Astrology and Menstrual Disorder

Third part of my article on astro portrait of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in under type and will be  published shortly.In the meantime I am posting an article on menstrual disorders. But let me first  say something  about the comments on the website.A friend has requested to write some  articles about basics of astrolgy.Another friend has requested to write some articles on prediction methodology.God willing I will write on both the subjects someday.I promise to do so as soon as I get time and some help in typing the lenghty articles.For the time being I have readjusted my daly routine and now I will try to post my articles  more frequently.I also try to give some predictive hints in every article published on my website.

         Now let us come to our subject.We know that Moon and Mars are the planets which goverrn menstruation in the women.Moon is fluid and Mars is blood.Some astrologers say that mensus occur when Moon transits any of first,second,fourth,fifth,seventh,eighth,ninth or twelfth houses of the horoscope.Women astrologers may verify it.Womb is governed by the sixth house and ovaries by the seventh house.Virgo Rasi is in sixth house of  kalpurusha and Libra rasi is in seventh house of kalpurusha.In addition to Moon and Mars,Venus also needs to be considered.Venus controls reproductive organs and urinary system. More importantly Venus controls hormones and the harmonal system of the body.Hence  in analysis of menstrual disorders we will have to trace affliction to sixth,seventh and eighth houses; to Virgo,Libra and Scorpion Rasis and to Moon,Mars and Venus.Affliction to these factors or some of these factors may lead to menstrual disorders. Of course Lagna and Lagna Lord are always to be examined in addition to the above.Affliction may be by conjuction,aspect or exchange of rasis with malefics(natural or functional),by placement in adverse houses viz sixth,eighth or twelfth or by being in sensitive degrees and sensitive namamsas.Retrogression especially of natural benefics is also an affliction from health point of view. Affliction in divisional charts should also be seen.It is also necessary to note the birth dasa of a native and note how and where the lords of Mahadasha and Antardasha are placed.This is one of the fundamental principles of prediction which must be followed in analysing a horoscope.We should also take note of  the maraca planets and the planets in vish navamsa or in mrityubhaga.

 With  this background in mind let us examine a chart.The mother of the girl had come to me few months back and told me about the serious problem of her daughter.Sufficient to mention that the girl is more than twenty  years old and has attained puberty.She does not have menses regularly and properly. Menstruation flow is scanty and irregular.Other particulars are not being revealed to conceal identity of the girl.The chart is furnished below:-Lagna-19:3,Sun-03:34,Moon-28:31,Mars-12:33,MerR-28:34,Jup-14:26,Ven-20:13,SatR-10:40,Rahu-Ketu-14:14

There is exchange between Lagna Lord and twelfth lord.12th lord in lagna is aspected by 6th lord Retrograde Saturn.Lagna is also in Rahu/Ketu axis.Lagna is aspected by SaturnR.Lagna  Lord is aspected by Jupiter who is himself aspected by sixth lord SaturnR and hence unable to help.There is no benefic durudhara around lagna or lagna lord(A house or a planet having benefic planets on its both sides is said to have benefic durudhara).There is Sun Saturn opposition along 1/7 axis.It is a dreaded combination in Hindu astrology.

Moon should be strong and unafflicted for good health.Moon is not only debilitated but is  in Vish Navamsa too.Moon has improved in Navamsa but only marginally.Here it is surrounded by Rahu and Sun.There are no benefics in trines.Jupiiter is in fourth house a quadrant  but as already pointed out it is aspected by sixth lord Saturn and hence unable to help.Lagna is in a dry sign (शुश्क राशि) and is occupied by a dry planet Sun. Moon,Venus,Mars,SaturnR and Ketu are in watery signs which show  poor resistance and slow recovery. She was born in dasa of  Mer-Sat.Mer is lagna lord in twelfth house and Saturn is sixth lord in seventh house.Moreover it is a birth in dasa chidra which indicates many changes  or ups and downs in life  All these factors show unsound health.She is also suffering from thyroid and some other health problems.

A planet placed in Vish Navamsa harms the relative it signifies.Moon signifies mother.Her mother is also not maintaining good health.Mars too is debilitated in 11th house.3rd lord in 11th house have made him eldest among siblings.11th house also contains Venus.Venus is exaltation lord of Moon.There is exchange of signs between 3rd and 11th lords.It constitutes khala yoga.Steadiness is missing in such persons.Their fortunes,temperament and happiness fluctuate between good and bad.Mutual exchange between two debilitated planets also amounts to cancellation of debilitation.We must remember that although debilitated planets  might have factors that cancel their  debility, yet it does not mean that they will give exclusively good results.Natural significations of such planets and the houses that they  rule still suffer particularly in the major period of such planets.Exchange between these two planets has one more aspect.It also links two upachaya houses i.e. 3rd and 11th.Linkage of two upachaya houses with each other or with 10th house give spectacular rise to a person on material plane. Hence exchange between Moon and Mars have  many meanings but that is not the subject matter of our discussion.For the sake of discussion about menstrual disorders we can say that Moon and Mars are abnormal in their behaviour  and are not in a position to discharge their functions properly.

Now let us consider Venus.Venus is with 3rd and 8th lord Mars and hence grossly afflicted.In navamsa it is ill-placed also in the eighth house and aspected by Mars.Venus signifies sexual disorders, diseases of the generative organs and urinary system.Afflicted and ill-placed Venus may lead to sexual perversions  and venereal diseases.Most importantly Venus is  controller of harmonal system of the body.Even a layman knows that menstrual cycle in a women is regulated by harmones.What I want to emphasise is that affliction to Venus is one of the main reasons for menstrual disorders.Whereas malignant Mars  may lead to excessive menstruation flow,Saturn to painful and irregular menstruation(Saturn is karka for pains), but Venus may jeopardise the functioning of harmonal system of the body leading to serious health problems including severe  menstrual disorders depending on the extent of affliction.Moon is a watery planet.It rules over fluids in the body.Diseases of the breast and the flow of the milk are also to be ascertained from the Moon.Hence conjuction of Moon with malefics viz.Mars,Saturn,Rahu and Ketu in a  female horoscope are not good for regular,smooth and undisturbed menstrual discharge.

Now let us consider 6th,7th and 8th houses.Ovaries and uterus are  most crucial organs in menstrual cycle of women.These two organs are governed by the seventh house of the horoscope.Seventh house of the chart is under great affliction.Sun-Saturn opposition is a dreaded combination as already stated above.It is more so in 1/7 axis.Its maleficence has increased further because Sun is 12th lord and Saturn is 6th lord.Retrogression of Saturn  is one more negative factor.Sun-Saturn are in Rahu-Ketu axis.It is an added affliction.Now examine the degrees of the planets in 1/7 axis and compare these degrees with mrityubhaga degrees of the planets.We find that Ketu is in MB degree.(Mrityubhaga is a certain degree of a planet in a sign and these degrees are individual for each planet and in each rasi.Volume One of a book entitled ‘Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions’ edited by Sh K N Rao and published by Vani Publications contain perhaps the best treatment of effects of planets in MB degrees). A planet in MB degree adversely affects the significations of the planet concerned,of the houses it lords and the house it is placed in.Rahu behaves like Saturn and Ketu like Mars. Both these planets also behave like their respective dispositors.Hence Ketu has passed on its maleficence to Mars and Jupiter.Actually the severe  affliction on 1/7 axis of the horoscope and influence of MB degree of Ketu on Mars and Jupiter alongwith conjuction of Venus and Mars are responsible for severity of the medical problem of the girl. Further examination of the chart indicates that seventh lord from the Moon i.e.Venus is also afflicted.Seventh lord from karka Venus i.e. Saturn is retrograde and conjuct Ketu in MB degree.Similarly fifth house and fifth lord from lagna and fifth house and fifth lord from Moon  are afflicted. Fifth house from Jupiter has aspect of malefic turned Jupiter and fifth lord from Jupiter is debilitated.Hence the girl is not destined to have a normal married and normal family life. I gave following advice  to the mother of the girl:-

1.The girl should develop a spiritual attitude and should concentrate more on career.

2. Best available medical  treatment  should be taken.

3.Three remedial measures were prescribed. Recitation of  Hanuman Chalisa seven times a day with distriburtion of sweet parsadam to small children every Tuesday and Daily recitation of Ram Raksha Stotra are my favourite remedial measures and were prescribed to the mother of the girl .Third remedial measure may look strange but I have found it work marvellously on a large number of occasions especially in matters relating to birth,safe delivery of children and family dispute.I asked the mother to plant a tree and look after that tree like a child till it is fully developed. Only planting a tree is not useful.It should be planted and reared like our own child.Any woman suffering from any menstrual disorder may try one or more of the remedial measures described above. For more information about the secrets of remedial measures readers should read the book entitled ‘Yogis Destiny and Wheel of Time’ by Sh, K N Rao

(Hari Om Tat Sat) 


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  1. I always learn something new from you. It is really helpful for astrology student. Thank you for sharing it……

  2. Thank you very much for your attention to my previous comments. Your way of approaching the topic of discussion and articulation is something that all of us should learn from.

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