have occurred in western countries.This sutra of Varahamihira also sends a warning signal to President Trump of USA who should re-think about his decision of not imposing lockdown in his country 

Some more indications given in astrology classics

  1. Astrology classics state that eclipses occuring in moola nakshatra adversely affect the  medical fraternity. Eclipses occuring in saggittarius sign also have bad effect on physicians. We have seen that corona virus has put extra burden on medical fraternity who are working day and night to save the lives of the people in trouble. No wonder, some of them have already been infected by deadly coronavirus.

2. Other categories of people who suffer when eclipse occurs in saggittarius sign are Ministers, Prime Ministers, Presidents(Rulers), Merchants(Business Community in modern context) and soldiers (It includes police and para military forces) etc. Politicians  and Rulers are busy in making strategies to save citizens of their country from this deadly virus. Some of them have been infected themselves e.g. Prince Charles-Prince of Wales, Massoumeh Ebtekar-Vice President of Iran, Begona Gomez-Wife of the Prime Minister of France and Salvatore Farina-Army Chief of Italy etc. Similarly military personnel and police are also busy in providing various types of relief to the public and in enforcing lockdown. All these people are working day and night at the risk of catching infection themselves.

3. Ancient cassics on Mundane Astrology state that eclipse in saggittarius sign would  destroy horses. In ancient times when astrology classics were written horses were largely used for journey and transportation. Now our whole transportation system has been suspended and we have been asked to stay in our homes so that community infection of deadly virus may be avoided. Road, Rail and Air Journey has been suspended. It may also mean that this virus may also infect the horses and some horses may actually die due to cornovirus.

4. Shri Deepak Kapoor in his book Prashna Shastra Volume 2 (Page no.407) states that if their is a planetary war within seven days of lunar or solar eclipse then their is destruction, earthquake, war, disease and famine etc. Their was a planetary war between Jupiter and Mercury on 2nd January 2020. Hence this principle fully applies to the Solar eclipse dated 26 December 2019. Hence there may be war between western countries or some neighbour of the west direction may make the mistake of waging a war against our country. Fortunately, our forces are fully competent to defeat any enemy, but still we should be careful about it.

How can Astrology help us in fighting Corona virus?

The gist of all remedial measures given in various books of Astrology is that all our actions bounce back on us in some or other way. Today, humanity claims victory over nature. Whole humanity is busy in material progress and is mercilessly destroying anything that stands in his way to prosperity. Hundreds of species of plants and animals have been destroyed by us little realising the fact that this Universe is not only for us but also for all types of animals and plants created by Almighty God. The result is that tiny organisms called virsues have been making fun of us and our mighty weapons. Various epidemics breaking out from time to time have taken away lakhs of lives. Hence first and most important remedial measures is that we should consciously engage ourselves in collective good Karmas to ward off the negative effect of the planets.

Daily recitation of “Ram Raksha Stotram” and “Vishnu Sahasranamam” are always helpful. “Mahamrityunjya Mantra” and “Narayan Kevach” recitation may also be done. Maha Mrityunjya Mantra should be recited for at least 108 times a day and Narayan Kevach three times a day.  Even recitation of “Hanuman Chalisa” (seven times in a day) is also a useful remedy in this critical time. Shri K.N. Rao, a legendary astrologer, has given a mantra for destroying worldly crisis at Page No.120 of his famous book “Stotram Manjri”. Regular recitation of this mantra (108 times in a day) is one more effective remedial measures in this hour of crisis.

It is made clear that all figures about corona virus used in this article were taken from many internet sources on 24 March, 2020. Naturally, these figures are different from the current figures. All readers are informed that I will soon write one more article about corona virus in which foundation charts of some major countries will be examined and efforts will be made to know the possible time of end of this disease in those countries. 








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