Astrology and Patterns of Destiny -1

             In my last post on Shri Madan Mohan Malviya I had written that my next post will be about Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev or Stephen  Hawking. Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev is a well known spiritual giant of India whereas Stephen Hawking was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author. His research focused on the evolution of universe as governed  by the laws of general relativity.His most important work is believed to be the study of ‘Black Holes’. The common thing in both these persons is that both do not believe in astrology. But due to some unavoidable circumstances I am postponing it for the time being only. 

              In this series of articles I applied some known astrological principles on some charts and the results enumerated with a view to  see the patterns of destiny in our charts. Aim of this application is not to check the validity of these principles. These principles have already been checked and applied under  supervision of  great teachers of astrology and have been found universally applicable. Yet when we apply these principles on charts in our data  bank we learn their new meaning.Now a days life is very complex and almost every person has different  set of circumstances.Hence the set principles need new understanding.Let us try to understand it with the  study of some actual charts.


            An article about distant marriage of girls was published in Journal of Astrology Nov-Dec 2016. This article has been written under guidance of legendary astrologer Sh. K N Rao. Following parameters for distant marriage of girls are given in this article.

(1) Lagna/Lagnesh having no PAC connection with fourth house/fourth lord in D-1 or in D-9.

(2)Jaimini Darakarka having PAC connection with 12th house/12th lord. Jaimini aspects are to be used. 

(3)In addition to (2) above If there is PAC effect of malefic planet on Darakaraka in D-1 or D-9,then marriage at distant place is confirmed.

(4) PAC connection of MD/AD lords at the time of marriage with 12th house/12th lords in D-1/D-9 can give marriage in distant place. Malefic effects on MD/AD lords at the time of marriage confirms such marriage.

(5) Fourth house/Fourth lord afflicted by more than one malefic planet in D-1/D-9 gives indication of marriage in distant place.

            Let us apply these principles on above chart and compare it  with actual events in the life of the native.

(1)In D-1 lagna lord Saturn aspects fourth house. In D-9 lagna lord/fourth lord is the  same i.e.Jupiter. Application of first principle indicates marriage in the same city.

(2) Darakaraka is  Mercury. It is in 12th house in D-1.In D-9 DK has Jaimini aspect on 12th house.It indicates marriage at a distant place.

(3) In D-1 DK is conjunct malefic Sun and is aspected by another malefic Saturn and also by Rahu and Ketu. In D-9 it is with Rahu and is aspected by malefic Sun also.It  also indicates marriage at distant place. 

(4) She was married on 31 Jan 2009. Dasa was Moon-Mars.In D-1, MD lord Moon and AD lord Mars has no connection with 12th house/12th lord.In D-9, MD lord Moon has no connection with  12th lord/ house.However AD lord Mars is 12th  lord.

(5) In D-1 fourth house is in Rahu-Ketu axis and is aspected by Saturn.Fourth lord is conjunct malefic Mars .In D-9 only fourth lord Jupiter is aspected by Mars. However  fourth house has no PAC with any malefic planet.This parameter indicates marriage at a distant place.

Factual Position   This girl was born in Bhiwani. She was married to a boy born in the same city i.e. Bhiwani. But soon she shifted to mumbai where her husband is serving in a private reputed company.Hence although due to connection of lagna lord with fourth house in D-1 and lagna lord/fourth lord being same  in D-9 gave him marriage with the boy of same city yet severe affliction on fourth house/fourth lord in D-1 and on fourth lord in D-9 combined with dasa pattern did not allow her remain in the same city. 

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