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As written in first part of the article let us first discuss the Vimshamsha  Chart of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. But I am inclined to make one thing clear first.Ketu is karka for salvation. The best placement for Ketu is 12th house.Next is the placement in eighth house and the last is fourth house.But Ketu should not be unaspected  or unassociated.Its association with Jupiter is best.Aspect or association of Ketu with/by fifth or ninth lord is also good.Now vimshamsha chart.Vimshamsha Chart is also called upasna chart.It is seen for spirituality.Spiritual inclinations and religious activities of a person are seen from it. Vimshamsha Chart of Jaggi Vasudev is reproduced below:-

Salient features of Vimshamsha  Chart are discussed in the following paragraphs.

1.Ninth house of the chart rises in vimshamsha.It is  occupied by Venus who is also a yogakaraka planet for this chart.Lagna lord is in ninth house in a friendly sign. Lagna and lagna lord both are strong which indicate a deep interest in the path of spirituality and also good achievement.Fifth house and fifth lord have no aspect and conjuction with any other planet.It is good for meditation on the supreme.5th lord venus in lagna and lagna lord Saturn  in 9th house are also good.Mutual aspect between Saturn and Moon is a well known spiritual combination.

2.Ninth lord Mer of vimshamsha chart is in sixth house. It is not only retrograde but combust too.It is further aspected by eighth lord Sun.Ninth lord in sixth house is a combination for ingratitude.Retrogression and combustion of ninth lord is also bad.Ninth lord Mer in the chart of Shankaracharya Ji of Kamkoti Peeth is  also in sixth house  in  Rahu-Ketu axis.We should also note that sixth house is tenth house from ninth house.This placement of ninth lord in sixth house also  means”Dharam(9th house) hi karam(10th house) hai.Hence presence of 9th lord in sixth house aspected by eighth lord in this chart indicates following:-

(i) Obstacles,struggle,impediments and agonies faced on the spiritual path.

(ii)Unorthodox way  of worship,meditation or sadhna.

(iii) Controversies around spiritual path/organization of the Sadhguru.Conspiracies,secret activities/practices, use of tantra-mantra and all other significations of the eighth house are also covered in this combination.

All the three as written above have always been  there in life of the Sadhguru.I will be giving a brief description where ever necessary.Readers who want to know details about life of Sadhguru may read his well written biography  entitled “More than a life SADHGURU by Arundhati Subramaniam and the information given in various websites.

3.There is conjuction of Jupiter-Mars in the fourth house in Rahu/Ketu axis. But Venus is also connected in this combination.In D-1 these two planets i.e. Venus and Mars are in  nakshatra exchange and in D-20 they are in mutual angular position.Such type of planetary reationship is duly recognised in astrology classics.Now this combination of jupiter,mars and venus connects the following houses and spiritual activities represented by each house as detailed below.

(i)Third House representing control of mind,pilgrimages,daily personal duties, temples, religious writing and preaching.

(ii) Fourth House representing good deeds towards society,forgiveness and depth of tolerance and religious activities like kirtan or meditation

(iii) Fifth house representing mantra siddhi,devotion and emotions in  prayers,wisdom and thoughts,enlightenment and the deity one worships.It also represents enlightenment and poorva punya.

(iv) Tenth House representing sacred spells acquisition of powers of mantra and the patience shown worship. It also shows strength of determination.

(v)Eleventh House representing realization,fulfillment,gains,awards and Satwik Nature

(vi) Twelfth House representing salvation,final emancipation,meditation and ability to attain Samadhi

A prusal of  qualities represented by above houses shows that combination of Jup-Mars,Nakshatra exchange between Venus and Mars and their angular position is not an ordinary combination but is bestower of many spiritual qualities.However Jupiter-Mars in Rahu-Ketu axis and nakshatra exchange between Venus and Mars is not good. It has many more meanings which have given rrise to many cotroversies  around Sadhguru.

4.We know that any association between kendra and trikona houses/lords constitute Rajyogas.Similarly any association between lagna lord,second lord,fifth lord,ninth lord,eleventh lord/houses constitute Dhanyogas. Various permutations and combinations between maracas(Killers-The second lord,the seventh lord and these houses are regarded the killers in Hindu astrology) and trika lords and houses (6th,8th and 12th houses and lords are called trika houses/lords) constitute Arishta Yogas.Afflictions to lagna/lagnalord and  moon also make arishta yogas.Scholars of Astrology prescribe study of these yogas in divisional charts  also.Broadly speaking Rajyogas in a divisional chart indicate quality of achievement in the area represented by that divisional chart.Dhanyogas represent the varieties of achievement e.g. many dhanyogas in a vimshamsha chart may indicate that one may be well-versed in many aspects of spirituality or may be interested in many religions or one may know various techniques of meditation.Arishta Yogas represent the obstacles faced,struggle made, controversies  in which one is involved and conspiracies around him.Rajyogas,Dhanyogas and  Arishta Yogas may be many but they are broadly defined above.An examination of vimshamsha chart of Jaggi Vasudev shows following   three  rajyogas:-

(i)Lagna lord Saturn is in ninth house and also aspects ninth lord MerR placed in sixth house (ii)Fourth lord Mars and fifth lord Venus are involved in nakshatra exchange

(iii) Saturn as trikona lord(lagna is both a trikona and a kendra) aspects seventh lord Moon.

Saturn,Mercury,Venus,Mars and Moon are involved in these  rajyogas.

Vimshamsha Chart shows  following Dhanyogas:-

(i) Lagna lord and second lord Saturn aspects 11th house.Eleventh house is also aspected by its own  lord Mars.

(ii)5th lord Venus and Eleventh lord Mars are involved in nakshatra exchange.It  is a very powerful dhanyoga.

(iii) Lagna lord  in ninth house aspects ninth lord placed in sixth house.If we consider second house lordship of Saturn then it makes one more dhanyoga .

(iv) Venus lord  of  fifth house in lagna is one more dhanyoga.

Now let us consider Arishta Yogas also:-

(i) Ninth lord Mer in sixth house under aspect of eighth lord Sun.

(ii) Aspect of twelfth lord Jupiter on tenth house.

(iii) Conjuction of fourth and eleventh lord Mars with twelfth lord Jupiter in the fourth house.

Rajyogas provide strength and dignity to a divisional chart and dhanyogas give it versatality. Arishta yogas show difficulties, controversies, unorthodox style of working and conspiracies.Spiritual life  of Sadhguru  is full of dignity,versatality and agonies as will be seen from  his life events in various dasas.

5.There is mutual aspect between Moon and Saturn along 3/9 axis in vimshamsha chart of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.It is a classical combination for spirituality.But it can have many more meanings.Saturn is Lagna lord and second lord.Lagna is self.Second is speech and  sanskaras for worship.It has gone to ninth house of kindness,good conduct and dharma i.e.religion. So it makes him  kind. He has sanskaras of good conduct and he speaks on religious matters.Ninth house of vimshamsha chart also signifies internal purity of mind and recitation of mantras.  So his speech is full of internal purity and he uses recitation of mantras in his worship.Saturn is aspected by Moon. Moon is seventh  lord of meditation. It makes his body and his speech so meditative that he is able  to impress his audience immensely and  involve a large number of people in his programmes (seventh house is also the  house of community involvement in worship).Third house also represents asanas(physical postures) hence kirya yoga  is used in programmes of Isha Foundation.Third lord is in fourth house of pranayam and action of religious activities like kirtan or meditation.Hence Pranayam,kirtan ,meditation and bhajans all are used in his way of worship. It is a fundamental principle of astrology that sifnificationsof houses find expression through planets and signs placed in them.I have explained it in detail so that new readers may know how charts can be interpreted and different meanings of a combination can  be explained.Any planet or combination of planets may have a number of interpretation and only those  interpretations should be chosen which fit a horoscope in the light of total analysis of the horoscope and  desh,kal and patra.This is why an astrologer should have an all round knowledge and he should be able to draw different meanings of a single planetary combination.

(To be continued)













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