How to lessen the effects of Our Bad Karmas

The Law of Karma states that all our Karma boomerang on us and we are bound to face the consequences of the Karmas done by us. However many methods of improving the effects of Karmas already done by us have been prescribed in various books and Hindu Shastras. Some of these methods are summarized below for the benefit of the readers. These methods are perhaps the best remedial measures for propitiation of planets.

  1. Book entitled “Karma and reincarnation in Hinduism” of Swami Narayan Samparday (Chapter six ) describes following eight factors which affect the principle of Karma –
    1. Auspicious place: The place or land in which Parmatma and the realized Sadhu are present, your satsang and bhakti are easily  feasible. Karmas  done on such  places have least  bad effects.
    2. Karmas done on auspicious time are most fruitful. This  stipulates  that some tithis (lunar days) such as  Akshay tritya, Makar Sankranti, Vijaya Dashami and Labh Panchami, the tithis  on which Avatars have appeared , full moon day etc  are more auspicious to perform pious  acts.
    3. Karmas  done in the company of pious people  are very fruitful.
    4. Recitation  of the following types of Mantras  have  positive effects on our Karmas
      1. Mantra that is chanted for the good of all creature.
      2. Mantra whose chanting  instills peace in our heart.
      3. Mantras that induces happiness and removes  misery and pap  Karmas  of countless  births
      4. Mantra that eradicates our base  instincts and by which one becomes pure
      5. Mantra by which a person is  and endowed with the  sentiments  benediction to all creatures
      6. Mantra  that is chanted to bestow  auspiciousness to all.
      7. All types of meditation  
      8. All types of auspicious acts such as observance of celibacy, nine forms of  devotion,  donation, fasting on Ekadashi, serving Sadhus, visiting Mandirs  and holy places  improve our Karma.
      9. Obtain initiation of Guru  Mantra and going to the refuge of  Sadhus
      10. To study and follow pious  Shastras that  extol divine Leela and Glory of God so that one can mould one’s life and imbibe  attributes to attain Moksha
  2.  Following views  have been expressed by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait Ph.D.  in his book “From  death to  rebirth” –
    1. Recitation of  Gayatri Mantra can erase negative Karmas, create new positive Karmas and open channel for God’s  grace.
    2. Intense tapas, Samadhi, Mantra Sadhana, the grace of God, selfless service and satsang create a powerful  positive Karma in a short  period of  time and this can neutralize the effect of previous negative Karmas
    3. By  sacrificing your comforts  and giving away that which you  know  to  be  yours, you pay off your karmic  debts  in a subtle  realm.
    4. One  means of counteracting negative Karmas  is to be in company  and service of  saints.
    5. Faith in God and  surrender to  God’s  will can be created through meditation, prayer, japam, contemplation, self study and service to those whose mind and hearts are full of  total God consciousness.
  3. Shrimad Bhagwat Puran indicates that total surrender to the will of God and company of his devotees is better even than ‘tapas.’ Devotion to God and chanting His holy name  has been praised at various places in Shrimad Bhagwat Puran. According to Shrimad Bhagwat Puran Keertan of His holy name is best in Kalyuga.  (Shloka 16 of Chapter 1 Sakandha 6) Shri K N Rao also praises  recitation of Vishnu Sahasranama for propitiation of  planets.
  4. Shrimad Bhagwat Puran contains various methods  which  help  in mitigating the effects of our bad Karmas. These are Tapas, celibacy, control of senses, stability of mind, charity,following the path of the truth,  cleanliness of  body and mind, The act and regulations (यम तथा नियम), Observation of above qualities  can end  the evil effects of bad Karmas of  our body, speech and mind. (Shloka 13 Chapter 1 Sakandha 6)
  5. Following advice were given to King Chitraketu by Sage Narad and the same is contained in Shrimad Bhagwat Puran – 
    1. Renounce desire and attachment, as well as company of those  who are  filled  with desire and attachment
    2. Seek the company  of the wise people and embrace their teaching in your thought, speech and action
    3. Remember that nothing   in this world belongs to you.  you can  use the objects of the world  presented  by  your destiny, but at some point you must leave them  behind in order to walk  forward.
    4. Form the habit  of  living in solitude, for  only there can you contemplate on the higher  reality without distraction.
    5. Cut  asunder  your wordly  relationships once you have fulfilled your duties and obligations.
    6. Do not identify yourself as the doer  of actions that your personality traits drive you  to perform.
    7. Renounce  the fruits of your actions and rise  above the dance of  duality, success and failure, loss and gain, owner and insult, reward and punishment  and so on.

The religious instructions as enumerated above are perhaps  the best remedial measures contained in our various Shastras. We can unlock the  liberating power of our mind by the use of  our will power. The  failure to use  this power of will and determination is the source of misery. Actually we have the capacity to overcome our self created Karmic misery provided we unfold  our will power to its fullest  and follow the instructions contained  above.

We can also develop spiritually if we follow above instructions  sincerely.  

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