Monthly Talk On Astrology Concepts-2

                     There is a concept in predictive astrology that birth dasa is very important for every person. The reason is that the houses lorded by MD/AD and the house  they occupy at the time of birth finds expression in life prominently and on many occasions.During this month I had a chance to examine one such chart in which it occured even more clearly.The chart is produced below:- 

 Lagna-16:4; Sun-26:31;Moon-17:44;Mars-21:16;Mer-16:13;JupR-12:50;Venus-03:48;SatR-16:03;Rahu-12:17    Date of Birth:- 12-07-1984    

                  The person was born in Venus-Mars Dasa.Venus is lord of the lagna and the  eighth  house.It occupies tenth house with 12th lord Mercury and is aspected by SaturnR which is placed in lagna.Mars as second lord cum seventh lord is placed in lagna and aspects 4th ,7th and eighth house.Lagna is  afflicted by presence of two  malefics i.e.SaturnR and Mars.Lagna Lord is also afflicted by aspect of SaturnR and conjunction of 12th lord Mercury.Hence there is possibility of bodily harm/injury in the chart.MD  lord at the time of birth is eighth lord also and AD lord Mars aspects the eighth house.Hence eighth house becomes very important.Eighth house alongwith other things is also related to accidents and calamaties.This person fell from the roof of the house in Venus-Mercury dasa.Venus is eighth lord.Mercury is 12th lord with eighth lord Venus in tenth house and is aspected by SatR from lagna.In D-9 Venus is aspected by lagna cum 12th lord SatR. Mer is 5th cum 8th lord aspected by SatR,afflicted Mars and JupR who  is lord of 64th navamsa also.It should be remembered that retrograde benefics fail to protect and retrograde malefics are even worse.Mars is afflicted by being in Rahu-Ketu axis and by aspect of SatR.In D-3 and D-30 we find that Venus is in 6th house of injury.In D-30 it is doubly malefic being the lord of 6th and 11th house.(11th house is sixth from sixth).In D-3 Mer is lord of 22nd dreshkon and is aspected by retrograde Sat who is also afflicted by conjunction with Sun.In D-30 it is in Rahu-Ketu axis. 


                           Again he fell from a car in 2011 in MD of Moon.Month and date was not remembered by the  native.In 2011 the native was passing through AD’s of Mercury,Ketu and Venus.All  these AD’s are fully capable of giving fall and injury to the native.MD lord Moon is 10th lord in 3rd house in degree closeness with SatR and also aspected by it and is conjunct with 3rd and 6th lord JupR. In D-9 Moon is 6th lord in 8th house.In D-3 it is 6th lord in 3rd house conjunct JupR and aspected by SatR.In D-30 Moon is 8th lord in lagna conjunct JupR and SatR. In between these two  incidents he had also fallen from a jeep.But the native could not tell the timing of incident,not even the year.Between April and July 2014 he fell  from a train.Dasa during this period was  Mars-Mars or Mars-Rahu.Both these planets are again connected with eighth house/eighth lord of fall in D-1,D-9,D-3 and D-30.Hence we find that  eighth house to which dasa lords are connected at the time of birth finds expression again and again in the life of this person.But it is not shown so clearly in all horoscopes  and much  experience is needed before we can understand the subtle application of this principle in all the horoscopes.However above description makes it clear that  all above incidents happened in MD’s of Venus,Moon or Mars and AD’s of Mer,Ketu,Venus,Mars or Rahu.Venus is conjuct Mercury lord of 22nd dreshkon,Moon is conjuct Jupiter lord of 64th navamsa, Rahu-Ketu are in 2/8 axis not only in D-1 but in D-3 also(Rahu -Ketu is in 22nd dreshkon axis) and Mars is a maraca for this chart.It is perhaps due to this reason that the incidents relating to eighth house to which birth dasa is related,found so clear expression of incidents in this chart.

             Some more hints about delineation of dasa results are given below for use of the readers. These have been collected from various issues of Journal of Astrology and should be used only as guide after observing all instructions for delineating dasa results  of various planets. Their verbatim application may give wrong results.

(1) Mer-Ketu or Ketu-Mer dasa can cause humiliation or health problem

(2) Moon-Mer or Mer-Moon periods can give mental aberrations.

(3) Birth in dasa  chhidra  may bring many changes or ups and downs in life.

(4) Dasa of a  planet  in Gandanta transmits intense trouble,anxiety and awe.This  effect is greater when the planet suffers  from weak  disposition in a  chart.

(5) Jup-Ven or Ven-Jup periods make the native introvert and he is able  to complete the  work contemplated by him

(6) The ending period of all the planets will be normally evil.During the conclusion of the dasa of Sun,Mars,Saturn and Rahu there will be diseases,destruction of wealth,disputes and evil incidents.

(7) In the dasa of a planet in Rasi-Sandhi there will be diseases.

(8) Immunity suffers in MD/AD of debilitated planets and one falls ill durinng this period. 


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