Hindu New Year and outlook for India in 2022-23

As we know Hindu New Year starts on chaitra shukla paksha pratipada. This  year Sun and Moon enter into degree conjunction on 1st April 2022 at 11.54 hours. Amavasya ends at this point of time and pratipada starts. But as per Hindu system of calendar it will be celebrated next day after Sun rise. Hence it will be on 2nd April 2022 i.e Saturday. Lord of Saturday is Saturn. Hence Saturn becomes the King of the year. Saturn is regarded a malefic planet and hence it is not good for the world. Rainfall will be scanty. There may be drought in some parts of the country. Public will suffer on account of thieves and antisocial elements. There will be an epidemic and many people will die in war or riots. People will  mourn death of near ones. These results are there when Saturn becomes the king  of the year as described in sloka 19 to 21 of chapter 19 of Brihat  Samhita. Male Buffalow( भैंसा) is said to be the vehicle of Saturn as king of the year.

Prime Minister of the Year is decided on basis of the planet which rules the day on which Sun enters first point of Aries. Sun will enter into Aries on 14th April 2022.It is Thursday on 14th April 2022. Hence Jupiter becomes the Prime Minister. Jupiter is a benefic planet. It is good and neutralises many bad effects of Saturn as lord of the year. There is happiness, plenty of crops and plenty of cattle and milk. Hence agriculture front gets improved by Jupiter becoming the Prime Minister of the year.

In addition to the King and the Prime minister of the Hindu New Year some other portfolios are also decided on the basis of entry of Sun in ardra nakshatra (lord of the clouds),in Gemini sign(lord of the fluids),in Cancer sign(lord of the paddy crops),in Leo sign(lord of the defence),in Virgo sign(lord of the wealth),in Libra sign(lord of fruits and vegetables), in Sagittarius sign(lord of the corns) and in Capricorn sign(lord of the metals and minerals).The condition and placement of these lords give  an insight into different aspects of  human life but the horoscope prepared at the time of start of Hindu New Year reveal particular events that are likely to happen in the year. 

 Every samvat  has a special name in Hindu Astrology. This samvat is named as Nala/Anala. In Brihat Samhita results of this samvat are death and  fear of fire. Hence a fire accident leading to death of many people may take place during the year. Hindu New Year Chart is as below. 

Lagna Lord of this chart is in tenth house with second lord Moon and third lord Sun. It is aspected by Saturn from the eighth house. In D-9 Mercury goes to the eighth house aspected by Saturn and Mars. In D-I Mercury is debilitated and in D-9 it is in inimical sign. Hence lagna lord is afflicted. It shows that there may be  shuffling and reallocation of portfolios among ministers in the central government. Second house is aspected by Saturn and Mars. In D-9 second lord Moon is in Rahu-Ketu axis. Government may have to take some hard decisions on economic front which will be resisted by public and workers and also by labour/workers unions. Third lord is in nakshatra of afflicted Mercury and is in Rahu-Ketu axis in D-9. In D-1 third house is aspected by Jupiter, Venus and Mars. In D-10 third house has Venus in a friendly sign. As usual our neighbours will create troubles for us and there may be warlike conditions on the borders. Mars will retrograde to Taurus from November 2022 and remains there till March 2023.From Taurus it aspects third house of Hindu New year Chart. This period needs to be watched with care when the disturbance on the borders may become serious. Lagna lord Mercury is also the fourth lord and as already stated above Mercury is afflicted in D-9.Hence fourth house matters will be adversely affected. Rough weather conditions will have an adverse effect on agriculture. Ketu  is in fifth house. Fifth lord  Venus is in ninth house. Education policy may change. A large number of students will be interested in research, yoga, religion and new branches of knowledge. They will also be interested in learning many languages. However presence of Ketu in fifth house may lead to emotional dis-satisfaction among younger generation. Presence of Ketu in fifth house and Saturn-Mars conjunction in eighth house is not good for the leaders of the nation. Astrologically  death of an important politician is not ruled out. Mars is exalted in eighth house and Saturn is in its own house. Energy Sector will find a boost. New reserves of coal, minerals and natural gas may be found. Atmosphere will be conducive for research development works. Useful new researches will be made. Jupiter -Venus conjunction in ninth house reveals that there will be many judicial reforms with  a view to settle the  number of court cases. Religious scriptures may find a place even  in higher classes. 

Venus is a planet of women, love, marriage, beauty, sex and enjoyment. It also indicates fashion, dancing, gambling, glamour and all means of entertainment. It is strong in Hindu New Year Chart. Hence there will be increase in expression of all such things. But it is also fifth lord of thinking in ninth house of religion and India is passing in Moon-Mercury period upto 10-12-2022.There may be increase in incidents of incest and mental aberrations. Saturn will transit from capricorn to aquarius and back to capricorn. Jupiter will transit from aquarius to pisces. There is big jump of six points from aquarius to pisces in sarvasashtakavarga chart of Independent India. Hence in spite of many problems India will do well on economic front.

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