My practical and personal experiences about remedial measures

                    Before writing about my practical and personal  experiences about remedial measures I want to talk about a very useful book I have recently read on this subject.The book is entitled “Astrology and Faith”.It has been written  in the form of a Monograph on actual case studies of cures through Astromedical Diagnosis. Cases are analysed and explained by Dr. Geeta Kathuria under the guidance of world famous Jyotish Guru Sh. K N Rao. It should be read by all who want to solve their problems through remedial measures prescribed in the classics.I am also inclined to recommend following books also:-

1.Yogis Destiny and Wheel of Time by Sh. K N Rao 

2. Stotra Manjari (in Hindi) compiled by Sh. K Subhas Rao and others

3.Kalpvriksha by Justice S N  Kapoor&others 

              First read what Sh. K N Rao writes in this book” It is you who has to do the prayers and surrender unto God or someone in your family who loves you has to do it.When you are hungry you eat food and  not someone on your behalf.When you are in distress it is you who has to pray or at  least someone who can do it for you unselfishly and sincerely.

               Daily poojas ,prayers are the most essential Karma of man–the famous NITYA KARMA.When you neglect it,  your ‘tapobalam’ goes down and in times of distress you are like a man without  spiritual bank balance.Have you ever thought  about it.”

          Now I write about my practical  experiences about solving our worldly problems through spiritual/remedial measures

1.Service to Saints never goes unrewarded:-   During my childhood days many saints( Mahatmas) used to visit our house.My father was very fond of serving them with full devotion.My mother also served them sincerely although she was  sometimes hesitant and ever vigilant when my sisters started to gain puberty.It was however natural for a mother.My father was a simple mechanic.We had frequent financial problems.  Marriage of my younger sister was fixed and we were worried.A saintly person came to live with us for some days. The problem was put before him.He closed his eyes for sometime and then remarked.”What will you do of the lacs of rupees which you have deposited in the bank.”  We were all surprised. We had not even thought of opening any bank account. I was then a student of tenth class.”Do not worry at all. Marriage of your daughter will be celebrated decently. Now let us start ‘ Kirtan’ The Saint continued and ‘Kirtan’ was started.The marriage of my sister was celebrated nicely  as predicted by him. A have quoted only an example. There are  many such miracles to which a am a witness. I still remember my neighbours who got many of their problems solved through the blessings of these saints. Aarti and Kirtan  was our daily practice.Many neighbours  also participated.My father never took his meals unless he had first offered it to some Deity/ Saint /Cow/Beggar etc Mah. True saints are not a burden on society.They not only solve our problems but preserve our values too. We should always serve the true saints and help the needy. It is also a way to maintain our spiritual bank balance.But be careful and never accept the claims of fraudulent people which are in plenty these days.

2.Sincere Prayers are always answered:-   In almost all the religions of the world,prayer is an important part of spiritual life.In Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra Maharishi Parashara has suggested remedial measures to mitigate the evil effects of planets in every antardasha of each mahadasha. However he has suggested stotra recitation and charity etc. Stotra recitation is also a form of worship and prayer to God.Mythological stories are also there  behind these stotras which can be found in our ancient religious  books . Srimad Bhagavat Mahapurana contains many such stories and is perhaps most effective in creating feelings of devotion to God and faith in our hearts.Followers of other religions may do prayer  as per their own way and faith.But it always works.

                 First we should make sincere worldly  efforts to solve our problems. Help of God should be sought afterwards only.”God helps those  who help themselves”is an old and wise saying. Our prayer will naturally be more effective if we do our Nitya-Karma. God is always happy to help those who lead a simple and ethical life.Our selfishness and clever attitude does not work before Him.We can seek His help in solving our problems but we can not seek His help in harming others.Not even our enemies.

         The incident belongs to the year 2003. A domestic problem was bothering me much. I had made many worldly efforts to solve it. None of my efforts worked.New Hindu Year was to start after some days.One of my friends suggested me to observe Navratras. It was a very difficult task for me.I had already  crossed middle age.  I had not observed a fast even for a single day till then.I had severe headache whenever I tried any. But the problem was such that I decided to take a risk.I took a pledge that I will observe all Navratras even if I lose my life.

          Regular reading of Durga Saptshati gave me a new insight into the purpose of celebrating Navratras. It is my humble opinion that nine days of Navratras are actually the days of Sadhna on yogic chakras . Durga Saptshati instructs us to medidate on Muladhar Chakra on first day,Swadhistan Chakra on second day, Manipur Chakra on third day and so on upto Anjana Chakra on the sixth day.I did exactly the same. Osho has also said “ध्यान इन चक्रों का भोजन है !आप जिस भी चक्र पर ध्यान देना शुरू करते हैँ वही चक्र धीरे धीरे सक्रिय होना शुरू हो जाता है !” On the whole day of my first Navratra I drew my attention to Muladhar Chakra again and again throughout the day,The process continued till sixth day.I ate small quantity of permissible eatables only, worshipped Ma Durga both times and meditated on the prescribed chakra. I felt very energetic, calm and happy during the whole day. Throughout the day my heart was full of prayer.” You are the Mother of the whole world.You can make possible even the impossible. Why should your son worry about a small problem” On seventh and eighth day I meditated on sahasrara  chakra(मूलाधार ,स्वाधिस्ठान ,मणिपुर ,अनाहत ,विशुद्ध,आज्ञा  व सहस्रधार –ये सात चक्र  बताये है योग में ). Seven days passed happily. I observed Durga Ashtami on the eighth day. My problem was also solved on the same day suddenly and without any extra effort on my part. Worldly efforts are necessary,but prayer helps a lot.We may do prayer to any deity and in any manner we like although in many religious and astrology books worship of  special Deities are prescribed for many problems.There are also stories about Saints who told worship of single Deity or recitation of  single mantra/stotra for all problems. 

 3. Recitation of Durga Saptshati is an effective remedial measure:– After my own success in the above manner, I have asked many people to  try it and feedback is encouraging .I ask them to start  recitation of Durga Saptshati and fasting on first day of (Pratipada) of Shukla Paksha of any month and complete it on eighth day i.e. Durga Ashatmi day. It has become my favourite remedial measure to be prescribed to the persons who seek my astrological guidance and when remedial measures have to be prescribed.

  4. Hanuman Chalisa is very helpful;–Many persons do not know Sanskrit and it is not possible for them  to recite Stotras. Husband of a young lady known to me was jobless The whole family depended on her father-in-law.She felt it  embarrassing for her.  Her  husband had applied for a tender. She approached me and wanted some remedial measure..I sincerely wanted to help her. Tender was to be opened two days later. I told her that she should try prayer to her isht-devta(इष्ट देवता). She was a religious lady of strong will power. Next day she woke  up when it was some time past midnight . Lord Hanuman is her isht-devta. She recited Hanuman Chalisa one hundred times before taking her morning tea.Her wish was fulfilled. Tender was issued in favour of her husband.Remember the following lines in Hanuman Chalisa:

      “और देवता चित न धरई !हनुमंत सेई सर्व सुख करई !!संकट कटै मिटै सब पीरा !जो सुमरे हनुमंत बलबीरा!!”

              My young son had a sudden and severe  attack of chronic pancreatitis on 1st Nov 2011.It was idiopathic in origin, He was in intensive care unit.Her mother had expired of cancer on 20th April 2009. Hence it  was very painful for the whole family. Doctors had not declared him out of danger.Our whole family was  much worried about his health.I asked  his brother to start recitation of  Maha Mritunjay Mantra. I am  myself started recitaton of Hanuman Chalisa. My son and I did it in hospital itself.My son was discharged from the hospital on eighteenth day.Even after his discharge doctors told us that he may have to be admitted in the hospital once or twice every year.He started Japam himself after his recovery and is leading a normal life although with the help of medicines.Doctors of Medanta Hospital Gurugram tell us that we never expected such a good recovery in patients of chronic pancreatitis.

Let me quote Sh K N Rao from his book ‘Tried Techniques of Predictions & some Memoirs of an Astrologer'(P-77)”This Baba(Rokadiya Hanuman Baba) prescribed only Hanuman Chalisa. Easiest and fastest have been its results which I saw others achieve under Baba’s guidance” This whole book ,like his all other books,is worth reading.

5.The calibre  of your astrologer also plays a role:— A young brahmin  astrologer is friendly to me..His father  served in Indian Railways. His father also did astrology as a hobby. His father knew only some secrets of horary astrology(Prasna) which he had learnt from his own Guru. I had watched his father answering to the questions by asking a person to tell a number or the name of  some flower/fruit  etc. I had requested his father many times to teach me his art or suggest a book containing it.But he never acceded to my request. He did not passed on this art to even any of his eight sons.But his father was one of the very spiritual persons I met in my life.Perhaps none of us passed the test  of worthy disciple.Even his son about whom I am telling you this story,learnt astrology from another  famous astrologer of Bhiwani. This young man is also a very  spiritual person. We never talk on astrology.He is only matriculate and whenever I want to talk on astrology he simply says”Bhai Sahib aap itne padhe likhe ho .aapke samne main kya bolun(Respected brother,you are very educated. What can I talk before you). But his aura attracts me and our friendship goes on. One day I was  sitting with him. A simple illiterate labour type man approached him for some query. He wanted to know about  his son who was very ill.”Offer one leaf of tulsi (basil) daily  to Hanuman ji, in a temple, for forty days and your child will recover.” advised this young astrologer to that person. I tried to frame a horary chart but he forbade me to do so. The person touched his feet ,thanked him and went away after  paying a ten rupee note to him. After his departure I enquired about remedial measure he had prescribed. “It is enough for him. He can not afford any other remedial measure.His son is sick for many days.He has to meet expenses on the treatment of his  son also. Hanuman Ji will help him. I will also recite one mala(Recitation 108 times makes a mala) of Maha Mritunjay Mantra daily  for his son  in addition to my own  Nitya-Karma during these forty days. ” What I learnt later on  was that his son had fully recovered. I do not remember the  exact year of the incident but it is not more than ten years old.

                         The lesson of the incident is that remedial measures prescribed by such astrologers really work. I learnt a lesson from this  young astrologer and now that I  give astrological guidance to those who approach me for it , I follow him.  I also  do some japam for such people  without telling them so .  My experience is that It works.

(To be continued)

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  1. Pranam Swami ji, you have beautifully narrated the role of ज्योतिष विद्या in the development and growth of our physical and spiritual life. Your article reflects your dedication and sincerity towards this Science. You are contributing a lot to the society. May you be blessed with a long and healthy life!

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