My Practical and Personal experiences about remedial measures–Part 2

                       6. No Astrologer can change your destiny: Now a days some astrologers claim to change your destiny.They frequently appear in TV Channels and charge heavily.We should always beware of such self declared Gurus. Simple remedial measures as enumerated in classical astrology books and done by you alone with full faith and devotion can help you to alleviate your  problems. If someone is  in serious medical condition or unable to do remedial  measures  himself due to any other compelling circumstances,  someone near or dear to him may do it. Astrologers can also help provided they are kind and sympathetic and do not expect anything in return. About two  years ago one young resident  of my mohalla was suffering from cancer. His wife used to come to me for some astrological guidance. After some months of treatment her husband ,who knew about his disease ,became depressed  and very sad .He stopped taking any food ,juice or milk . The situation was very troublesome for the whole family.Her wife again approached me. I did not know how to help her, but  she requested me again and again.Perhaps she thought that astrologers had some mystic power and they could help in such circumstances.I closed my eyes and became prayerful for her husband. Suddenly something struck my mind. I had a glance at my lovingly  but simply maintained temple which contains pictures of many saints and deities. I stood from my sofa bowed myself before those deities and asked her.”Let me meet your husband. Take me to your home.” On reaching her home  I asked her  to bring some milk in a glass.  With prayer in my heart I touched the head of her husband and asked him lovingly to take some milk. He sipped half glass and went first in relaxation and then in sleep within few  minutes. It became my daily practice. I advised her to recite Hanuman Chalisa seven times a day in the name of her husband.I also started doing the same for her husband at my home.  Disease  of her husband was in last stage.Obviously  I  could not save her husband . But I had some satisfaction in my mind that I could extend some help to a person who was suffering from a terminal disease.. Astrologers should not behave like professionals only.  They should do their best to help the persons in need. I had learnt this lesson from a young brahmin boy whose story I have already told you. My experience has led me to the conclusion that studying and doing  astrology is successful only  when you lead your own life like a sadhka and in a moral way.

                       7.Wait for the auspicious dasa:- Theory of Karma on which whole astrology is based states that every action of ours  boomerangs.We suffer the consequences of our own karma. Some karmas are dridh karmas and there is no remedy for such karmas. We must face the results of such karmas. The only remedy for such karmas is to face it patiently and wait for auspicious dasa to come. 

                   8. Some other remedial measures:- Following remedial measures have also been found useful for some specific purposes as indicated below:-

(1) Regular reading of chapters 29 to 31 of Skanda 3 of Srimad Bhagwat Purana are helpful if you want to leave any of your bad habits.(Chapter numbers have been taken from Srimad Bhagwat Purana published by Geeta Press Gorakhpur) and you fail in your endeavour  again and again.

(2) Recitation  of Durga Kavach is helpful to undo the effect of evil spirits and  black magic.

(3) If you are not able to repay your  loans then regular recitation  of Vindhveshwari Chalisa should be done. Some say that repayment of loan should be started in aries ascendant on ashwani nakshatra day and scorpio ascendant  on anuradha nakshatra day. Auspicious weekdays are Sunday,Tuesday and Saturday. Chaturthi and Chaturdashi are auspicious tithis. Gulika should be exactly in lagna . One should never lend or borrow money on eclipse days.

(4)Regular reading of Chapters 15 to 23 of Skanda four is helpful for eradicating financial problems and give able progeny.

(5) Recitation of following Mantra is helpful when you or someone near and dear to you is ill.

    “ॐ नमो परमात्मने पारब्रहम मम शरीरे याहि याहि कुरु कुरू”(हे परमपिता परमात्मा पारब्रहम मेरे शरीर को अच्छा  करो 1 ) (6 ) If Moon is afflicted in your chart and if your mind is unstable then thirty minutes mantra -sadhna especially of Gayatri Mantra is helpful. Sadhna should be done with closed eyes.

(7) Regular reading of Srimad Bhagwat Purana and Bhagwat Geeta are  helpful in developing  spiritual attitude.My father never allowed us to have breakfast before we read some slokas of Bhawat Geeta even if we could not understand their meaning at that tender age. This childhood habit has helped me in every difficult situation of my later life.

(8) Recitation of Madhurashtkam is helpful if you have marital discord.

(9) Daily worship of Lord Shiva and observing fast on each Monday helps in having virtuous life-partner.

(10) Daily recitation of Neel Shani Stotra should be done when you are running Sadhe-Sati Period.



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