Examination of a chart from different angles-1

       I was going through May-June 2010 issue of Journal of Astrology.My weak health did not allow me to visit Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan today  although I had come to stay in Noida yesterday night only because I had to go to BVB  to attend  my research class and  then to go to Murthal to attend a meditation  camp of one week.About class I have just told you. I may have to miss meditation camp  also. Yet I have brought some unread magazines,books and  some horoscopes to make my visit purposeful and keep myself busy.

       Coming  back to the Journal ,one Sh. Praveen Kumar has written following about the chart of Late Sh.M S Mehta-A great teacher and writer of many astrological books and a spiritual gentleman.

       “However one thing is bothering me. In Rasi chart ,he has three malefics Sun Mars and Saturn-lords of dusthanas-combined in 5th.I was informed that he does not have any problems regarding progeny.He has one son and one daughter  both well settled in US.Will appreciate if your good self explains it technically.”            I do not know what happened next. What Sh. Praveen Kumar has written about the progeny of late Shri M S Mehta may not be the full story as all negative combinations generally show their effects later or sooner. However I tried to examine the horoscope in detail on above point.Present article is the result  of that examination which may make an interesting reading and may refresh our knowledge about basics of astrology.(I have mainly confined my examination to the positive combinations responsible for giving able progeny and combinations which give happiness from progeny.)

        All astrological classics prescribe that a chart should be examined from three angles i.e. From  lagna ,from Moon and from Karka. Let us first examine this chart from Moon lagna and from Jupiter-the Karka for the children.

           An examination of above chart from Moon sign reveals that fifth lord is in ninth house whereas ninth lord aspects the fifth house.Hence there is PAC connection between fifth and ninth houses. This combination is good for happiness from the children and makes one a writer of many books, a preacher, a  teacher or a king.There are 33 bindus in fifth house from Moon in Samudayak Ashtakvarga. This makes fifth house from Moon strong and indicates happiness from children.Venus and Saturn -fifth and ninth lords respectively from Moon are strong in shadbala  which is good for happiness from children.This also explains the spiritual side of the personality of Late Sh. M S Mehta.

              Now examine this chart from Jupiter-the karka of children and also of the fifth house. It should be remembered that a house whose karka is strong gains strength. Jup has shadbala strength of 1.4. It has six bindus in its own bhinnashtakvarga It is exalted  in lagna chart and saptamsa. It is ,therefore, strong enough to grant strength to the fifth house of the lagna chart. Fifth house from Jupiter has 39 bindus in sarvashtakvarga and is ,therefore,strong.Fifth lord from Jupiter is exalted in seventh house. It is also a good combination for happiness from children. There are  many combinations for happiness from children even in lagna chart which I will explain in my next and  concluding part of this article.

(written on 12-08-18)

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