Astrology and a News Item

                 A small news item appeared in Dainik Bhasker(Hindi) dtd 29th November 2018.Gist of the news item is that two years ago  a boy and a girl had  entered into love marriage against the wishes of their parents. They had taken a pledge to live and die together.The girl was admitted for  delivery of a child in Agroha Medical College on 25th November. On 27th Nov. her husband met an accident near Agroha Medical College and died.The girl delivered a male child at12:00 hrs the same night.She became serious  after that and was taken to ICU ward and was declared dead at 09:00 next morning.In this way the father of the child died few hours before his death and mother also died few hours after his birth.The caption of the news item was “दो साल पहले किया प्रेम विवाह  दोनों की एक साथ जलेंगी चिताएं ” New born baby was reported to be totally healthy.

                  I decided to analyse the tragic incident astrologically. The chart of the baby is  given below:-DOB-27 Nov 2018 23:59 Hrs Agroha(Haryana)

            We all know that 9th house,9th lord and Sun are indicators of father.Similarly 4th house,4th lord and Moon indicate mother.A close examination of this chart indicates that three planets namely Jupiter,Venus and Mercury are near MB degree in this horoscope. Technically all these planets are in MB degree.A planet in MB degree has effect on other planets and houses as noted below:-

i) The house in which it is placed

ii)Natural karkatwa of the planet are also affected.

iii) Lord of the house in which it is placed.

iv) The planets with which it is associated or the planet it aspects.

          Hence fourth house,fourth lord,ninth lord,Sun,Moon,10th house,10th lord,3rd house/3rd lord all are under  the influence of planets in MB  degree.Fourth house not only contains two planets in MB degree but all the three  planets in it are in Sarpa dreshkon. Fourth house and Sun are thus in heavy affliction.This affliction is also passed on to its lord Mars who is also the lord of ninth house of father.Fourth house indicates mother.It is also 8th house from 9th house of father.Third house (Seventh house from ninth  house of father) contains Venus in MB degree. No wonder that this heavy affliction killed his father few hours before his death.

       Moon,the natural significatorof mother; is conjuct Rahu ,in Sarp dreshkon and aspected by Jupiter who is in MB degree.Moon is also in kemdruma yoga. It has aspect of two malefics Sat and Mars on its either side.Heavy affliction to the fourth house and fourth lord has already been explained above.No wonder that these heavy afflictions also killed his mother.

         I am inclined to quote some yogas given in various books of  astrology.

A.Yogas for death of mother

        1.यदि चन्द्रमा  दो पाप ग्रहों के मध्य में हो और उसके साथ पाप ग्रह हो  तो माता दीर्घजीवी नहीं होती और प्राय शीघ्र मृत्यु को प्राप्त होती है ।This yoga is present with slight modification in this chart..Here Moon in not between two malefics but has aspect of malefics on its  either side and is with malefic Rahu.

            2.यदि  सूर्य ,मंगल  अथवा शनि सप्तम स्थान में हो तो माता को भय होता है। Here Mars is in the seventh house aspected by Saturn.

            3 यदि चन्द्रमा, शुक्र अथवा सूर्य चतुर्थ स्थान  में और मंगल सप्तम स्थान में हो तो माता की मृत्यु लगभग एक सप्ताह में होती है। Sun is in the fourth house and Mars is in the seventh house.

            4 यदि लग्न और चन्द्रमा पापग्रहों से दृष्ट हो और शुभ ग्रहों से दृष्ट न हो और युक्त भी न हो तो तथा गुरु केंद्र में न  हो  तो माता की मृत्यु होती है। In this chart Jupiter can not behave as benefic being in MB degree .Hence his presence in fourth house and his aspect on Moon could not save the mother of the child. Lana is aspected  by Mars.

            5 Mars in enemical house in eighth house from Moon and aspected by a benefic is detrimental to the life of the Mother. In this chart Mars is in eighth house from Moon in enemical sign and is aspected by Saturn but it is not aspected by a benefic.

             6 If malefic planets are in lagna ,seventh and eighth house then the mother of the child does  not survive.This yoga is present in this chart with slight  modification. there is no malefic planet in lagna but it is aspected by a malefic planet Mars. Seventh house has Mars.Eighth house has no  malefic but it is aspected by Jupiter who is combust at close degrees,week in shadbala,in sarp dreshkon and in MB degree and thus working as a malefic

              7. If malefics occupy the ascdt,Moon sign,7th and 8th from the Ascdt  or Moon Sign the child born would survive but the mother would die soon after his birth.( Sanket Nidhi Chapt-2 Sloka 9).There is slight modification in this horoscope. Lagna is not occupied by malefic but is aspected by Mars. Seventh house from the ascdt is occupied by Mars and eighth  is aspected by malefic Jupiter as stated above.It is however fully applicable from the Moon sign.Moon is conjuct Rahu,seventh from it is occupied by Ketu and eighth by Mars.

B.Yogas for death of father :- In this case the father of the child died before his birth.Hence I am giving only the yogas for the death of father before the birth of the child.

             8.If birth is during the night and Venus is aspected by Mars then the father should be considered as gone i.e.dead.In this chart Venus is not aspected by Mars but it is in nakshatra of Mars and is in MB degree.

             9.If birth is during the night , Sat and Mars are combined and are in a fixed sign the father of the child must have died before the birth of the child. In this chart Sat and Mars are not combined,but Mars is in a fixed sign aspected by Sat.

              10.There is a yoga that is  fully applicable to the circumstances of this case.If  the ascendant and  Navamsa of birth nakshatra of the child is the same as were of his father then the father dies on  the same day on which the child  is born. Unfortunately the applicability of this yoga can not be verified as the birth particulars of the father are not available yet the yoga has been written for future verification by the readers of this article.

               11.Sloka 7 ibid is also applicable to this chart.But results stated in Sanket Nidhi differ slightly.If there be malefic in 12th and 2nd houses  from the ascdt and lord of ascdt being week is  in the fourth house the father of the child was very sick at the time of native’s birth.12th house is occupied by malefic Moon and second house is aspected by Saturn and Mars.Lagna lord Sun is in the fouth house and the same is week in shadbala having strength of 0.5.only

                  Other yogas where source has  not been quoted are from Jyotish Ratnakar written by Shri Devkinandan Singh.Some other Aishta Yogas are also present in the chart.But  they are applicable to the child himself.Caculation of his longevity by PAM Method also indicate his short life.But these are not being discussed in this article.We are not likely to know about  the longevity of the child.His death may not make a news.

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