Monthly Talk On Astrology Concepts-1

Two predictive principles are being discussed first for the use of amateur astrologers and in response to wishes of some readers. Both these principles are very helpful in making predictions. We know that afflictions to a house, its lord and the karka of that  house is not good and it harms significations of that house.A young man came to me for some astrological  consultations.The chart of the native is as below:- 

we see that there is Rahu in the ninth house.Lord of ninth house is debilitated in the twelfth house.It is combust also.It is further aspected by debilitated retrograde Jupiter who is eighth lord also.It is also aspected by 6th lord Saturn who is already afflicted being in Rahu Ketu axis and under aspect of Mars.All this afflicts Sun also.Ninth house and Sun both are significators of father.Father of the native had died when he was hardly thirteen years old in Jup-MerR-Ketu Dasa. Jup is 12th lord from 9th house,MerR is aspected by 12th lord Moon and is 6th lord from ninth house and Ketu is in 7th -a maraca house for father.Longitude of lagna  is Leo 29-28, MerR- Leo 00-05 JupR-Cap 18-33 and of Ketu Lib 20-11.If you prepare the Dwadashamsha(D-12) Chart you will find Jup and MerR in 2nd house and Ketu in 12th house clearly indicating death of father in this Dasa. Even otherwise afflicted ninth lord in the 12th house may make the father an alpayu(Short Life).Mars is also  the natural karka of property. Aspect of 8th lord on such Mars may lead to loss of paternal property to him. It also seems possible. He belongs to Uttar Pradesh and his father had made some property in Hayana. He is planning to dispose off this property after retirement of his serving mother and shift to Uttar Pradesh.I predicted to him  that he could get stability in job  and happiness of having a son only after some remedial measures.Think over it and send your comments.

Here I am inclined to give one advice to the amateurs.This boy had first came to me with his chart of Virgo Ascendant. But  past events of his life viz date of marriage,date of birth of younger siblings,(which Sh K N Rao calls bio facts) did not agree.Hence I reduced his birth  time by ten minutes and changed his Lagna.When past events fully agreed only then I gave some predictions to him.Hence never give predictions about a chart before you have satisfactorily verified some of his bio facts.  

Now let us see practical application of one more predictive principle.This principle is very  mysterious and an exception to the general predictive principles.In the Mahadasha of a funcional malefic, the Antardasha of a yogakarka planet gives very bad results.Now let us see a chart. 

The gentleman is my regular visitor.He came to me recently and intimated that his business was running very bad.He is running Jup-Sat  period from 12-06-2019 to 23-12-2021.Jupiter being lord of third and sixth house is a functional malefic and Saturn is a yogakaraka planet for Libra ascendant. Hence the above principle fully applies to this chart. Some other classics e.g.Hora Ratana, Jatak Parijat and Mansagari have ascribed bad results to Jup-Sat period  straightaway irrespective of Lagna.But it is risky to give predictions without  considering the Lagna.As is clear from the chart there are many ups and downs in his professional life and his married life is also disturbed.

I had published first article on this website in February 2018.Since then hundreds of readers read this website every month as is clear from our dashboard. But readers feel shy of making comments.Hence I have no feedback and I can not know  what type of changes should be made in my writing style and in the quality of the contents. On 28th July 2019 our technical advisor has  made some changes in the layout to make the contents more attractive and more informative.Every article viewed by any reader will henceforth find a reflection on the website.Please offer your comments liberally on the website.

This talk will now appear every month for  familiarizing the amateur astrologers with  prectictive principles.The idea of monthly talk came to me from “Man Ki Baat” of our worhty Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi.

Maha Shiv Ratri (30-7-2019)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            



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  1. Dear sir
    You are doing excellent job for mass. The information published in you various articles are vital and enhancing the knowledge of laymen like me.
    2. Thank you so much for untiring services to mankind through your vast knowledge on astrology.
    3. God bless you goog good health and all your aspirations in a stretch. LIVE LONG
    Fond Regard

  2. Thanks for sharing article on Astrology Concepts. It is well explained by giving example on predictive methodology , kindly share more articles on astrology concepts…

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