Astrology and oath taking chart of Yogi Adityanath

Yogi Adityanath has taken oath as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh for second time on 25 March 2022 at 16.20 hrs. It was Ashtami Tithi of dark half of Chaitra month and is classified as Jaya Tithi. Its lord is Rudra form of Shiva( lord of destruction). It is good for taking up arms, building one’s defences, fortification, craft-related work and Vastu-karma. It also signifies conflict(dwandwa द्वंद).It seems yogi will maintain its image as fire brand Hindu leader in  this term also. However conflict in society may increase. Ashtami tithi of dark half is generally avoided for auspicious muhurtas. However my understanding is that lot of aggression and boldness is needed in politics these days. Hence Ashtami Tithi of dark fortnight is not a bad tithi for taking oath of chief ministership. 

oath took place when Moon was placed in poorvashada nakshatra. This nakshatra is classified as aggressive nakshatra which is also a adhomukhi(facing downwards) nakshatra. It is good for mining work, for laying foundation stone, for  digging work and such activities when one has to face downwards. Foundation Stone of Srikrishan Janambhoomi or some other big temple may be laid. Some excavation work to dig-out what is hidden is not ruled out. The day of taking the oath was Friday-a gentle and friendly day; but hora was eleventh hora of Sarurn. The variyana yoga was auspicious yoga but karana was moveable kaulava karana. Sun in Pisces is not good for coronation or oath-taking muhurta.  We can summarise that panchang parameters of oath taking chart are average only.

oath taking chart of yogi adityanath is given below-

Condensed dasa for oath taking chart is as follows.

25-03-2022 to 19-01-2023   Venus Dasa 

20-01-2023 to 20-04-2023   Sun Dasa

21-04-2023 to 19-09–2023   Moon Dasa

20-09-2923 to 03 -01-2024    Mars Dasa

04-01-2024 to 03-10-2024     Rahu Dasa

04-10-2024 to 04-06-2025    Jup Dasa

04-06-2025 to 20-03-2026    Sat Dasa

21-03-2026 to 04-12-2026     Mer Dasa

05-12-2026 to 20-03-2027      Ketu Dasa

21-03-2027 to 24-03-2027   Venus  Dasa

Condensed vimshottary dasa will be used in timing events which are likely to happen in the next five years. Simhasan Chakra has also been used in delineating the oath taking chart of Yogi Adityanath. Moon is strong in assan nadi. It is aspected by Rahu. Rahu is in patta nadi. Power of bureaucracy will be on increase. Government may have to face some problem due to some civil servant in Moon or Rahu dasa. Saturn is the planet of masses and democracy. But it is also significator of death and destruction. It  afflicts Lana Lord Sun in eighth house. It also afflicts tenth lord Venus in sixth house. It is not only with malefic Mars but is also in Dhanishtha Nakshatra of Mars. Although it is in simhasan nadi but its presence in dhanistha nakshatra of Mars is not desireable. However placement of Venus in simhasan nadi is good and many welfare measures for the general public will be teken. 

Placement  of Mars  in simha nadi is also not good. Only placement of Jupiter in assan nadi provides some relief as it is also the fifth lord. Aadhaar Nadi in simhasan chakra is for the public. There is no planet in aadhaar nadi. It is not good. Many ministers of Yogi cabinet may remain disconnected from the public. Presence of Rahu-Ketu in patta nadi is also bad. There may be trouble to  some minister or a high official. 

Oath has been taken in Leo Lagna. It is a sirsodaya lagna and vargottamma .In D-1 it is aspected by Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. In D-9 it has ninth aspect of Rahu and is hemmed  in between malefics. Some difference of opinion within council of ministers will be there. Government will take many hard decisions. Lagna Lord is in eighth house and is aspected by sixth lord Saturn. In D-9 it is debilitated in third house. It shows struggle and strife. Changes in council of ministers will be made once or twice. It will not be an easy tenure for Yogi.

Tenth house is strong. In D-1. There is one benefic in Kendra and one in trikona. There are malefics in 3,6,and 11th houses. In D-9 and there are three benefics in Kendra, Sun is in third(debilitated planet is welcome in 3rd house is welcome) house and Ketu in 11th.Ketu is debilitated in 11th house and a debilitated planet is welcome in 11th also. In spite of many problems the government will do well. 

Second and eleventh lord Mercury is in eighth house with lagna lord Sun and is aspected by sixth lord from the sixth house . In D-9 it is in 12th house with debilitated Mars. Mercury is also week in shadbala. Venus is also afflicted. It shows a complex financial position. Some loss to state exchequer seems possible due to fraud/ corruption.  Lagna lord Sun and 10th lord Venus are not forming any favouable yoga. The closest unfavourable aspect of lagna lord Sun is with 2nd and 11th lord Mercury. Presence of Sun -a royal planet and lagna lord, in eighth house is not good. As already pointed out Yogi Adityanath will have to make changes in the council of ministers perhaps more than once. Conjunction of tenth lord Venus with  yogakarka exalted Mars and sixth and seventh lord Saturn points to strong administrative action against mafia ,miscreants and criminals. However affliction of Venus may lead to some crime against women. Everybody knows that Yogi Adityanath is a strong administrator and it is not easy to disturb communal peace in Uttat Pradesh. But Rahu is in ninth house and Rahu Dasa will operate in 2024 in this chart. This period needs to be watched with care. Fifth lord Jupiter is in seventh house. Rahu in ninth house is aspected by Mars. Many changes are likely to be made in education system of the state. Modern education system may be introduced in madrassas. There may also be some court cases against some decisions of the government.

There are many rajyogas in the chart but in sixth house. This means some problems in authority of the chief minister and running of the government but  development work will take place in the state in spite of many struggles and obstacles in the way. Opposition is indicated by fourth house. Fourth lord Mars is strong in sixth house though afflicted. Opposition Parties will try maximum to raise hue and cry in legislative assembly. In a nutshell this tenure of Yogi Adityanath will be full of struggle, obstacles and trouble but he  will complete his tenure.

I have concluded my article yet I am tempted to make following two comments as post script:

First:-Malefics in lagna of a oath taking chart cause disease to the king. Here no malefic is there in lagna of oath taking chart. But lagna is aspected by Mars and Rahu. Of course aspect of Jupiter is also there but we should not forget that Jupiter is eighth lord also. Lagna lord is in eighth house and is aspected by Saturn. In D-9 lagna is aspected by Rahu, Lagna lord Sun is debilitated and is aspected by Mars. Hence malefic effect is there on lagna/lagna lord. Yogi Adityanath should be careful about his health and security. Even BJP high command may not remain happy with him.

Second:- Malefics in 2/12 houses may cause financial crises. This is applicable in navamsa of oath taking chart. Every unproductive expenditure will need to be avoided and every item of expenditure may need scrutiny.

Oath taking chart is, however, only indicative of a trend in a certain way and these need to be collaborated with the indications in the chart of the state and natal chart of the chief minister. However above trend will be  mostly seen for the next five years .

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