Examination of a chart from different angles-2

              We had discussed the chart of Late Sh. M.S Mehta from Moon and from Karka Jupiter in part-1 of         this article to find happiness from children.Now let us see what factors for happiness from children are         present if we examine the chart from Lagna

              1.Saturn and Mars both are combust at close degrees but  are well placed.. Saturn is in his own house and vargottama. Mars is in Pisces Navamsa. Mars is exalted also.Well placed planets give good results.This is  first factor which reduces the venom of Saturn and Mars due to their lordship of sixth and eighth houses respectively. 

              2. Sun is 12th lord.Results of 12th lord in fifth house are as follows as per Brihat Parashara Hora”Few children,pilgrimage,spends heavily on his children”.Hence its presence in fifth house may give less children but it does not seem to affect adversely the happiness from children. Moreover, there is an astrological dictum  that Sun and Moon do not suffer from eighth house  lordship and are not classified as malefics for Capricorn and Sagittarius Lagnas.  Sun  has not been classified a malefic for Virgo  Lagna and Moon has not been qualified a malefic for Leo Lagna. This classification seems to suggest that both these planets do not suffer from twelfth house lordship also. .Moreover Sun is in Pisces Navamsa and in its own Nakshatra. It is in its own rasi in Saptamsa.This reduces the venom of Sun being the twelfth lord 

            3. Alll these planets are being  aspected by an exalted Jupiter who is strong in shadbala. Aspect of Jupiter always has the effect of the sprinkle of  Ganga Jal.

           4.All these planets are in Uttarashadha Nakshatra which is classified as Urdhvamukhi and Satwik Nakshatra by the scholars. Uttarashadha Nakshatra is regarded a benefic nakshatra. It is believed to be in the area in which Devtas had got victory over Asuras. Chief deity of this nakshatra is Lord Ganesha. It is lorded by ten Vishavdevas. Qualities of persons born in this nakshatra will further throw light on beneficence of this   nakshatra. Some qualities are enumerated below:-

           a)Uttarshadha Nakshatra is connected with the King,its pleasures and the responsibilities connected therewith.

           b) It has a smart mind,high intelligence,courage and it makes researches in new and hitherto untouched areas.

           c) It moves ahead after mutual healthy discussions and is connected with everything benefic and good for the universe.

           d) It develops its virtues through  contemplation and carries forward the positive qualities of its forefathers.It respects its elders and seeks solution of the human problems in religion,philosophy and spirituality.

           Almost all above qualities were available in late Shri M S Mehta and beneficence of these planets being in uttarashadha nakshatra took out the maleficence of these planets due to bad lordship         

            5.  If retrograde Jupiter is considered to give results from previous house also then all planets except Ketu come under benefic aspect of exalted Jupiter.

            6. Ninth house of Lagna Chart rises in Saptamsa making Saptamsa Chart a benefic.one.

            7.As per an ancient book  on astrology ( revised edition of 1983  is available with me) Sun in fifth house in a  moveable sign gives happiness from children. Loss of first born child is indicated in an immoveable sign and loss of children in dual sign.All these results are attributed to placement of Sun in fifth house in whose Nakshatra  all planets in fifth house are situated in chart of late Sh M S Mehta.

           8. We all know that planets give their results during their dasa  periods.Late Sh. M S Mehta had dasa of only Saturn during this period  and dasa of Sun and Mars did not operate during his life time.

            9.Sh K N Rao in his famous book”Astrology,Destiny and the Wheel of time”(P-95) has stated that the three planets or three owners of houses are capable of turning bad periods into good ones.Saturn is fifth lord also.Hence it not only  gave good results during its dasa but also took out the  venom of Mars and Sun being eighth and  twelfth lords respectively.

            These are some of the reasons why three malefics and lords of dusthanas in the fifth house of  the chart of Late Sh M S Mehta did not give bad results in respect of progeny.Readers are free to offer their comments and views on this analysis.

                                                                                                                                                 (20th Nov 2018)

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