Astrological Comments on oath taking chart of Modi-3

Shri Narendra Modi has taken oath as Prime Minister of India for the third time in New Delhi on 9th June 2024 at 19.23 hrs. Oath taking chart is given below with Navamsha and Dashamsha Charts.

Sirsodia Lagna Scorpio is rising with Pisces Navamsha and Dashamsha. In addition to the Sirsodia Rashis ,Aries and Pisces Rashis are equally good as Lagnas of oath taking charts. In oath taking chart and its Navamsha Chart lagna lord is associated with lagna. In D-1 Mars as Lagna Lord is aspecting lagna from sixth house. Lagna lord of Navamsha is in lagna itself. Mercury in its own sign is in fourth house but in Rahu-Ketu axis in Navamsha Chart. In D-1 lagna is aspected by as many as six planets viz Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Venus. There are indications of some problems to the government and some bickering in the  cabinet but aspect of lagna lord on lagna from its own sixth house Aries in D-1 and Lagna lord Jupiter in lagna itself will hold the government and will not let it fall apart. It also gives an indication that all ministers of Modi-3 government will make efforts to complete agenda not only  of the government but  also political agenda of their own parties.

Lagna lord of  D-1 chart is stronger than the  lagna lord of D-9 Chart. Things may not be as well as they may appear to be. Some underlying unrest//discomfort may be there. In D-1 chart lagna lord Mars and seventh lord Venus are neutral to each other and are inharmoniously placed in 2/12 to each other. In D-9 they are Jupiter and Mercury and in kendra to each other but not good friends. It shows that in spite of many pull and pressures the coalition government will survive.

In D-1 and D-9, Lagna lord/lagna are stronger than 8th lord/8th house but there are no benefic associations with eighth house. Moreover 8th lord of D-1 and 8th lord of D-9 i.e. Mercury and Venus both are combust which is not good for the longevity of the government. Even otherwise eighth house/eighth lord of oath taking chart are weak which is also bad for the longevity of the government.

Strength and placement of Sun is of prime importance in analysis of oath taking charts. Sun is good in uttarayana. Although  shukla chaturthi (i.e. a rikta tithi)  had started at the time of taking oath but it was shukla tritya in the morning( i.e. a jaya tithi.) which is good. Strength of Sun in D-1 and D-9 is good. But a special observation in D-1 and D-9 is that it is conjunct eighth lord in both the charts. Now this conjunction is ominous. Among other things eighth house also indicates set back to the government like death of important ministers and also the end of the government. It also indicates intrigues and all hidden things. In compressed vimshottary dasha of oath taking chart Mercury Dasha will operate from 07 March 2025 to 26 Nov 2025 and Venus Dasha from 12-03-2026 to 16 January 2027.This period will be very sensitive for the government and its ministers especially from June 2025 to November 2025 when Jupiter will be transiting Gemini Rashi having least number of bundus in Savashtakvarga. In my opinion this planetary arrangement will manifest in the form of many plots and intrigues against this government and sometimes it may seem that the coalition will end, but in spite of  all these  problems the government will survive. However the death of some important minister of the government is not ruled out.

Let us consider the position of Moon also. Moon is vargottama and in its own sign in lagna and navamsha. It is in ninth house in D-1 and in fifth house in D-9.Natal Moon of India is in Pushya  Nakshtra. Nakshatra at the time of taking oath is Punarvasu and birth of our Prime Minister is in Anuradha Nakshatra.(If I have his correct birth particulars 17-09-1950, 10.55 hrs Vadnagar).Hence there is complete tara shudhhi of the oath chart with nattal chart of India and with natal moon of the prime minister which is very auspicious.

Tenth house/tenth lord are strong in D-1 and D-9. All benefics are in kendra and trikona in both the charts except Venus in D-9.Rahu in fifth house in D-1 and Rahu-Ketu axis in 4/10 houses in D-9 is not good. In D-1 Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Sun are in 2/12 to each other which is not auspicious . In D-9 Mars and Ketu in 2/12 position are not good. 

As per Muhurta Granthas fixed, friendly and short nakshatras are auspicious for oath taking muhurta. Shri  Narendra Modi took oath in Punarvasu nakshatra on 09 June 2024 at 19.23 hrs. Punarvasu Nakshatra is a moveable nakshatra which is not considered good for oath taking charts.

As per as Muhurta taking oath is concerned it seems to be reasonably good .Cent percent shudh muhurta for any event is perhaps a utopia only. Yogi  Bhaskarananda, Jyotish Guru of Sh K N Rao used to say about muhurta,” It is not possible to have a perfect muhurta with all malefics Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope. All you have to see is that the required house  and its lord be alright and you can proceed with the work.”

 As an student of Astrology I find that aspect of Saturn, Mars, Rahu on lagna of D-1 is not good. Two combust planets and Sun in seventh house of D-1 and seventh lord of D-9 chart in Rahu-Ketu axis are also bad. In coalition governments condition and strength of seventh house/seventh lord is of prime importance. Condition and strength of seventh house/seventh lord in oath taking chart of Modi-3 speaks of apprehension about the longevity of coalition in its present form.

Planetary arrangements in oath taking chart also indicate many things. Now I endeavour to write about results of these planetary arrangements with the grace of God whom I ever pray to grant me insight to write about such things.

A strong Sun in seventh house should result in improvement in relationship with some foreign countries. However combust Mercury in seventh house may lead to revision of some treaties and commercial contracts which may not be necessarily in our favour. People are likely to suffer due to spread of some disease between March and November 2025. Some big mining disaster/earthquake is possible till March 2025. Saturn as third lord in fourth house aspecting tenth house indicate initial obstacles and difficulties to the government. Some coalition partners may even try to question the authority of BJP/PM leading NDA alliance. Writers of Brihat Samhita and Adbhut Sagar have written that transit of Saturn in Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra afflicts those engaged in sale purchase of liquor. It seems no relief is possible to those involved in recent liquor scams. Ketu in the eleventh house may lead to increase in crimes from November 2025 to March 2026 but government may follow the policy of no tolerance and even a big gun may be put behind the bar.

Combust Venus in seventh house indicates increase in crimes against women, increase in divorce rates and public scandals. Jupiter in seventh house is good for foreign relations and our increased status and role in international affairs.

Rahu in fifth house is not good. It indicates trouble to children and depression in women, children and those engaged in entertainment industries. Foreign diplomats may be found engaged in anti national activities. Accidents in sports and educational field may take place from September 2027 to July 2028.Sixth house Mars may also result in violence in sports. Moon in ninth house indicates changes affecting almost every aspect of life. Moon is aspected by Mars and has fifth aspect of Rahu also. Hence many of the changes may not necessarily be welcome by public.

I have used oath chart of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to predict about trend of events during his tenure as Prime Minister of India. Although oath charts give reliable clues about some future events but chart of the Prime Minister, Independence Chart  of the country and many other charts should be studied to have more accurate account of the coming events. Study of all relevant charts will make this article very lengthy. Hence I have restrained myself to study of oath chart only.

Tenth house of oath chart is most powerful which indicates that the topmost priority of the government will be to ensure efficient administration of the country and Modi style of functioning will continue. Government will take decisions with strength and courage to implement its new policies. Efforts will be made by the government to get maximum benefits from international forums for our national interests. Trade negotiations will be done efficiently.

In spite of all efforts made by the government this tenure of the Prime Minister will be struggleful. India will be entering Mars Dasha from 09-09-2025. Mars is 7th and 12th lord in second house aspected by 8th and 11th lord Jupiter in Indian Independence chart which is also given below for reference of the readers.

I have applied some methods of calculation of longevity on this Oath Chart. I have been predicting on this basis for sometimes past with success. On the basis of my calculation I can safely say that this coalition government will complete its tenure but may start facing some serious problems from its fourth year.

Hari Om Tat  Sat     00:07 Hrs 13-06-2024.






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